My First Epic Novel

Originally titled: "Raggedy Ann and Andy Go Visit Nice Mr. Policeman and Have an Adventure Where They Eat Cookies"

  Raggedy Ann has some serious "Popeye" arm there! 


 After spending so much time on the cover, I knew I had to establish my character's motivation quickly if I wanted to finish my novel before bedtime.

NOTE: Andy was supposed to say, "Let's go see Nice Mr. Policeman and have an adventure where we get to eat cookies!" but I had drawn their heads first and was rapidly running out of room... Plus my arm was getting tired. I'm left handed and it took FOREVER for me to figure out how to hold a pen, pencil, marker, you name it.

Get ready for the BIG TWIST!!!

By page two, I knew I had to make a big splash when introducing Nice Mr. Policeman into the world of Raggedy Ann & Andy or the die-hard fans would just not accept him. In this scene, Nice Mr. Policeman gives Raggedy Andy a lecture about traffic safety, how to always be aware of one's surroundings and what to do if one finds themselves lost. Of course, after plotting this all out in my head, I realized that I had NO clue how to spell words like "traffic signal," "authority," and"emergency" so I wrote only the words I knew I could write with confidence.

And Next Comes...

Not quite sure what I was trying to draw there but I thought that pronouncing this page, "the EAb" would make a profound statement to my generation... A statement that resonates to this day.