Sabbath Additional service

Unlike Shahrit, the Musaph service is not repeated in its entirety by the Hazan. Instead, after the Kaddish Le'ela, the Hazan begins saying the prayer aloud on page 116, and the congregation read along silently with him.
When the Hazan reaches the Kedushah, on page 117, the congregation sing the responses as follows:
After the end of the third blessing of the 'Amidah, the Hazan begins to read silently. He starts reading aloud again at the end of the fourth blessing (p. 118), to allow the congregation to respond to the Modim, and the remainder of the 'Amidah.
At the end of the 'Amidah, Kaddish Titkabal is recited, and then the Hazan begins reading "Kol Yisrael" at the foot of page 120.
At the top of page 121, the congregation sings En Kelohenu to one of a wide selection of melodies, which can be found on the appropriate page of this website.
The Hazan then continues with "Tana debe Eliyahu", and reads the Kaddish Derabbanan.
Finally he reads 'Alenu, after which the congregation sing Adon 'Olam, on page 122. Once again, there is a wide selection of melodies for this hymn, which can be found on the appropriate page on this site.
This concludes the Sabbath morning service.