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Conference 2015 [Resources]

Here we share some of the session resources:

Buddhism - shared by Saddhabhaya
Download handout <here>

Christianity: Roman Catholic - shared by Br Pius
Download handout <here>

Hinduism - shared by Neera Vyas and Rasamandala
Download zip <here>

Islam - shared Monawar Hussain and Deborah Weston
Open Letter is IS <here> via The Oxford Foundation <here>
Reciprocal Reading <here>

Judaism - shared by Gerry Cohen
Download PowerPoint <here> and Document <here>

Sikhism - shared by Kate Christopher and Onkadeep Singh
Download PowerPoint <here>

Short Films in RE [TrueTube] - shared by Kate Christopher and Jessica Toogood
Download PowerPoint <here> and handout <here>