Ferme Biologique Familiale Loiselle

                    Celebrating a century of family farming 1906 - 2006
                     Le centenaire de notre ferme familiale 1906 - 2006


                      Intendance Holistique pour la Vie Abondante 

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"Bread deals with living things, with giving life, with growth, with the seed, the grain that nurtures. It's not coincidence that we say bread is the staff of life."  French artisan baker, Lionel Poilâne (1945-2002)

    above aerial photo summer 2008

below aerial photos Sept 20, 2015

Sept 20, 2015 - our home
our farmyard - looking to southwest
our farmyard - looking to northwest

*We acknowledge that our family farm is situated on Treaty Six Lands, Nehiyaw Territory-Cree, and the ancestral homeland of the Métis people. We respect and reaffirm our relationship with one another.            *Nous reconnaissons que notre ferme familiale est situé dans le territoire Nehiyaw des Cris, Traité Six; et le territoire ancestrale du peuple Métis.  Nous respectons et réaffirmons notre relation mutuelle.

     Our intergenerational family farm is located in the             heart of Canada’s western prairies, 50 kms                             northeast of Saskatoon, and just east of the town of Vonda in what is known as the Trinity region. We grow cereal, oilseed, pulse, clover  and hay crops; and we also raise chickens, goats and rare breed Dexter cattle.  

         We have worked with certified organic                                   biodynamic management practices for 30 years on              our farm which has been in the Loiselle family for             109 years now since the soil was first cultivated for             agriculture. The soil and climate we work with                     produce very good quality hard red spring (HRS)                 wheat and we constantly strive to maintain and                     hopefully improve upon that. We have joyfully                     discovered the same HRS Red Fife wheat that my                 great grandparents grew on their homesteads in                 south western Manitoba then here at Vonda in                     Saskatchewan. Our family is giving it new life and                 we now offer Prairie Red Fife milling grain and                     flours for sale.

         Taste some of Canada's past and help shape the future of food.

         Red Fife wheat was the cornerstone of Prairie                         agriculture and we’re doing our part along with                     other farmers, seed savers, millers, bakers and                      bread lovers, to ensure its renaissance.                     

         We are now also growing, processing and marketing           the Son of Fife, Marquis wheat.

          It was the first successful cross between Red Fife                  and Hard Red Calcutta from India and was first                  bred at Agassiz, British Columbia at one of the 5                    Agriculture Canada research stations spread out                  across Canada at that time. It was first made                          available to farmers in 1909 and soon eclipsed its               parent Red Fife as the dominant bread making                      wheat in N. America.

           Since 2007 we have carefully grown and                                     selected/rogued this wheat, starting with 11 lbs we               obtained from a long time seed saver from                               Edmonton, Alberta.

           Because of the particular strain we've selected and               nurtured, we named it to suit our farm, terroir, and            our bilingual heritage.

           Our Blé Marquis de Loiselle Wheat, now represents            for us a successful transition from a small amount               of seed to having a sufficient amount of seed for our            own needs and providing for consumer and                           commercial sales.

           Marquis is more uniform than Red Fife as regards               height and maturity, is earlier maturing, and is also            a bit higher yielding.

           Pricing is the same for both of these exceptional                   heritage wheats.

                                                                                                                   Saving and growing heritage grains such as Red                   Fife and Marquis, and now also Rouge de Bordeaux wheat is necessary to keep genetic diversity intact, to preserve our agricultural heritage, and work towards the common good of all. We’re committed to providing the highest quality, whole, nutrition filled, and tasteful foods.                                                             

               Yours truly for abundant Life!  


Blé Marquis de Loiselle heritage wheat - July 21, 2010                                       
Blé Marquis de Loiselle heritage wheat - field #6 - looking southwest
Sept 20, 2015 aerial photo looking southwest over field #6 of Blé Marquis de Loiselle heritage wheat with one round swathed and combined around perimeter and rest has lots of lodging. Field #5 in centre background is red clover plowdown and summerfallow. Field #4 in far background is harvested field of Dancer Oats. Shelterbelt trees are mix of green ash and lilac on #6, then mix of green ash and caragana on 4 & 5.