About Us

January 30, 2011: During the regular monthly Council meeting, number five hundred and eleven [511] of the Jacksonville Curia, with the authority of the Miami Regia, the Curia was divided into two (2) separate Councils; the Saint Augustine Curia was formed, and the Jacksonville Curia was elevated to the status of Comitium.

The Hierarchy of Councils: A role of responsibility and purpose to administrate support throughout the Legion of Mary. The Comitium’s elected members [The Council Officers] are each tasked with a portion of accountability for all of those assigned to their jurisdiction.

The organization of the Legion is modeled on the Roman Army, starting with the Praesidium as its smallest unit, and going up from there:
a)      The Praesidium, usually a group of 4-20 members, meets weekly.
b)      The Curia, supervises several Praesidia.
c)      The Comitium, in charge of several Curiae; a City, County, or Diocese.
d)      The Regia, in charge of larger territories; a Province or State (in the USA).
e)      The Senatus, often bigger; a Country or Territory (multiple States).
f)       The Concilium, the highest level, it has control over all of the Legion.

Each level of the Legion of Mary has the same officers: The President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Spiritual director. The latter must be a priest or a religious. All other offices are held by laymen or -women.

Throughout the different levels of the Legion’s Hierarchy, provisions are made to maintain conformity. The Concilium [The International HQ] is located in Dublin, Ireland. They oversee all activities by monitoring the reports of the shared Mission worldwide, with an aim to keep the Apostolate on task while carrying out the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

The Legion of Mary, as with any Apostolate, lives out the Catholic Faith with uncompromised loyalty, demonstrating by word and action, all practical obedience to the Ordinary Authorities [the Bishops] of the Catholic Church.