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Version (04/04/2020)

posted Apr 4, 2020, 11:45 AM by Dublo Rayteen

• Right click commands should now work on players with spaces in their names
• Players should no longer drown under certain conditions when being pushed into water with the raft support equipped
• Rockies should no longer trap players pushed up against a wall in sand
• Rockies should no longer prevent the player from taking knockback
• Rafts and sleds should no longer interfere with how certain skins are drawn.
• Player targeting should no longer cause infinite loops
• Match start timer should now be smarter
• Changed some graphics in the Easter map theme
• The final holiday season skin has been added. The game will still let you obtain and use them, and play with the holiday map themes in the years to come. But there won't be any new skins released seasonally.
• Egg Bomb now goes off faster
• Eggsplosion range increased by 1

Version (02/01/2020)

posted Feb 1, 2020, 3:13 PM by Dublo Rayteen   [ updated Feb 1, 2020, 3:14 PM ]

• Final boss no longer lets you heal in instadeath mode
• Fixed an off-by-one error in team joins that prevented matches from starting
• Fixed a bug where you could open a match, inititate the countdown timer, and end and open another match to start without reinitiating the timer
• Final boss's third phase attacks are now solid
• Final boss's third phase attacks are now more frequent, but have a longer tell
• Final boss's third phase attacks now last half as long

Version (01/18/2020)

posted Jan 18, 2020, 6:10 PM by Dublo Rayteen   [ updated Jan 18, 2020, 6:13 PM ]

• King's Spark weapon now only lasts for 1 second instead of 5
• Evil Eye weapon's endlag increased from 0.5 seconds to 1 second
• Seeing knife can no longer throw a spread of knives. It will now place a knife and wait when it cannot see a target
• Roll weapon now ignores sand
• "Dummy Join" command is no longer available to admins
• New overheal support item
• Removed door limit. Yes, you read that correctly
• Tweaked match start timer to depend on the number of spawn points on the map
• New targeting system, which is used in combination with the new GUI to display the stats of the opponents on your floor. As a spectator, you may also click on a player to see their stats.
• Rocky boss now turns slower when chasing
• Leeper boss is slightly slower
• Skull boss now moves slower
• Don Medusa boss now moves slightly slower
• Don Medusa boss now waits for his knives to disappear before firing again
• Captain Stitch now stays vulnerable for longer
• Captain Stitch's desperation attack is now more conditional
• Heart to Heart is now consumed when you pick up health instead of when each teammate is healed
• Gift for Gift now exchanges weapons with the teammate closest to you instead of going off port priority
• Right click drop downs have been removed from the game. Any features that previously relied on this have been reworked with similar behavior
• Right clicking on boss portraits now lets you fight them with one health
• Right clicking on blocks in build mode now acts as an eyedropper tool
• The level indicator in the topright corner has been revised. You can now cycle through floors by left and right clicking on it
• New spread knife weapon (Not really new it just rehashes the spread from the original seeing knife weapon)
• You can now unlock the boss arena themes when you defeat every boss
• Servers now have their own savefiles for unlockables that don't really belong in player saves

Version (12/14/2019)

posted Dec 14, 2019, 11:46 AM by Dublo Rayteen

• Changed layout of floor 3 in the Unarmed challenge
• Changed layout of floor 5 in the Unarmed challenge
• Changed layout of floor 3 in the Hammer challenge
• New power block support item
• New game rule that toggles whether players can reobtain the weapon they started the match with when unarmed
• New gift for gift support item
• The game should no longer try to look up ammo values for weapons not indexed (the ones made from supports)
• New sword support item
• Heart to heart support graphic changed

Version (10/20/2019)

posted Oct 20, 2019, 10:17 AM by Dublo Rayteen

• Fixed gates facing the wrong way in some challenges
• Changed layout of floor 3 in the Object challenge
• Changed layout of floor 3 in the Unarmed challenge
• Minor layout changes for floors 2 and 4 in the Hammer challenge
• Changed layout of floor 5 in the Arrow challenge
• Holiday season greeting no longer tells the player to check again next year for new skins as Halloween 2019, Christmas 2019, and Easter 2020 will likely be the last round of new seasonal skins

Version (8/24/2019)

posted Aug 24, 2019, 4:12 PM by Dublo Rayteen

• Captain Stitch's shots will be fired directly at you when you're horizontally aligned with him
• Captain Stitch's health has been reduced to 15
• Alma will no longer crash into egg shots
• Captain Stitch's spines now graphically contain more spines per shot. This makes it easier to see the collision for the projectile
• Captain Stitch will now shed spines when he's low on health

Version (8/23/2019)

posted Aug 23, 2019, 7:06 PM by Dublo Rayteen

• Medusa Statues spawned during Medusa boss fight animate properly once again
• Alma boss now has a visual effect when she crashes into something
• Gol boss now struggles to break out of an egg
• Start Event command no longer relies on a default value. If an event has not been picked prior, you will be prompted to pick before proceeding
• Rocky boss now only gains invincibility when pushing you, instead of when he locks on to you
• Rocky boss now has 5 more HP, and his arena will get a little more claustrophobic near the end of the fight
• Event themes no longer stick around after the event stops

Version (8/17/2019)

posted Aug 17, 2019, 3:08 PM by Dublo Rayteen

• Playing music should no longer refer to you like an object
• When you save a map, the level selection reminds you what level you were on when you started the map save
• Object and Monster Challenges no longer give you one use of the unarmed weapon
• The watch command should no longer change the view to floor 1 each time upon use
• You will now be asked whether you want to use the join/win/lose message you just created
• Join/Win/Lose message management has now been combined into one command
• Arrow brackets may once again be used in names. HTML is still forbidden in names, and is no longer possible in match and chat messages
• Players online counter should now be accurate
• Reflected projectiles no longer go through monsters
• Added the Team Balance toggle. Team-based game modes must start when the team sizes are equal, or not if turned off
• Commands in the camera tab to view different floors have been combined into one. Commands in the camera tab have been moved to the commands tab
• Build mode now has a small preview window that shows up in the upper right-hand corner of the room
• Potential fix for exceptions from logging out with grid on and build mode open
• New control configuration command allows for streamlined keybindings. Also, keybinds will be remembered by your save file
• Rename command is now stricter. You can no longer have empty names, names consisting of just spaces, or names over 25 characters
• Tweaked Getting Started guide to focus on new control configuration command

Version (8/3/2019)

posted Aug 3, 2019, 7:58 PM by Dublo Rayteen

• Number inputs on build and setup settings no longer accept decimal values
• Keys can now be set to respawn after a certain amount of time
• New objects' themes should now be consistent with the rest of their floor
• Added water and lava to avatar selection
• Fixed a bug that caused Gols and Skulls to spawn awake
• Move Delay setting has been removed
• Added a run/walk toggle. You now start matches off walking, unless it's a boss fight
• You can no longer overwrite a saved map by using the name of a pre-existing map file. The game will allow the name by appending the copy number
• Map Save now goes off of the level you select from a list instead of what level the camera is focused on
• You can now save every map on every level at once
• Maps can no longer be saved with illegal characters in their names
• Match setup, map saving, and map loading should now be completely impossible to do after starting a game or event
• Gates now play a sound effect when they eat your key
• Rock respawn time can now vary by what floor the rocks are on
• Lighting may now vary by floor
• Lighting is now an adjustable value instead of a simple ON/OFF switch
• The Bell support now briefly shows an entire dark floor's layout if the player's vision radius is normal
• When rocks are destroyed and set to respawn, they now display a countdown. This applies to keys too
• Build Mode's "Clear All Levels" button has been joined into "Wipe Map"
• Build Mode now includes a button to clear map settings
• Lullaby range increased 2->3
• Admins can now fill player slots with dummy players
• Prompts in setup and build mode that prompt for input as numbers now have cancel buttons. Zero now chooses a random value that fits its target range in most cases
• The unarmed weapon may now have limited uses. To disable it entirely, set its ammo to zero.
• Leeper Boss's snores now always decrease vision radius by 3 (used to sometimes be 2)
• Leeper Boss's snores now move significantly slower
• Leeper Boss's snores now take longer to disappear (10 seconds instead of 3)
• Leeper Boss's snores no longer destroy egg shots. Instead, they will pass through eachother
• Leeper Boss's sound effect for falling asleep is no longer interruptable
• Bell support now has a visual effect when it does nothing
• Players can no longer try to use player-to-player verbs on monsters, bosses, etc. They will still show up on right click, but will not cause an exception
• New Detonator support which can be combined with the egg weapon to make an egg bomb
• Bell support now restores your vision in one use

Version (7/7/2019)

posted Jul 7, 2019, 12:58 PM by Dublo Rayteen   [ updated Jul 7, 2019, 1:00 PM ]

• You can now die in score matches, but you will only be removed from the match for five seconds
• Boss select screen now displays names when hovering over portraits
• Game has been rebranded as Lolo Battle 2
• Version number is now displayed in the players tab
• Added a "Getting Started" guide to the browser window
• Continuous Object Generation has been shortened to "Object Generation", now provides an option to only spawn objects while a match is going on
• Added Leeper, Alma, and Rocky to the list of generatable objects
• Changed graphics for tile objects
• New wall object. It's a wall, but you can place it. I'm an absolute madman
• Rockys will now turn based on their surroundings instead of solely relying on a 50/50 decision
• Rockys should no longer get stuck on grass
• Arrow boosting works again
• Gols and Medusas now only shoot if you've moved while a projectile is not traveling along their line of sight
• A lot of the loops in the game would search for elements in the "world" list. The scope of searches has been narrowed down in most loops, which should cause the game to lag less
• Rotation tool now lets you pick direction on right click
• Rockys will no longer try to chase players behind obstacles
• Daggers now have the right flinch value again
• Post-match spectators now properly save the floor they are watching
• More double-step prevention stuff
• Some changes to the Gol skin
• The paralysis icon state has been repurposed for the user of the evil eye weapon. This should make it clearer that you cannot move until the attack ends
• Fixed softlock caused by evil eye weapon interacting with monsters
• Snakeys now interact with arrows like framers do
• Moby suction once again always stops when it reaches them
• Introduced challenges as a new event mode. As of now, they simply award players with medals/achievements

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