Council Forms

All Council members [Praesidium Officers] are required to attend the monthly meeting. If unable to attend the Comitium meeting, that member must call the Council’s Vice-President, send a written notice via email or have another member deliver a signed letter of absence. The Council meeting is formatted after the basic Praesidium meeting. For more information on conducting Council meetings, view and/or print the following document: The Council Meeting

For all meetings, the Altar of the Legion is set up (within the circle) , and this includes the Comitium meetings too, as even the highest orders of the Legion resemble their humble beginning, with complete supplication to the Blessed Virgin Mary. For more information on how to set-up a meeting with the Legion Altar, view and/or print the following document: Praesidium & Higher CouncilSettings

General Responsibilities for Officers -
The following information has been made available for the use of anyone in an Officer position, for those discerning the Role of such positions, and for the very interested that often inquire about the purpose of layered support within Legionary ranks; to better understand the functions of those assigned to the elect, the reason for their portion of accountability, and the uniformity among the different levels of the Legion’s Hierarchy that provides a conformed and focused Mission of Spiritual Works of Mercy throughout the world. Remember, the Praesidia Officers form the Council, and the Council Officers form the next highest Council of the Legion. In this case, the Jacksonville Comitium’s Officers are members of the Miami Regia, and similar obligations apply accordingly.

Officer Duties (Common/Shared Duties) -
a) President’s Duties
b) Vice President’s Duties
c) Secretary’s Duties
d) Treasurer’s Duties

Officer Information Sheet ( Appointment & Ratification Form) -
The above form is filled-out by the recommended Active Legionary member of his/her Praesidium, and then reviewed by the Comitium’s Vice-President.

Praesidium Officer Forms:
a) Praesidium President Worksheet
b) Praesidium Vice-President Worksheet
c) Praesidium Secretary Worksheet
d) Praesidium Treasurer Worksheet