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More organizations are getting online, and with good reason — more and more customers are looking for local stores and services on the Internet. If your business or organisation has a website, too, find out how you could improve its visibility in the Google index and drive more visitors towards it. Sign up here for a 1.5 hour, free-of-charge site clinic session hosted by Google at TechHub at 76-80 City Road, EC1Y 2BJ London, on Tuesday April 5th, 7 pm - 8:30 pm.

Who can attend?

  • Anyone who owns a legitimate website.
  • No particular online experience required, all you need is a website.
  • The event is limited to 175 participants on a first-come, first-served basis.




76-80 City Road

EC1Y 2BJ London


Take exit 5 from Old Street tube station up to City Road. It’s about 20 seconds straight ahead on your right (on the Bank branch of the Northern Line), at number 76-80.


Tuesday, April 5 @ 7-8:30 pm

Sign up at this link


The session will be divided into two segments:

1. Presentation: How does Google Search work? How can it work for your website?
2. Website reviews: The Google Search Quality Team will take questions and give advice on your websites.

Who is presenting?

Your hosts for the event will be members of Google's Team who tackle search issues on a daily basis.

Get to know your hosts:

Search Quality Strategist, Google

Kaspar joined Google in 2006 and works as a Search Quality Strategist supporting search quality efforts across European languages. He is also the Google guide for the German and the Polish Webmaster Help Forum. Kaspar has a degree in informa
tion science from the Stuttgart Media University in Germany.

Search Quality Analyst, Google

Sven joined Google in 2007 and works as a Search Quality Analyst supporting German as well as other European languages. He is also an active contributor to the German Webmaster Forum as a Google guide. Prior to joining Google, Sven worked as a Flash developer. He has a degree in media oriented computer sciences from HTW-Dresden, Germany.


Search Quality Associate, Google

A member of Google's search quality team in Dublin since 2010, Lucyna works on supporting the quality of search results, especially for the French language. She also assists webmasters by posting articles and answers on the French Webmaster Help Forum. Lucyna has a degree in information and communication science and in digital technologies from Celsa and Ecole des Mines d'Alès.

Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google

As a Webmaster Trends Analyst, Pierre follows industry trends in SEO and web development in order to help different Google teams build better tools for webmasters and improve search quality. Pierre also writes for the Webmaster Central Blog and participates in Google and external forums, helping site owners troubleshoot search-related problems and get the most out of Google Webmaster Tools. Prior to joining Google, Pierre held several roles in the technology sector, including community and product management, innovation consulting, and online marketing. He has a Ph.D. in bacterial genetics from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

Sales Technical Specialist, Google

Jonas joined Google in 2005 and works as a Technical Specialist in sales. In his former role as a Search Quality Analyst, he supported search quality efforts across the European languages. Jonas is the Google guide for Google’s Danish Webmaster Help Forum.
Prior to joining Google, he worked as a system administrator at The IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Jonas has a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography from University of Copenhagen, and earned his masters degree in design, communication, and media from The IT University of Copenhagen.

Search Quality Associate, Google

Christoffel joined Google in 2010 and works as a search Quality Associate supporting search quality efforts across European languages. He is also the Google guide for the Dutch Webmaster Help Forum. Christoffel has a degree in business administration for the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Is this an official Google event?
Yes, it is. We have hosted site clinics before, e.g. last year in Dublin, Ireland. This is the first Google hosted site clinic in London.

Who is eligible to sign up?
Anyone running a legitimate organisation site, e.g. a business site or an NGO site.

How do you choose who can participate in the event?
First come, first served, so sign up as soon as possible. The venue can host up to 175 guests.

I signed up -- how do I know I can actually participate?
We will notify everyone who signed up whether they are on the guest list or not.

I’ve received a confirmation email! Can I bring a few friends to the site clinic?
No. Unfortunately we cannot admit people not on the participant list due to limited capacity at the venue. We will share all information presented via our Google Webmaster Blog, though. We also encourage anyone who would like to join discussions on Google and webmaster topics to visit our Google Webmaster Help Forum.

Is any webmaster knowledge required?
Although no previous knowledge is required, familiarity with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines will be useful.

Which topics will be covered during the event?
We will explain how to make your website search engine friendly and more visible in the search results.

What is going to happen with the contact information shared?
We will need your name, surname, email address and website for the registration. None of the information will be shared with third parties or used for promotional purposes. We will contact you regarding your registration via email twice, to either confirm or decline the registration and to share the follow-up information. That’s it.

Are the Google hosts going to try selling anything?
No, we'll only give information about web search and other free products and services from Google for webmasters.

Why is Google organizing the event?
Our objective is to help webmasters who have great, content rich but potentially not very visible sites to learn how they can improve the sites’ crawlability, indexing and ranking.
Having websites of local businesses and organizations accessible in web-search helps our users to find good local content (such as your website!), and indirectly, makes the web a much more interesting place.
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