Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Hikes and Rambles

Welcome to our Tuesday and Thursday series of day hikes and rambles, most within two hours of Lake Oswego. Review below calendar for recent and future events. See More Info for more general information on hikes & rambles, including explanation of terms and abbreviations used.

Hike/Ramble/Walks Calendar
Month Days (select a day)
JUL 5 7 12 14 19 21 26 28 29
AUG 2 4 9 11 16 18 23 25 30

JUL | Coordinators: Tuesday Diane B., Yvonne J., Thursday Dave & Toni B.
JUL 05 - Hike Tom, Dick, & Harry
Changes; hike mi.
Leaders: Joan & Elmer G. 5.5 mi. 1710 ft. [Moderate] Begin with a delightful hike through an old growth forest to Mirror Lake. Continue on a well-marked but a bit more challenging trail to a wonderful lookout point.
Scout Report: Elmer says; A nice five and a half mile hike through old growth trees to Mirror Lake and then on up to the Tom Dick and Harry Lookout. A moderately difficult hike with lots of flowers on the way and then on to a wonderful lookout point. We will stop at the Zig Zag Ranger station and then caravan to the trailhead. Note: the parking spot at the trailhead is going to be closed soon, but for now it is still open. It is being moved the Government Camp and thus in the future this will be a much longer hike. Thus, do it now, while it is still a nice moderate hike.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($13/$11) NWFP required

JUL 05 - Ramble Jordan Covered Bridge & Wilderness Trail
Changes; ramble mi.
Leaders: Sharon & Bob W. 3.5 mi. flat. [Easy] Visit a beautifully restored covered bridge in Stayton, followed by a loop hike through woods and along waterways.
Scout Report: Sharon says; This will be a new Ramble for our group. We will drive east from Salem to Pioneer Park in the little town of Stayton. The highlight of the park is the beautifully restored Jordan Covered Bridge, a popular venue for weddings. We will do two loop walks in adjacent Wilderness Park and Riverfront Park. Total walking distance is about 3.5 miles, all flat. Surfaces are gravel, wood chip, and a few blocks on city streets. Great new restrooms; lunch at picnic tables with a view of the covered bridge.
Drive: 110 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a WT ($11/$10)
JUL 07 - Hike Three Corner Rock
Changes; 2ND MEETING LOCATION & time, hike mi. drive mi. & $
Leader: Yvonne J. 4.5 mi. 1200 ft. [Moderate] Well-graded climb to Three Corner Rock. View of Mt. Adams.
Scout Report: Yvonne says; Change in Second Meeting Place! The second meeting place will be changed from Jantzen Beach to Lewis and Clark. The road to Three Corner Rock is close to the Bridge of the God's and that is the easiest way to go. We scouted this on a beautiful day. 4.5 miles, 1200 feet elevation gain. This trail is a well graded climb to a unique rock formation. We'll have views of several mountains, including Hood, Adams and Rainier. Lots of wildflowers in bloom now! Drive note; The road is 8.5 miles of gravel but suitable for all vehicles. Just a few potholes, but they are avoidable.
Drive: 136 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($14/$8)

JUL 07 - Ramble Tualatin Hills Nature Park
Leaders: Nicole R.,Rita M. 3.4 mi. flat. [Easy] Cool summertime walk to explore this 222 acre park's creeks, marshes, and beaver ponds. Along wood chip and paved paths, across bridges & boardwalks, and under tall trees. See waterfowl and wildflowers hiding amid native plants.
Scout Report: See description, above.
Drive: 25 mi. PAL 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:30a Tualatin Hills Nature Park, 15655 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR ($3/$0)
JUL 12 - Hike Ape Canyon/Plains of Abraham
Changes; hike mi. & elevation
Leader: Diane N. 11.5 mi. 1500 ft. [Difficult] Stunning views of Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, and the Muddy River lahar. Wildflowers, old growth, and possible mountain goat sightings. Elevation gain is very gradual. Round trip to Loowit Trail Junction and optional turnaround point is 11 miles; 13 miles round trip to Plains of Abraham.
Scout Report: Diane says; Views of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, the Muddy River lahar; wildflowers and old growth; the lunar-like landscape of the Plains of Abraham--this is an unusually beautiful hike. The elevation gain is less than 1500 feet (NOT 2000 feet. Maybe someone will GPS this!) is steady but gradual, allowing a 1.5-2 mph pace. An exposed section of trail with a steep drop-off to Ape Canyon was in good repair last year, but has eroded, so we'll take the steep use-path up and over the knoll to the Loowit Trail Junction. Hikers may opt to stop for lunch before or at the Loowit Trail Junction (10 miles round trip according to the sign at the trailhead), or continue to the Plains of Abraham (about 11.5 miles round trip). Please note that mountain bikes use this trail, and that there are several short areas of exposed edges along the way.
Drive: 175 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a JBT ($18/$15) NWFP required

JUL 12 - Ramble White River Canyon Mt. Hood
Changes; hike location/name/description, hike mi. & elevation, drive mi. & $
Leader: Becky R. 3 - 5 mi. 800 - 1000 ft. [Easy] (see Scout Report)
Scout Report: Becky says; CHANGE White River Canyon Mt. Hood 3-5 miles, 800 - 1000', options available Many hikers have snowshoed up this route, but today we'll hike up this massive glacial canyon with spectacular views of Mt. Hood. The start is along an old quarry road that leads to the "Big Hill in the Sky". Once up it's a gentle grade through alpine trees and wildflowers with views of Mt. Hood. There are several options for turnaround spots depending upon the weather and your ambition.
Drive: 120 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($12/$10)
JUL 14 - Hike Table Rock
Leader: Terry M. 7.6 mi. 1500 ft. [Difficult] On a clear day, this plateau outside of Molalla offers views of ten peaks from Mt Rainier to the Three Sisters.
Scout Report: Terry says; 7.6 miles 1500 ft. elevation gain. Table Rock is a wilderness area in the Molalla State Forest. On a clear day you do feel like you can see forever. From the plateau you can see ten peaks from Mt Rainer all the way south to the Three Sisters. On the scout the rhododendrons, penstemon and Indian Paint Brush were in bloom with bear grass still blooming at the top. This view comes with a price. Though the elevation gain is only 1500 ft. it is not evenly distributed. Then there is a boulder field of approximately 100 yards to cross. Poles and long pants are recommended. Drive note: The road to the trail head is paved or gravel. One two mile section was recently covered with large gravel so heavy duty tires are recommended.
Drive: 108 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($11/$9)

JUL 14 - Ramble Middle Salmon River
Changes; ramble mi., drive mi.
Leaders: Jim & Gretchen Y. 5 mi. 250 ft. [Easy] A favorite place with old growth forest & deep river pools. Start of the Salmon/Huckelberry Wilderness.
Scout Report: Jim says; "A Ramble by the Riverside" Restful and refreshing. We will leisurely ramble along the Salmon River on Mt Hood's southwest side. We will listen to the river, listen to the bird song and enjoy the quiet of the old growth forest along a nice 2.5 mile stroll. Total distance 5 miles in and out.
Drive: 103 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($11/$8) NWFP required
JUL 19 - Hike Humbug Mountain, Clatsop County
Leaders: Michael,Kathy B. 5.8 mi. 1100 ft. [Moderate] Head up a closed logging road just off Hwy 26, on a steady grade, passing plateaus with views. Hikers are rewarded with a view at the top that rivals the one from Saddle Mountain (which is right next door).
Scout Report: Kathy says; Humbug Mountain (near South Saddle Mt, just NW of Camp 18 off Hwy 26) This is a great little known hike with a view of South Saddle Mountain without the scramble. We will hike 5.8 miles with 1100 ft elevation gain on an abandoned logging road. For a little work you get a rare close-up view of Saddle Mountain as well as a 360 degree coastal panorama. I recommend sturdy-soled boots and poles. When we scouted last week we saw lots of wildflowers. DRIVE NOTES: Kathy & Michael will have someone meet the group at the PAL and SPS. Driving directions; Hwy 217, Hwy 26 West, Safeway on Murray second pickup, Hwy 26 to Camp 18 to meet the group. Bathroom and caravan spot will be Camp 18 and then just a few miles to the easy-to-miss trailhead for Humbug Mountain. Michael, Tracey and Kathy will meet the group at Camp 18.
Drive: 105 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a SPS ($11/$8)

JUL 19 - Ramble Lost Lake
Leader: Elaine M. 3.4 mi. 100 ft. [Easy] Enjoy forest, flowers, lakeshore, and Mt. Hood views as we circle Lost Lake. The driving route is ten miles longer than past Mt Hood but is entirely paved. Parking fee $8.
Scout Report: Elaine says; Even in the event of a few sprinkles, we can enjoy the 3.4 mile loop walk around Lost Lake. There's some gentle ups & downs but only changing by 100 ft. We walk thru large & small trees along the lakeshore, with flowers here & there, plus views of Mt Hood. DRIVE NOTE: Our driving route is thru Hood River - ten miles longer than over Lolo Pass - but entirely paved.
Drive: 190 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($19/$13 + $8 (per car) parking fee.)
JUL 21 - Hike Bald Mt from Lolo Pass
Changes; hike mi. & elev., drive mi. & $, NWFP
Leader: Meredith M. 7 mi. 1400 ft. [Moderate] Follow the Pacific Crest Trail and Timberline Trail to circle Bald Mt, with its steep meadow of wildflowers & views of Mt Hood.
Scout Report: Nicole says; This moderate hike starts at the Lolo Pass trailhead on the Pacific Crest Trail heading south. The trail starts out climbing steadily, passing through woods with occasional peeks of Mt. Adams. We will take the Bald Mountain Cutoff Trail which passes over the crest of the ridge and have lunch with a simply spectacular full view of Mt. Hood. (The Cutoff trail is about two feet wide and not recommended if you have a fear of heights.) We return the way we came on the PCT. Poles highly recommended! Hike 7 miles, approx. 1400 Ft. elevation gain. DRIVE NOTE: The road is 8.5 miles of gravel but suitable for all vehicles. Just a few potholes, but they are avoidable.
Drive: 110 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($11/$9)

JUL 21 - Ramble Cannon Beach
Leaders: Dave & Toni B. 3 - 5 mi. flat. [Easy] Casual stroll with beautiful views of Haystack Rock and the Needles.
Scout Report: Dave says; We're looking forward to a great day at the beach! We will start the day with a quick walk through the town and end up with a very nice walk on the sands!! Haystack and the needles highlight this wonderful beach. Lots of places for lunch- the clam chowder at Pelicans roost was delicious..or bring your own. Hope to see you all there! DRIVE NOTE: For public parking when entering Cannon beach turn north on Hemlock and proceed about 2 blocks to E Gowen street.
Drive: 170 mi. PAL 7:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:00a SPS ($17/$15)
JUL 26 - Hike Northern Gales Creek
Leader: Michael 6.8 mi. 1500 ft. [Moderate] After washouts in 2007, this trail was rebuilt and reopened in 2012. Although now a lush forest, it is the site where the 1933 Tillamook fire began at a logging operation. New trail has a gentle rolling grade, crossing several creeks. Lunch spot with a view.
Drive: 90 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a SPS ($9/$7) NWFP required

JUL 26 - Ramble Lookout Mountain
Leader: Elaine M. 3 mi. 570 ft. [Moderate] Ramble at a moderate pace up through meadows and woods with rewards of wildflowers and increasingly spectacular views. The summit overlooks every Cascade peak from the Three Sisters to Mt Rainier.
Drive: 165 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($17/$14) NWFP required
JUL 28 - Hike Elk Meadow, Mt Hood
Leader: Carolyn K. 6.8 mi. 1400 ft. [Moderate] Cross rushing Newton Creek on logs, hike up through old growth trees, and into flower filled Elk Meadow. Lunch at the old shelter with views of Mt Hood. A classic Mt Hood Wilderness hike.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($13/$11) NWFP required

JUL 28 - Ramble Umbrella Falls Loop
Leader: Judy H. 4.6 mi. 800 ft. [Easy] Wildflowers galore. Creeks and waterfalls. Maybe bear grass!
Drive: 150 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($15/$13)
JUL 29 - MEETING: Hike & Ramble Planning Meeting - Winter/Spring
Changes; Meeting starting time.
TIME: 9:00a AT: Palisades (Hood Room)
Please join us from 10:00a to 12:00p to plan walks, hikes & rambles for Winter/Spring 2017.

AUG | Coordinators: Tuesday Vicci M., Thursday Ursula S.
AUG 02 - Hike Umbrella Falls
Leader: Yvonne J. 6 - 7 mi. 800 - 1000 ft. [Moderate] Beautiful trail near Mt Hood Meadows, with wildflowers and waterfalls.
Drive: 136 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($14/$11) NWFP required

AUG 02 - Ramble Crosstown Trails - Gov. Camp
Leaders: Don & Linda G. 4.1 mi. 400 ft. [Easy] Through fir and pine forest from the east end of Government Camp. Loop back for a pleasant respite from summer's heat.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($13/$11)
AUG 04 - Hike Boulder Lakes
Leader: Linda F. 6.3 mi. 1100 ft. [Moderate] Stunning mountain lakes, firs, hemlocks, & lush high-elevation meadows. Great view from Echo Point.
Drive: 162 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($17/$14) NWFP required

AUG 04 - Ramble Newton Creek
Leader: Joan B. 3 mi. 200 ft. [Easy] From Elk Meadows Trailhead, follow almost level wooded trail all the way to Newton Creek. Lupine flowers. Ripe huckleberries should be ready for eating. Leisurely lunch at the creek. Return along the "raging" creek.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($13/$11) NWFP required
AUG 09 - Hike Timberline to Mississippi Head
Changes; hike mi. & elev., "better way up the mountain"
Leader: Gilbert L. 5.6 mi. 1600 ft. [Difficult] (see Scout Report)
Scout Report: Lee says: Scouted this hike 7/5 and discovered a better way up the mountain. 5.6 mi. 1600 ft. Hike difficult in part due to lower oxygen at this elevation, off trail approach, and likelihood of crossing snow. Follow Timberline Trail to east of Little Zigzag Canyon, then off-trail up to the base of Mississippi Head. There is an unsigned “trail” from Tr 600/2000 up the eastern ridge of Little Zigzag Canyon for about 1 mile and then it is snow covered or in August moraine covered for about 0.5 miles. Lunch on the high alpine treeless slope with magnificent views. Alpine wildflowers should be at their zenith. The Southern Mississippi cliffs are worth this unique approach to the high alpine environs. Bring layered warm clothes, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, poles, and boots for snow. Consider Yaktraxs for ease of snow traction.
Drive: 121 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($13/$10)

AUG 09 - Ramble Sherrard Point on Larch Mt
Leader: Sharon H. 3.5 mi. 900 ft. [Easy] August should provide us fantastic views. Park at the gate about two miles shy of the parking lot on top and walk up. The last bit is the steepest, so we will set our pace accordingly.
Drive: 90 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($9/$3)
AUG 11 - Hike Sawtooth Mt
EARLY DEPARTURE 7:30a Changes; hike location, hike desc., drive Mi. & $
Leader: Dolores R. 5+ mi. 1200 ft. [Moderate] Hike thru huckleberry fields to a craggy peak with views. We will have time for berry picking.
Drive: 220 mi. PAL 7:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:15a L&C ($22/$18 + bridge toll)

AUG 11 - Ramble Strawberry Island
Changes; bridge toll $
Leaders: Nicole R.,Anneliese E. 4 mi. flat. [Easy] Explore woods, meadows, & old town on this island in the Columbia River just below Bonneville Dam.
Drive: 110 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($11/$5 + $4 (per car) bridge toll)
AUG 16 - Hike Observation Peak
Changes; bridge toll $
Leader: Richard M. 5 - 7 mi. 1400 ft. [Moderate] Up through the forest to a viewpoint of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, & Mt. Adams. On the trek down, if time & weather are good, possibly add one or more short side trails to additional viewpoints.
Drive: 170 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($17/$11 + $4 (per car) bridge toll) NWFP required

AUG 16 - Ramble Little Crater Lake to Timothy Lake
Leader: Elaine M. 5 mi. 150 ft. [Easy] Our fourth annual ramble on this route. Possibly meet thru-hikers. After viewing the picturesque Little Crater Lake, follow the Pacific Crest Trail through the woods with lake views. The car shuttle meets us at Timothy Lake. Car Shuttle.
Drive: 140 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($14/$12) NWFP required Car Shuttle.
AUG 18 - Hike Elk Cove
Leader: Terry M. 9.2 mi. 2250 ft. [Difficult] Hike on the Elk Cove trail to a pretty, quiet meadow on the north flank of Mt. Hood.
Drive: 190 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($19/$13) NWFP required

AUG 18 - Ramble Lower Salmon River Trail
Leader: Julia C. 5-5.5 mi. 100 ft. [Easy] A wonderful shady ramble on a summer day. Along a 40-foot wide clear mountain stream in an ancient forest. Huge Douglas fir trees, vine maples, fallen giant nursery logs, small sandy beaches, and deep green pools.
Drive: 94 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($10/$7)
AUG 23 - Hike Soda Peaks Lake
Changes; bridge toll $
Leaders: Val G.,Penney H. 4.4 mi. 1270 ft. [Moderate] Beautiful wooded hike in Gifford Pinchot Wilderness near Carson WA to swimmable Soda Peaks Lake. Through a meadow, up a graded ridge for views, then down to the lake for lunch...
Drive: 160 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($16/$10 + $4 (per car) bridge toll )

AUG 23 - Ramble Lower Twin Lake
Leader: Elaine M. 4.2 mi. 660 ft. [Easy] Follow the Pacific Crest Trail (with chance to meet thru-hikers), then drop to the lake for a peaceful lunch. Optional .9 mile stroll around the lake before returning.
Drive: 120 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($12/$10) NWFP required
AUG 25 - Hike Mt Defiance
Leader: Joyce B. 5 mi. 1500 ft. [Moderate] Easy southern route with views of 3 snow-covered mountains.
Drive: 185 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($19/$13)

AUG 25 - Ramble Cape Falcon
Leader: Connie C. 5 mi. 300 ft. [Moderate] From Short Sands Beach, through old growth rain forest, to viewpoint overlooking the ocean & Neahkahnie Mt.
Drive: 192 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a SPS ($20/$17)
AUG 30 - Hike Sheep Canyon
Leader: Dianne F. 7.6 mi. 1900 ft. [Moderate] Along the western edge of Mt. St. Helen's blast zone. Old growth forests, desolated canyons, wildflower meadows, mudflows, and mud-dammed Blue Lake. Loop trail with great views.
Drive: 157 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a AWHD ($16/$11)

AUG 30 - Ramble Dry Creek Falls
Leader: Helen H. 4.5 mi. 710 ft. [Easy] Hike from the Bridge of the Gods, along the Pacific Crest Trail, to Dry Creek Falls.
Drive: 100 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($10/$4) NWFP required

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