Lonar Developement

Lonar Industrial Area Development:


Ø     Projecting Lonar at national/international level

Ø     Marketing Lonar as Preferred Destination for Tourists/ Investors

Ø     Tapping Lonar Potential

Agencies of Help:

·        Govt. of Maharashtra /India

·        Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation

·        Lonar Local Municipal Corporation

·        International Sources

·        Universities

·        Industry

·        Tourism Department



Lonar Mini Industrial Area is situated 80 Kms. away from Buldhana City and just 2 Kms. away from Lonar Town. It is situated on the Lonar -Pangri Road. MIDC has acquired 10 hectares of land to establish this Industrial area. The layout plan has been submitted to planning section at Mumbai for approval. After getting approval the necessary action will be taken regarding for developing the industrial area.


 Some Steps:

Ø     Formation of Advisory Committee

Ø     Encourage Industry development to foster tourism, biodiversity,

Ø     Scientific and Product oriented Research in areas of Science, geology, meteorology.,

Ø     Lonar youth: To incubate innovative ideas for development, conservation etc from young generation

§        Create awareness about different aspects of unique Lonar

§        Encourage for local research with help of global scientific laboratories and try to develop to cater own needs.

Ø     eLonarCrater: Lonar Carter details website—Access to knowledge wealth of Lonar worldwide

o       Website groups and communities