Site updates


Still playing.  Just keeping the market stocked for lower-leveled players as best as I can.  Will update this from time to time but mostly for small things.  Pretty much whenever I feel like it.

Final edit for now:

Considering I've completed nearly the entire game and no one really plays much I've put this project on the back burner.  So don't expect any new updates for the foreseeable future.  There's just not enough interest in the game these days to bother to do much.  Especially for end-game content. 

Well I hope this site suffices in content for now.  For those new to the site use it to your advantage while you can.


6.27.16:  I officially completed both the expansion and the official game last week so I'm going to keep playing to fill in missing information for this wiki.  I doubt I'll ever have it 100% done but I'll do my best to come close.  

Current priorities:
+Finish maps - *About 3 more to my knowledge
+Finish expansion data
+Work on runes chart
+Catalog game logs to fill in missing info

*I didn't forget about Groots Wallow in Eastern Lands, it's just that one of the triggers requires a ridiculous amount of Demon Spores (150) to access the rest of the cave.  Pretty sure that amount wasn't intended but Decius is no longer working on the game so he's not going to fix it anytime soon (not like it's required to progress though fortunately).

6.8.16:  I finally hit level 201 and have begun acquiring experience towards OP levels.  I also went and purchased the Legions of the Lost expansion so I'm keeping busy with that.  So expect to see more information and maps pertaining to it.  I'll also be working on a page for how OP levels and gear works.

5.23.16:  Taking a small break from the demon realm to work on other stuff.  One area that is sorely lacking in information to it has to do with trophy items.  So I added a page for it under section 3 to the left here.  I plan on adding the locations soon so stay tuned.  

5.11.16:  Took a little while but after killing 1000 demons for a single quest and having to do another 500 (I'm only ~50 in lol) for another main quest it might be a little bit longer before I add anything substantial to the wiki.  However I do update it here and there I just don't always comment on it on the front page.

4.22.16:  I have added a ton of maps for the 3rd continent.  Including Asagarth and beyond.  And another secret area for Uncharted.  Finally reached the first regular map that goes to 200.  And I'm only like level 161 at the time of this update LOL!

4.4.16:  I have updated the overworld maps so now you can figure out the general order of which you access them by level-wise.  So if you miss a map down the road now you know which one it is.

I have a lot of stuff done here but of course, it's still a work in progress.  So check it out.  If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line on Lands of Hope or Redemption as "Joe".

This website has been created simply as a supplement to the Gameiki Wiki based on my own gameplay as Gale/Joe.