Okinawa Day

Okinawa Day 2017 is coming!

Saturday 24th June 2017 10am-6pm

Admission Free

London Okinawa Sanshinkai is back at Spitalfields
this summer for Okinawa Day!

Join us to celebrate Okinawan classical & folk music,
Eisa dancing, karate, food, drinks & much more!


10:00 〜    Pre-event Music
10:30     Okinawa Day Opening Ceremony
10:50     Karate Demonstration: Shorin Ryu
11:15     Okinawan Folk Music: Kariyushi Stage
11:55     Okinawa Karate Demonstration: Kata enbu
12:20     Amami Traditional Music
12:45     Traditional Eisa dancing
13:10     Karate Demonstration: Bujutsu Ryu
13:35     Okinawan Folk Music: Champuru Stage
14:15     Karate Demonstration: Gojyu Ryu
14:50     Okinawan Classical Music & Buku Buku Cha (tea ceremony)
15:25     Ukulele Stage
15:35     Modern Eisa dancing
15:45     Okinawan Folk Music: Chibariyo! Stage
16:15     Amami Traditional Music
16:35     Karate Demonstration: Shuri Te
17:00     Okinawan Folk Music: Mo Ashibi Stage
17:35     Traditional Eisa Dancing & Grand Finale!!

If you would like to participate to Okinawa Day as a volunteer, please get in touch! 

For more details about Okinawa Day, visit our Facebook page:

Spitalfields, London E1 6AA 

Nearest tube: Liverpool Street