Underground Floor Plan
 Ground Floor Plan
 Level Six Floor Plan
Level Nine Floor Plan 
1. Parking   2. Storage rooms   3. Physical plant  4. Outdoor amphitheater  5. Cafe   6. Information desk   7. Kitchen   8. Exhibition area   9. Committee room   10. Meeting room   11. Media center    12. Reception   13. Assembly chamber   14. Public viewing gallary   15. Library   16. Reading room  17. IT room   18. Ofiice   19. Open - plan area   20. Terrace   21. London's Room
East Elevation
West Elevation
 North Elevation
 Aerial View
The aerial view of London City Hall shows the clear relationship to surrounding buildings. They are all part of the More London Development which is 13 acres in size with a purpose of developing quality and efficient office spaces.  As it can be clearly seen from the picture, all the structures have similarity in materials used. The glass and steel are incorporated in order to develop the sense of openness to the pubic.