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Department of Education and Science of Russian Federation

Altai State University

S. L. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SD RAS

M. A. Lavrentijev Institute of Hydrodinamics SD RAS

Institute of Economics SD RAS


Dear colleagues!


We would like to invite you to participate in the international conference “LOMONOSOV’S READING IN ALTAI: FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION”, the conference  would be held by Altai State University from November 14th 2017 till November 17th 2017.


The following sections wil be open:


1.    M.V. Lomonosov and Modern Scientific Researches 

2.    Step  to the Science (for high school students, and college students of 1st and 2nd year)

3.    Robotics and Technical Modeling

4.    Analysis, Geometry and Topology

5.    Algebra and Mathematical Logic

6.    Mathematical Modeling of Production Processes

7.    Mathematical Modeling of Economical and Social Systems and Processes

8.    Information Technologies and Systems

9.    IT, equipment, and protection of the information

10.  Modern Problems of Physics

11.  Nanotechnologies: from higher education to production

12.  Chemical and Biotechnological Processing of Vegetative Raw Materials

13.  M. V. Lomonosov and sciences about Earth: scientific heritage and present

14.  Ecology and rational environmental management

15.  Modern Problems of Geomorphology

16.  Ecology and Environmental Protection

17.  Modern Problems of Biology

18.  Psychological and Pedagogical Problems in Education

19.  Theory and Methodology of the Professional Education

20.  Actual Problems of a Historical Science

21.  Actual Problems of Modern Linguistics and Literature Criticism

22.  Actual Problems of the Social Humanities

23.  Theory and practice of Managing  Social and Economic Systems

24.  System of values – an internal core of Art

25.  The Russian power will gain through  Siberia and Arctic ocean

      More specific subsections could be opened within stated above sections.

To participate in the conference, you  will have to fill out the registration form before OKTOBER 15th 2017, which could be found  https://sites.google.com/site/lomchten/home

The  DEADLINE to submit the presentation files (in Russian OR English language), which would be included in  the collection of the presentations’ theses  (electronic version) is October 15th 2017. By this date the thesis have to be emailed to mlomonosov2017@mail.ru .

The presentation (no more than 6 pages) will have to be submitted to the organization committee in two forms: files of the paper, created with the help of LaTeX, and its printed version (or the layout of the paper in pdf format).

You may also submit the presentation in a Word format, if it doesn’t have any difficult formulas, schemes, drawings, and tables. If the presentation includes simple formulas, the total amount can not be more than 5. The size of the Word presentation should not be more than 6 pages, A4 format, with the 20mm for all the margins, type- Times New Roman, size - 10, single interval. Detailed rules and samples could be found at https://sites.google.com/site/lomchten/home

Submitted materials will not be reviewed, and will be published in original edition.

 It is allowed to decline theses and articles, which:

1) were not arranged according to the requirements,

2) were received after the deadline.

Mailing address: The sub-department of the Mathematical Analysis, Altai State University, pr.Lenina 61, Barnaul, 656049, Russia

Contact phone numbers: 8-962 816 4199 – Zdanova Olga Aleksandrovna, or

8-913 227 8085 – Makhaeva Tatyana Pavlovna


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