About Counselling                                                                                                                                            

There are all sorts of reasons why you (or someone you are concerned about) may decide to have therapy. Sometimes the problem can be very clear, but other times there can be a confusion about what it is exactly. Talking to a professional - not a friend or relative - who is trained to listen, and who is accepting and understanding, can be extremely helpful.

Counselling and psychotherapy (therapy) involves a confidential relationship between two people who do not otherwise know each other and who meet for the purpose of one of them seeking professional help and support from the other.

It is a unique relationship which lasts for a defined period of time, and which is bounded by regular meetings at the same time, place and location.

The aim is to explore the difficulties that have led a person to look for help, and to build a good working relationship based on trust and commitment to the process of the unfolding work.

Unhelpful and repetitive patterns of consciously or unconsciously determined ways of relating or behaviour can be identified and explored with a counsellor or psychotherapist who will have an empathic but also an objective view.