The London RE Hub was formed in the summer of 2014 by like-minded RE teachers who saw the need for further support and networking in London and the surrounding area. They used the support offered by Culham St Gabriel's regional strategy programme as well as help from NATRE and RE Today to get the project off the ground.

The first conference in Spring 2015 aims to provide authentic, useful subject knowledge accompanied with the legacy of a genuine 'hub' of shared practice and support.

Our Aims:
  • Establish a sustainable London hub of RE practitioners
  • Link teachers of RE with members of communities of faith and belief to raise standards of teaching about the key concepts of religions and non-religious worldviews
  • Create relationships through joint working between all members of the RE community
The Team:

L to R
Amanda Harris - RE Teacher, Upminster
Andy Lewis - RE Teacher, Upminster
Ben Maddison - RE Teacher, Southend
Daniel Hugill - RE Teacher, Upminster

L to R
Deborah Weston - RE Teacher, East London
Julia Diamond-Conway - RE Today, East London
Kirsty Fanning - RE Teacher, Upminster
Kate Christopher - RE Today, Southend

The London RE Hub is kindly supported by Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School 
who provide the banking and finance services.

"Culham St Gabriel’s Trust are pleased to report that they are now supporting thirteen regional hubs, with several other hubs having established themselves on a self-supporting basis. They are operating very effectively to raise standards, build research-practice links and develop leadership capacity. On 24 April the hub leaders will be coming together to report progress, share their great ideas and explore plans for the future, as well as advise CSTG about the sustainability of hubs and how they could be supported so that they can continue to have a good impact on raising standards in RE. Upcoming hub events include: The London RE Hub Conference to be held at the Ismaili Centre, South Kensington on Saturday, 28th March 2015." 
From the REC