Our Mission

Preserving Our Heritage, Educating for the Future

The future is in the hands of our children.  Therefore, the future of conservation is in their hands.  With this in mind, the Lois Green – Sligo Chapter has always considered its most critical mission to be the education of Montgomery County’s youth in the importance of conserving our natural resources.

The Chapter has regularly donated copies of the League’s national magazine, “Outdoor America”, as well as “Save Our Streams” videos and literature, to Montgomery County schools and libraries.  We have given grants to special elementary school education programs; provided educational scholarships for teachers; and helped fund conservation field trips for elementary students.
The Chapter has also made the Lois Green property available for a variety of youth and conservation-oriented endeavors.  Boy Scout Troop 207 holds its meetings at our pavilion during warm weather months.  The Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, and other youth organizations use the property for outdoor activities. These youth groups have contributed several improvements to the property, such as the building and hanging of bird houses; maintaining the pavilion; picking up litter throughout the property; designing and constructing gardens; building a retaining wall; clearing shrubs from the pond area; constructing an observation deck; and clearing of a hiking trail.  The property has also been used for regional scout events, some attracting as many as 500 visitors.

The Chapter’s second mission is the continuing effort to preserve and maintain our small but significant pocket of this area’s original environment.  For years, this region has been in a constant state of physical turmoil, caused by unprecedented urban growth.  Despite efforts by some government officials and a few builders, the negative impact on the area’s ecosystems has been enormous.  Our Chapter grounds have become a refuge to many of the area’s indigenous plants and wildlife, providing for some species one of their few remaining habitats.  We hope that other species that are sheltered on the property will eventually learn to adapt to a region that will some day become more stable, and use our land as a launching point for growth and

 expansion.  The grounds have become a retreat for people, as well.  The property provides the opportunity to relax, and to experience a more direct relationship with the wonders of our natural surroundings.  Bird watching, fishing, hiking, bee keeping … there is something for almost anyone who is interested in escaping the bustle, and taking some time to listen to a breeze or a bird song.

While the grounds are not open to the public, they can be reserved for private functions in exchange for a donation to the Chapter.  The donations are used to defray maintenance expenses.  Please read more if you think a gathering on our property would benefit your group!