Sereolipi Primary School 

This website is about Sereolipi, a school in the middle of the Samburu bush in Kenya 


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Biographies written and posted on webpages created by each of the students in our computer class. 

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About This Website 

This website was made by the students of Sereolipi Primary School with the aim of:

  • Teaching about our culture and life in a Samburu village 
  • Giving updates on new events (classroom learning, school activities) 
  • Collecting our stories 
  • Collecting our favorite internet resources

 About Sereolipi

Sereolipi  Primary School is located in the rift valley Province of Kenya's Samburu district.


 Our computer room

Student at lunchtime


On This Website

1. Learn About Samburu Culture

2. What are our 2007 Sereolipi computer class goals? Find out!

3. We're Learning the Internet. See our favorite websites.

4. Our New Partner, Learn about iMentor Kenya

5. About our Computer Teacher, Thomas (Coming Soon)