About lolorashel

For those who have asked, lolorashel (pronounced, "low-low-rachelle") is just my name.  My first name is Lori.  Since I was a kid, when other kids couldn't say their R's, my nickname was Lolo.  My middle name is Rachel.  No, it's not pronounced "Rachel."  It's pronounced "Rachelle."  My mom liked how Rachel looked but how Rachelle sounded.  So began a lifetime of explaining to people, I know it looks like Rachel but my middle name is "Rachelle."  In  1999, I met my friend Rashel.  What a cool spelling!  And lolorashel was born.

Bio of a Whirling Twirling Social Media Girl:

My business experience is the legal field -- in which I have worked as a paralegal and/or litigation secretary since 1995.  I had gastric bypass surgery in 2004 and initially lost 165 pounds.  Although I do not like to define myself by my weight, it has certainly shaped who I am as a person and it would be disingenuous to not include it as part of my life resume.  I forced myself to go to a regular gym to workout to help keep the weight off, but never considered myself a "gym rat."  I took my first pole dancing class at S Factor in San Francisco around 2008 but didn't start taking classes full time until joining Twirly Girls Pole Fitness in Pleasanton in 2009.  I get such a great workout from pole dancing.  Yoga is also part of my regular fitness routine.  I was the first plus sized pole blogger, and started Confessions of a Twirly Girl in early 2010.  I initially started handling social media for Twirly Girls in late 2010 and worked with Social Sonar in 2011-2012.  In addition, I use social media to promote my local gastric bypass support group meeting, online weight loss groups, fundraising efforts for multiple causes, and other fun projects, like the Creepy Tree fan page.  Writing is my passion and blogging for pole dancing studios and other companies has been extremely fun and satisfying.  I also enjoy promoting body diversity in cosplay through Chunky Girl Comics.  I am the co-producer of Northern California Pole Presentational, which began in 2014.  I am also a brand ambassador for Artista Apparel.  Please use code ABALM10 for 10% off at checkout!

I spent most of my life battling my weight and body.  I now encourage myself to eat food that is healthy and delicious without guilt and do exercise that makes me happy.  Life is too short to be at war constantly.

Photo by LockBox Studios ~ 2017

     Photo by Brett Stanley ~ 2016                                                                        Photo by LockBox Studios ~ 2016