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Lent Activities

Week 1
Do not eat of the tree in the middle of the garden.
READ Genesis 2.15-17; 3.1-7
GO to a garden or park. What is the most beautiful thing in it? Thank God for it.
ACT - draw or write about something you would really like but know you can't have. Share it with someone special and pray with them about it.

Week 2
I shall bless you.
READ Genesis 12.1-4a
GO and find a map of your local area and think about the people who live there and the different journeys they make e.g. to work or school.
ACT - think of all the people who have blessed you with kindness. How can you bless them this week?

Week 3 
Water will pour out for the people to drink.
READ Exodus 17.1-7
GO and find a pencil. Write down the things you grumble and argue about. Then write down the same number of things that you are thankful for.
ACT - get a cup of water and drink it slowly. Pray for all those in the world who don't have clean water to drink or wash in.

Week 4 
The Lord sees to the heart.
READ 1 Samuel 16.1-13
GO and draw a crown. Write in it all the qualities you think a good king or queen should have. How many of those do you have?
ACT - David was the youngest but God chose him to be king. Think of someone who usually gets left out that you could make feel special.

Week 5
Breath entered them and they came to life.
READ Ezekiel 37.1-14
GO and find some leaves or bits of paper. Blow on them and watch them come to life.
ACT - Breathe on a window pane and write on it with your finger 'God loves me'. (Get permission first!)

Week 6
The whole city went wild with excitement.
READ Matthew 21.1-11
GO and sit quietly and think about Jesus riding a gentle donkey. Pray for all leaders, that they will be humble, and all animals, that they will be treated kindly.
ACT - is there someone who needs something that you could give them without them having to ask? Something they might be ex cited by?

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