Leytonstone on Google

There has been a steady rise of people searching for Leytonstone in 2011, according to a report on Google Insights for Search, a free Google application.
The top five rising search terms are:
  1. argos leytonstone
  2. leytonstone library
  3. leytonstone news
  4. leytonstone tube
  5. tesco leytonstone
The top five searches overall were:
  1. leytonstone london
  2. leytonstone road
  3. leyton
  4. leytonstone school
  5. leytonstone e11
Hollow ponds and words associated with the ponds and boating were also common in the top searches on Google Analytics.
If you have a website in the Leytonstone area it's worth looking at the search terms people use on Google Insights for Search and on Google Analytics if you have your site hooked up to Analytics (which is strongly recommended and is also free). By building popular search terms into the content of your site you can help to raise its visibility in search engines. And the more people in the area who do this, the more Leytonstone will come up the search engine rankings and we will all be helping to promote each other. And all for free!