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  • (Image board) An imageboard (also chan, which itself is short for channel) is a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images. The first imageboards were created in Japan, and many English-language imageboards today are centered around Japanese culture.
  • short for lolita meaning pre-teenage girls; should not be confused with Lolita fashion.
  • Japanese term for Lolita, which means young, pre-teen girls.
loli image boards
loli image boards - Eureka 5-Inch
Eureka 5-Inch Paper Cut-Outs, Hubble Image Earth, Package of 36 (841220)
Eureka 5-Inch Paper Cut-Outs, Hubble Image Earth, Package of 36 (841220)
Paper Magic's Eureka division brings you terrific learning tools, classroom and home decor, party favors, and fun games for children. Since 1986, The Paper Magic Group, Inc. has created and distributed a variety of educational and seasonal products. We are proud to offer the best educational and motivational merchandise for home and school, including games and puzzles, bulletin board decorating sets, banners, recognition awards, bookmarks, and success stickers. Paper Magic also offers boxed greeting cards for Christmas, gift tags and seals, vinyl window clings, and home décor products, Valentine products; classroom-exchange Valentines, stickers, treat sacks, cutouts, and danglers. All Paper Magic divisions maintain large product development and creative teams; investing significantly in consumer and product trend research to bring our customers the latest in design. The divisions share distribution facilities in Pennsylvania; goods are manufactured in Paper Magic's domestic production facilities or produced under the company's direction in factories worldwide.

Boarding Up Ninian Park
Boarding Up Ninian Park
18/11/09 Demolition of Ninian Park, Cardiff, Wales Workmen board up Ninian Park, blocking curious eyes and photographers alike, soon to be painted red and turned into a huge RedRow advertisement
AE19JN woman cutting tomato on a cutting board
loli image boards
loli image boards
Image® Flashing Illuminated LED Lighted Writing Board 7 Color Lights 28 Modes up to 28 Feet Romote Control Restaurant Menu Boards Party Daily Specials Promotions etc
Let's begin enjoy the benefits of the Brand New 7 Colors LED Writing Sparkle Board Sign. This is an illuminated rewritable sign board that lights up your messages like neon or sign. The latest Led technology, 7 colors, flashing or smooth cycle mode, comes with the remote control, helps you easily choose different color or speeds to shine your messages. This bright motion led writing sign board with flashing mode will catch your customers' eyes even far away. Attract more customers, don't be hesitant to have one animatedly shining at night!
Size: 12"W x 16"H
Frame material: aluminum construction
Imported acrylic panel and black organic baseboard
7 color of RGB, 28 flashing modes: Single color steady shining, 7 colors cycle flashing, shining speed control/lighting control/flow/special/auto/stop
Light source: 7 color circle and single color adjusted
LED lifespan: 100,000 hours
Working temperature: -40~60 degree
Working humidity: <90%RH
Power: AC110-240V, DC12V-1A
Certificate: CE certificate and RoHS certificate.
Great for restaurant menu boards, daily specials, promotions, special events, discount sales, new item releases or price lists, also can be for party using.

Image® - is a registered trademark protected by the US Trademark Law. Image® products are sold by authorized sellers only