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Family Nativity

Did you know that Amos was there in the stable when Jesus was born?

Surely not! Didn’t he live nearly 800 years before The Nativity?

Well, yes, that Amos – the Old Testament prophet – did. But this Amos really was there, looking at the new-born Jesus. At least, he was in the stable set up at London Road Methodist Church, Bedford, for its Nativity Service. You see, Amos is a real live donkey. And he joined in with London Road’s Jolly Tots and Dream On Dance Club as all the church family came together for this extra-special occasion. The church was turned totally round, with the stable set up under the gallery covered in Hessian and Hay.

London Road has recently started to hold an afternoon service once a month and these have proved very successful. It was certainly full that afternoon and was filled with beautiful singing and even some dancing. Of course, tea and cake followed and the children enjoyed some great Nativity messy crafts.  

But was a horse also there two thousand years ago?  There’s no evidence in The Bible but we even had one of those –admittedly made of wood - popping his head through the back cloth, anxious to see and worship the Saviour.

And so were we all.

For more photographs of our Nativity service, please visit our Facebook page.