Kampung Loco Village Kids.. 
Lets get them All to school!

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UPDATE (23 August)

It is now possible to donate ANY amount, in ANY currency via Paypal!


UPDATE (13 July)

The collection has terminated and between Dublin, rest of Ireland, Holland, Abruzzo (IT) an rest of Italy we collected the great amount of 1800 Euros! The good news is that thanks to this amount the Bemo that will drastically reduce all transportation costs to send kids to school is a lot closer. You can see how far we are from the 7000 Eur goal (and all names of people who donated) here. More good news is that all elementary school kids are indeed going to school, thanks to your help and children's single sponsors. As always all news and updates on the Project Kampung Loco Website. For anyone still wishing to donate contact and bank details are there as well.

Again thanks so much for your generosity. Looking forward to send pics of the new bemo (finger crossed) when back in Lombok in October!


UPDATE 29th May:

Collection in Italy finished. Collected 900 Euros. Thanks to all the generous Italians! The dream of buying a Bemo to transport all kids and reduce all costs is getting closer to reality. See Project page here for more info.

Deadline for Dublin Collection: Fri 6th June



Just 25 Eur will send a kid to Elementary School for A YEAR!

Just 120 Eur will send a kid to Junior High School for A YEAR!

Just 210 Eur will send a kid to High School for A YEAR!


Proyek Kampung Loco is a project that independently helps kids in Kampung Loco (a tiny village in Lombok, the little island beside Bali, Indonesia).

Proyek Kampung Loco is collecting funds to buy a Bemo, the local mean of transportation that will dramatically cut expenses to send the kids from the village to school.

Please have a look at the Proyek Kampung Loco Website and the Bemo Project, and consider making a donation through their bank account (info on the website) or via Paypal (ANY amount, ANY currency) here:

The whole story...

While in Lombok (tiny little island just beside Bali, Indonesia) I became friend with a few people in a little village called KampungB Loco. Getting to know my new friends' culture and lifestyle a bit more, I also got to know about a Dutch project helping these guys out with water, medicine, and kids getting to school. And here's the first surprise. They looked so happy, inviting me all the time for bananas and coffees.. little did i realize about the scarcity of means my friends are facing. Not all kids go to school for example; they do only if their family can afford it, or if they have a sponsor through the Project. If you're sick you have to pay quite a lot to go to the doctor or get medicines, due to the lack of funds in the Indonesian Government. So again, you only do that if you can afford it or if the Project can help you.

The really shocking fact though is how little for us can make a huge difference for them.

25 Eur will send a kid to Elementary School for A YEAR!

120 Eur will send a kid to Junior High School for A YEAR!

210 Eur will send a kid to High School for A YEAR!

School in itself is free, but you need money for pens, books, transportation (usually by Bemo, up to 20 kms away at times).

As you can see on the Project Kampung Loco Website, there's also many other ways money can be used (medicines, water, emergencies).

When I thought of how much I would spend on an average night out in Dublin I felt I just had to give some help to those kids, so I'm sponsoring the daughter of my friend Sahur to go to High School.

But when I told around.. a lot of people wanted to do just the same, give the amount of what they spend on a night out to help out (the amount here might depend on how much you usually drink :P ). So I thought.. let's get organised and put some collection up.

Money collected will be personally handed over by me to people responsible for the project in Kampung Loco or passed on to the Kampung Loco Project. The use of all money is registered in books and very well organised; for example money for a kid to get the bemo to school is not given all at once to the family, but to every single kid every single morning. But if you want to know more details feel free to contact me (andrea.ditonto[at]gmail[dot]com). Note that this or Project Kampung Loco are not officially registered charities, so we just hand over the money without going through government procedures, taxes (and risks of money disappearing when it comes to Indonesian Government).

If you want to sponsor a kid to school for a year they'd like to see your pic and say thanks to you. if you just want to donate what you can that's absolutely fine too, anything can make a huge difference here.