2007 Computer Class Goals

In 2007, students in class 6, 7 and 8 will accomplish the following goals. 



1. Introduction to Computers                     

 January - February

  • Turing the computer on and off
  • How to use the keyboard
  • How to find, open and close programs.
  • Introduction to Windows.
  • Introduction to the different functions / programs on the computer (overview)
  • Basic computer maintenance. How to take care of the computers.


2.Typing Skills                                                                                                    

January – February

  • Each student will learn to improve his or her typing skills.


3. Microsoft Word                                                                                 

March – April 6th

  • Each student will learn how to create, edit, format and save Microsoft Word documents. These can be used to write letters, papers for school, or for personal creative writing.


4. Desktop Publishing—Microsoft PowerPoint                                  

May 4th – June 1st 

  • Each student will learn how to create and design posters, slideshows and presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.


5. Email Skills

 June 1st – June 15th

  • Each student will sign up for an email account and learn how to send and receive email, including how to attach and open documents.


6. Website Making Skills

June 15th – August 8th

  • Each student will learn how to make and publish a website using the program Google Page Creator. Students will use these skills to add personal content to the Sereolipi Primary School website (www. )


7. Using the Internet for Information & Entertainment                   

June 15th – August 8th

  • Students will become familiar with the internet and comfortable using the internet to access information on a variety of subjects.
  • Students will use the internet to help them with their studies in other school subjects (Math, English, Social Studies).