What people are saying about Prairie Red Fife wheat bread...

"We just wanted to make contact again and also tell you how much better the red fife tastes than the other wheats we grow.  ...tastes great and makes very good bread." farmer/consumer - England

"My wife and I have been baking bread in our kitchen for 30 years and now that we're using Prairie Red Fife wheat we agree that there's nothing that ever tasted like it !"  home baking couple - Cowichan Bay, BC 

"You have a slice, you taste it, and you're satisfied ."  a teenage former 'white bread only' eater - Saskatoon, SK 

" I made bread with the Red Fife flour and my husband says it's the best tasting bread I've ever made !"   culinary journalist - Saskatoon, SK

"We both tasted the Prairie Red Fife bread in Turin this year and were very proud to be Canadian."  Slow Food Calgary delegates to Terra Madre       after visiting the Red Fife Presidium booth at the Salone del Gusto at Turin, Italy - October 2006

"...from all the Red Fife I have tasted so far, yours was the best."    holistic nutritionist, BC

" I got some Red Fife that you grew and baked some incredibly delicious bread with it. I've never before enjoyed a whole wheat bread as much as I enjoyed that loaf.commercial baker - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hello Marc,         August 13, 2015                Saskatoon, SK

I just wanted to share my testimony about the Red Fife flour.

For the past 8 years now I developed a really bad allergy to gluten and lactose, and sensitivity to our foods leaving me with a compromised digestion that was weak an unable to digest properly and break down foods consumed.

I have been using your flour for almost a year and half now. It's been really wonderful for my stomach. I no longer have to buy the products off the shelf in that are gluten free. I can make really delicious breads, pizza, banana bread … anything really.

I have shared it with my friends because the results are great.

My stomach is at peace and I also love the price.

I thank you and your family for continuing the legacy of your parents to farming wheat the proper way, allowing it to grow without chemicals.

Sincerely, Abina

Ps. I am so excited and love people to know that wheat is not the problem if its done the right way.