Adon 'Olam

The hymn Adon 'Olam (p. 122) closes the morning service on all Sabbaths and Festivals. It may be sung to a wide variety of melodies.
This is the basic Sabbath chant for this hymn - the same as the basic tune for Yigdal and En Kelohenu. If there is any special or festive occasion, we generally use a different tune.
Perhaps the most famous S&P composition for this hymn, this setting was written by David Aaron de Sola, Hazan at Bevis Marks in the mid-nineteenth century. It first appears in his 1857 volume of Sephardi Melodies. It is usually reserved for Festivals and special occasions.
In this setting the congregation sings the middle stanzas, but the first and last are sung only by the Hazan, with the congregation coming in again for the repeat of the final words "Adonai li velo ira".
This recording was released in 1951, and features the congregational choir under the direction of Jacob Hadida. The soloist is the late Abraham Beniso, then Assistant Hazan of the Congregation.
A setting introduced during the mid-twentieth century. It is credited to G. Costa, presumably a member of the congregation. If anyone has any further information on the composer, please contact me!
This setting uses a melody ubiquitous to the High Holy Days in the S&P tradition. It is known as "Yede Rashim" after its appearance in a piyut for Shahrit of the first day Rosh Hashanah.
This setting is sung on Rosh Hashanah, Shabbat Shubah, Kippur, and Hosha'ana Rabba.
This recording is sung by the choir under Hadida in 1951.

This setting is actually based on the melody for the Shabbat table song Yoducha Ra'yonai. It is sung here by the late Abraham Beniso in a concert recording from 1975.