Termination of the Sabbath

The 'Arbit service at the termination of the Sabbath begins with the congregation chanting Psalms 144 and 67 (p. 137) to the following melody (the first Psalm runs straight into the second with no break):
The congregation continues by singing Shir Hama'alot as on a normal weekday evening p. 67), and so on until the 'Amidah.
After the 'Amidah, the Hazan says Kaddish Le'ela, and then the congregation sings the section from Ps. 90:13 - 91:16 (p. 94) to the following melody:
The Hazan then recites "Veatah Kadosh" (p. 49) and Kaddish Titkabal.
He then recites the Habalah, with the appropriate congregational responses.
The service then continues with Psalm 121 (or the counting of the 'Omer), and concludes as on a normal weekday.