Lancer Gear Store

The Lancer Gear Store for sweatshirts and jackets is CLOSED. Please do not order any additional hooded sweatshirts or jackets. Our online store from Atlantic Sportswear is open until 9/18. 

We will continue to use two vendors. An online store from Atlantic Sportswear that parents will be able to purchase from many different named branded items and have directly shipped to their home will is open now through  9/18/2019. 

We still offer the traditional "Lancer Soccer Hooded Sweatshirt" and the "Lancer Soccer Winter Jacket" shown below and made available from our local vendor. 

Lancer Soccer Hooded Sweatshirt

Price: $45.00 Each

                                          Lancer Soccer Winter Jacket
Price: $75.00 Each

Please email the LGA Board at with any questions or issues with the Lancer gear items or ordering.