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A series of LENT Prayers
Week 6

Excitement and Gentleness
Lord Jesus, the crowd were excited to see you.
Thank you for things that make me excited and happy.
May I be like those people in Jerusalem
and welcome you into my life with joy, today and always.

Week 5

Breath of Hope
Dear God, the breath of your love brings hope and energy.
May I use this week creatively
and be thankful for the special gift of life
that you have given me.

Week 4

Last but not least
Dear God, help me to look at the world with your eyes of love
so that I do not judge by outward appearances,
but look for good in people's lives and hearts.

Week 3
Quenching our thirst
Lord, thank you for the gift of water
that quenches our thirst, makes us clean,
and rains on our fields and gardens.
May I never take it for granted.
Week 2

Journeys and blessings
Lord Jesus, as I journey through this week,
bless me with a sense of your presence
and help me not be afraid,
but to have faith and courage.

Week 1

Good choices
Dear God, I want to make good choices this Lent.
When I'm tempted to do wrong,
help me to be strong and truthful, like Jesus.

A personal Prayer
May my journey this Lent be as an adventure:
Unpredictable, exciting, challenging.
May my mind race, my heart sing,
And yet may I ever find in my travelling
A stillness that is Your presence with me;
Leading me on to Jerusalem where the truth of Your
eternal love
Is revealed on a cross, and at an empty tomb.
I pray in Jesus' name.

A call to Worship

Jesus said: "Worship the Lord your God and Serve only Him."
So I ask:
Will we worship the Lord? We will
Will we serve him? We will
Will we seek to be nourished by his word? We will
Will we journey this Lent in the strength and in the love of Christ? We will

  Worship Songs

In Christ Alone

Lord, I lift your name on high

Here, I am to Worship


Come, Now is the time to worship

Easter Medley