Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Hikes and Rambles

Welcome to our Tuesday and Thursday series of day hikes and rambles, most within two hours of Lake Oswego. Review below calendar for recent and future events. See More Info for more general information on hikes & rambles, including explanation of terms and abbreviations used.

Hike/Ramble/Walks Calendar
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SEP 5 7 12 14 15 19 21 26 28
OCT 3 5 10 12 17 19 24 26 31
NOV 2 7 9 16
Please check the latest updates below for any changes due to wildfires.

SEP | Coordinators: Tuesday Mickie C., Thursday Julia C.
SEP 05 - Hike Butte Camp (SW Washington)
Changes: Leader
Leader: Gilbert L. 9 mi. 1500 ft. Within seconds of leaving the trailhead, you can see the entire route. The massive bulk of Mt. St Helens looms ahead, and just to the left lie the Twin Domes. The terrain varies all along the way.
Scout Report: ( See Description )
Drive: 160 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a JBT ($16/$13)

SEP 05 - Ramble Swan Island Dahlias (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Ramble mi. Additional 2nd meeting.
Leaders: Sharon & Bob W. 2.7 - 3.7 mi. 70 ft. Tour our own world-famous Dahlia Farm in Canby at the peak of its blooming season. Afterwards, walk a loop through north Canby farmlands and neighborhoods.
Scout Report: Sharon says; Tour our own world-famous Dahlia farm in Canby at the peak of its blooming season. Afterwards, walk a loop through North Canby farmlands and neighborhoods. The loop is 3.7 miles, mostly flat, with a rest stop at the Westcott home. There is also a shortened option available at 2.7 miles.
The annual Dahlia show this year runs September 2, 3 and 4, from 10 AM to 6 PM. If you love Dahlias, or if you have any interest in adding these showy tubers to your own garden, don't miss coming down on one of the above official show days to see the hundreds of cut flower arrangements on display in the root cellar. It is a spectacular sight! You can also browse online
Drive: 40 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place WT 8:45am or 9:00 AM, Swan Island Dahlias, 995 NW 22nd Ave, Canby ($4/$3)
SEP 07 - Hike Keenig Creek (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes: Hike mi. & elev.
Leader: Jeanine T. 6.5 mi. 1000 ft. Gentle rolling trail along Wilson River with steep hillsides, several stream crossings, cascading waterfalls, ferns, and diverse forest.
Scout Report: Jeanine says; A sweet walk in the woods. 6.5 mi, 1000' cumulative elevation. We'll start at Footbridge TH and proceed west toward Ryan Creek. Steep hillsides, stream crossings over new bridges, ferns and diverse forest.
Drive: 120 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a SPS ($12/$10)

SEP 07 - Ramble Tryon Creek State Park (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Ramble mi.
Leader: Vicci M. 4 - 5 mi. 200 ft. Bring poles and good shoes for a variety of trails in this local urban State Park.
Scout Report: Vicci says; 4 -5 miles, 200' elevation. Poles and sturdy boots are needed for this Ramble in Tryon Creek. We will walk on a variety of trails in the west end of the park, with lots of up-and-down hill movement. Weather forecast is quite warm so we will proceed slowly to enjoy the forest and creeks. We will finish by lunchtime but we will have a snack break mid-ramble.
Drive: 10 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00 Tryon Creek Nature Center, Friendship Circle Area. ($1/$0)
SEP 12 - Hike ** CANCELED ** (n/a)
Changes: Hike CANCELED!
Leader: None mi. 0 ft. !! Hike CANCELED !!
Pleaser consider the " Timberline East / Silcox Hut" Ramble.
Drive: mi. PAL n/a, 2nd meeting place n/a ($0/$0) required.

SEP 12 - Ramble Timberline East / Silcox Hut (Mt Hood - West)
Leaders: Doug & Sharon H. 2.5 - 4.7 mi. 400 / 1000 ft We will head up and east from Timberline Lodge. Some will go to the White River overlook and environs, while others head up one mile and 1000 feet to the fabled Silcox Hut.
Scout Report: Sharon says; Our basic ramble starting from Timberline Lodge will meander up to the PCT and take us over to the east for an overview of the the White River Canyon and continue down as far as folks want to go before returning, for a max of 2.5 miles round trip and 400 feet elevation gain. There will be plenty of time following for lunch on the back deck of the Lodge and revisiting the inside.

If conditions permit (air quality, heat, etc. not too extreme) we offer the optional opportunity to work your way up to Silcox Hut instead of going to the White River overlook. This one is 2.2 miles rt with a little over 1000 feet gain. The hut is not open, but one can eat lunch just outside. Since the regular hike has been cancelled, some hikers may wish to do this option or combine the 2 pieces at a faster rate. I ask that you let me know if you are interested in going up to Silcox Hut. Please email me ( Dough & Sharon ) so that we can be prepared.
Drive: 125 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($13/$10)
SEP 14 - Hike Burnt Lake (Mt Hood - West)
Changes: Hike location, Mi. & Elev. Drive Mi. & $. Change 2nd meeting from L&C (closed due to fire) to CFM.
Leader: Terry M. 6.6 mi. 1420 ft. Due to the Eagle Creek fire, Terry M will lead a hike to Burnt Lake. This a 6.6 mile hike to a mountain lake on the Western side of Mt Hood . The trail follows a tree shaded creek. The lake received its name from a 1906 fire. If it is hot, it is a great place for a dip in the cool water. The elevation gain is 1420 ft with the trail head beginning at 2670 ft.
** below as of Sep 11 **
Thursday’s second meeting place changed to Clackamas Fred Meyer. With the closure of I-84, Lewis and Clark state park is closed. The second meeting place for the Burnt Lake hike will be at Clackamas Fred Meyer at 8:30.
Drive: 140 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($14/$9) NWFP required.

SEP 14 - Ramble Cannon Beach (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes: Ramble location, Mi. & Elev. Driver Mi. & $. Location of 2nd meeting.
Leaders: Dave & Toni B. 1 - 2 mi. flat ( see Scout Report )
Scout Report: Dave & Toni say: Because of the fires ,we decided that it was too smoky so we have changed our ramble to a safer location. Toni and I will be leading a ramble at Cannon Beach. The distance of the ramble will be 1 to 2 miles. The air quality while we were there was clear and smoke free! There are a lot of shops and restaurants, the hikers can either eat at one of these or simply take their lunch with them and eat at the beach! We hope that the hikers will come with us and enjoy the clean air.
Drive: 180 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a SPS ($18/$16)
SEP 15 - MEETING: Hike & Ramble Planning Meeting - Winter/Spring 2018
TIME: 9:00a AT: Palisades (Santiam Room)
Please join us from 9:00a to 11:00a to plan the hikes & rambles for Winter/Spring 2018.
SEP 19 - Hike Bald Mtn to Cairn Basin Hike (Mt Hood - West)
Changes: Hike Location, mi. & elev. Drive mi. & $.
Leader: Gilbert L. 9.1 mi. 1788 ft. The hike is along the Timberline Tr 600 just touching the PTC Tr 2000 at the start. After Bald Mtn, the trail follows a ridge to the high alpine meadows and then traverses to a large near-level Cairn Basin. With blue sky weather, there are breath taking views of flowered meadows, melting snow, Glaciers (Glisan, Ladd, Coe), and the rugged north-northwest face of Mt. Hood. There is an optional 3 mile loop around Cairn Basin that touches the Vista Ridge Trail.
Scout Report: Lee says: Post scouting Bald Mtn to Cairn Basin: Forest fire smoke in the valley of Zigzag Ranger Station, but higher up it was clear. At summit of the hike, sad but revealing close up of the Eagle Creek fire. We were lucky the smoke was going north-west. Mt Adams was enveloped while Hood was clear. If the weather and wind place us at risk on the 19th, I will go to each pick-up site and cancel the hike. This is a beautiful hike and should not be spoiled.9.1 miles 1,788 feet elevation gain.
Drive: 104 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($11/$9) NWFP required.

SEP 19 - Ramble Tamanawas Falls Loop (Mt Hood - East)
Changes: Ramble mi. & elev. Drive mi. & $
Leader: Barbara M. 4.2 mi. 700 ft. Starting at the Polallie Trailhead, we will hike to Tamanawas Falls, then back along Cold Spring Creek to junction with East Fork Trail, then back to the Polallie Trailhead. Beautiful waterfall and creek, and probably some nice vine maple color.
Scout Report: Barbara says; The last 0.3 miles of the trail to Tamanawas Falls is blocked by a huge rockfall (which the Forest Service says is impassable, though I saw quite a few people climbing over it when I scouted it-- I decided not to try it). We can still do the loop, though, and the views of Cold Spring Creek and the E. Fork Hood River under towering basalt cliffs are still beautiful. Starting at the Polallie trailhead, we will hike the Elk Meadows trail to the Tamanawas Tie Trail, which joins the main Tamanawas Falls trail just before it is blocked by the rockfall. We will continue on the Tamanawas Falls trail, which follows Cold Spring Creek, then turn north on the E. Fork trail which will take us back to our cars. Distance is about 4.2 miles, elevation gain about 700'.
Drive: 158 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($16/$13) NWFP required.
SEP 21 - Hike Tom Dick and Harry (Mt Hood - West)
Changes: Hike Leaders.
Leaders: Joyce & Gary B. 6.5 mi. 1710 ft. Hike to Mirror Lake and then continue up to the top of Tom Dick and Harry. The first couple of miles are relatively flat but then there is some relatively steep uphill. The reward is a wonderful view of Mt Hood. Poles are recommended.
Scout Report: ( See Description. )
Drive: 120 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($12/$10) NWFP required.

SEP 21 - Ramble Middle Salmon River (Mt Hood - West)
Changes: Ramble mi. & elev. Drive mi.
Leaders: Sharon & Bob W. 4 mi. 400 ft. A pleasant walk along the Salmon River, through old growth forest to the edge of the Salmon/Huckleberry Wilderness.
Scout Report: Sharon & Bob say; Ramble along the Salmon River through shady, old growth forest, with some ups and downs, to a lovely lunch spot. Hike is 4 miles round trip, 400 feet cumulative elevation gain.
Drive: 100 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($10/$8) NWFP required.
SEP 26 - Hike Barlow Pass to Palmateer Pt (Mt Hood - East)
Changes: Hike Location. Hike mi. & elev. Drive mi. & $. 2nd meeting location
Leaders: Joyce & Gary B. 5.4 mi. 700 ft. ( See Scout Report )
Scout Report: Gary says; 5.4 miles 700 ft. A nice walk in the woods to a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a CFM ($13/$10) NWFP required.

SEP 26 - Ramble White River (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Elaine M. 3 - 3.5 mi. 350 ft. This ramble, with Mt Hood ahead & White River below us, gives us a chance to explore a spectacular area usually only traversed as a winter ski or snowshoe. We'll ramble uphill at a gentle pace and have lunch at our chosen viewpoint.
Scout Report: Elaine says; 3 - 3.5 miles; 350 ft This ramble was originally written up as a warm weather outing of a place we usually visit on snowshoes or skis. And yes, the scout was hot! And dusty! But after this week of snow flurries on the mountain, the dust may be settled a bit. Presumably we'll have cool sun on Tuesday, & we'll get to ramble uphill at a gentle pace with the new snow on Mt Hood ahead of us & a somewhat heftier White River below us. Our goal is to get as far up as the Timberline Trail, then have lunch & return. Except for the one short steep area (which we can do slowly & maybe switch-backing up & down), the grade is easy -- though I always recommend poles.
Drive: 134 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($14/$11)
SEP 28 - Hike Bonney Butte from Bennet Pass Snowpark (Mt Hood - East)
Changes: Departure times. Trailhead location. Drive mi. & $.
Leader: Val G. 8 mi. 1300 ft. Hike to this popular site from Bennet Pass Snowpark to an alpine meadow. This former forest lookout has stunning views of the Cascades. Hopefully raptors will greet us they have as in the past.
Scout Report: Val says; Scout aborted due to low snow levels, which should melt due to warming trend. Hike mileage is 8 mi, 1300' elevation gain. Poles, waterproof boots and layers advised. No rain in forecast. Trail is a mix of forest roads and hiking trail....Raptors should be enjoying the clearer skies and warmer temps. DRIVE NOTE: 1.6 mi of drive to trail start is on an average gravel road.(4-wheel drive not necessary).
Drive: 114 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($12/$11) NWFP required.

SEP 28 - Ramble Manzanita (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes: added 3rd meeting location
Leader: June B. 4 - 6 mi. flat Join a local leader and hiking group to walk around the lovely town of Manzanita and along its beach.
Scout Report: Sharon says; This Ramble is led by June Baumler, one of the earliest hike leaders for our group and now living in Manzanita! We will meet at a public parking lot with restroom nearby off 5th in Manzanita. The walk will be along the beach and into the State Park and then head back down a bike trail. We may get to meet a couple of June's regular walking buddies. It will be flat and, depending on the weather, could be as much as 6 miles, or shortened to 4 miles. Manzanita is a lovely town that many of us do not visit regularly. DRIVE NOTE: Sharon H. will meet folks at PAL (8:30) and SPS (9:00). June B. will meet us at the public parking lot, probably about 10:30.
Drive: 182 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00am SPS, 10:30am Manzanita Parking at 5th ($19/$16)

OCT | Coordinators: Tuesday Sandra J., Thursday Anneliese E.
OCT 03 - Hike Cape Horn (SW Washington)
Changes: Hike location, mi. & elev. Second meeting location. Drive mi. & $
Leader: Mickie C. 7.3 mi. 1370 ft. ( See Scout Report )
Scout Report: Mickie says; Because of the Closure of Indian Heaven the hike has been changed to Cape Horn. 7.3 mi. 1370 ft. Climb to sweeping views of the Columbia R. Gorge, then descend to cliff-top views above the river on this loop hike . Be prepared for steep, rocky terrain, poison oak, wind, and exposure at precipitous viewpoints.
Drive: 90 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a AWHD ($9/$7)

OCT 03 - Ramble Upper Cape Horn (Columbia Gorge)
Leaders: Sharon H.,Elaine M. 4 mi. 870 ft. We will amble slowly up the hill from the parking lot to several outstanding viewpoints of the Gorge. Lunch will be at the Nancy Russell Overlook, where we can contemplate what a treasure we have in our backyard. After lunch we descend to the Hwy 14 tunnel, where drivers will be shuttled back to the parking lot for their cars. Boots and poles recommended.
Scout Report: Sharon says; 4 miles; 870 ft This is our chance to enjoy one of the prime trails on the now recommended side of the gorge, while our Oregon side takes time to heal. We'll ramble slowly up the hill to several outstanding viewpoints, have lunch at Nancy Russell Overlook, then descend on down thru the Hwy 14 tunnel and access to the road, where drivers will be shuttled back to their cars. Boots & poles recommended.
Drive: 90 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a AWHD ($9/$4) Car Shuttle.
OCT 05 - Hike Dickey Creek Trail (ClackamasFtHills)
Changes: Hike mi. & elev.
Leader: Linda F. 6.5 mi. 1000 ft. Trail #553 is another route into the heart of Bull of the Woods Wilderness Area. It passes through deep forests and then climbs to a ridge.
Scout Report: Linda says; CHANGE OF HIKE DISTANCE ONLY. Dickey Creek Trail will be shortened to 6.5 mi with elevation gain of approx. 1,000 ft. The trail starts with a significant decent and then is moderate ups and downs through lovely forest passing a meadow and pond. We will hike to the Dickey Creek crossover point and return.
Drive: 125 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($13/$10)

OCT 05 - Ramble Powell Butte Nature Trails (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Ramble mi.
Leaders: Jim & Gretchen Y. 3.5 - 4 mi. 200 ft. Explore a new park on top of 100 million gallons of water! We will do some of the 9 miles of trails within the park.
Scout Report: Jim says; With over 9 miles of trails on top of a million gallons of water, Powell Butte has a lot to offer. Depending on the weather, we will cover 3.5 to 4 miles of varied trails, many intersecting. Trails are a combination of paved and dirt. Some undulations but not much gain or loss (200 feet?).
Drive: 46 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($5/$2)
OCT 10 - Hike Lewis River Falls (SW Washington)
Leaders: Yvonne J.,Kathy B. 7 mi. 500 ft. The Lewis River thunders over three major waterfalls along this riverbank path. The Lower Falls plunges into a huge green pool. Copper Creek does a double-humped waterslide into the Lewis River before you come upon the Middle Falls, a 100 foot-long milky veil. A bridge over Alec Creek takes you to a view of the Upper Falls, which can be reached by a side trail to look down over the 80 foot cascade's lip.
Scout Report: Yvonne says; Beautiful hike on the Lewis river passing by 3 beautiful waterfalls. Hike 7 miles, and about 500 ft. Elevation gain because of one detour. A long drive, but worth it.
Drive: 212 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a JBT ($22/$18) NWFP required.

OCT 10 - Ramble Banks-Vernonia State Trail (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes: Ramble mi. Drive mi. & $
Leader: Helen H. 5 mi. 100 ft. From Buxton Trailhead, we walk along the Banks-Vernonia State Trail for three miles. On our return we will cross the Buxton Trestle and return to the cars by the equestrian bypass.
Scout Report: Helen says; We'll start from the Buxton Trailhead. The hiking mileage is 5 miles. Elevation gain is 100 feet. There is an option to walk across the Buxton Trestle when we return to the cars. We will enjoy the fall colors.
Drive: 80 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a SPS ($8/$4) State Park Pass (Oregon) required.
OCT 12 - Hike/Ramble Silver Falls (Salem / Valley)
BOTH DEPART 8:30a Changes: Hike & Ramble mi. & elev. Drive mi. & elev. 2nd meeting time.
Leaders: Barbara M.,Anneliese E. Hike: 7.2 mi. 600 ft., Ramble: 5 mi. 500 ft. Starting at the South Falls trailhead, ramblers will travel the Rim, Winter, and Canyon Trails--with views of 7 waterfalls along the way. Hikers will do an additional 2.4 mile loop to North Falls.
Scout Report: Barbara says; Both the hikers and the ramblers will depart at 8:30a. Hikers will do the full Trail of 10 Falls, led by Anneliese, a 7.2 mile loop with about 600' elevation gain. I will lead the ramblers on the 5 mile Winter Falls loop, about 500' elevation gain. We will stop for lunch at one of the falls. Beautiful waterfalls and old-growth forest. Trails are in very good condition. though a bit rocky in some areas.
Drive: 120 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a WT ($12/$11) OR State Park Pass required.
OCT 17 - Hike Maple - Wildwood Loop (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Michael 8.4 mi. 1080 ft. A popular ridge hike that covers the central part of Forest Park and basically loops around the main bike and pedestrian Lief Erikson Drive (we cross it three times and walk on it for a short distance). Most of the elevation is on the hike up to Lief Erikson Drive. The hike starts at the Lower Salzman Road Trailhead off Hwy 30.
Scout Report: Michael says; 8.4 mi. 1080 ft. A popular ridge hike that covers the central part of Forest Park and basically loops around the main bike and pedestrian Lief Erikson Drive (we cross it three times and walk on it for a short distance). Most of the elevation is on the hike up to Lief Erikson Drive. The hike starts at the Lower Salzman Road Trailhead off Hwy 30. DRIVE NOTE: Just a few notes to add: I will stop at McDonalds on Hwy 30 for a bathroom stop before we get to the Salzman Road trail head. Meet us there if that works better for you. It is very easy to miss the Salzman road turnoff. If you reach the St Johns Bridge turn around and look for it again (I have missed it myself). It should be beautiful with the maple trees in their finest colors! Michael
Drive: 40 mi. PAL 8:00a, No 2nd meeting place ($4)

OCT 17 - Ramble Vedanta Shrines (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Becky R. 3 mi. 100 ft. Vedanta is a Hindu Retreat in a beautiful forest with eight unique wooden shrines dedicated to some of the world's major religions. The Society welcomes visitors to enjoy this sylvan retreat as long as they are respectful of the area.
Scout Report: Becky says; The ramble is about 3 miles with little elevation gain on property owned by the Vedanta society which was established in Portland in 1932. We will visit 8 unique wooden shrines dedicated to some of the world's major religions. The area is set in an old stand of timber along with 8 special trees planted in the Sacred Grove of this retreat. The Society welcomes visitors to enjoy this sylvan retreat as long as they are respectful of the area. Some of the walk may be muddy or slippery so boots and poles are recommended.
Drive: 60 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a SPS ($6/$4)
OCT 19 - Hike Greenleaf Overlook via Gillette Lake (Columbia Gorge)
LATE DEPARTURE 8:30a Changes: Hike location, mi. & elev. Driver mi. & $. Car toll.
Leader: Val G. 8.4 mi. 800 ft. ( See Scout Report. )
Scout Report: Great Fall color and vegetation abound while we see an example of regeneration of forests, post logging and, by extension, forest fires. Elevation is well metered. Weather dictates our dress: sturdy boots, hiking poles, rain gear. Opportunities to shorten hike exist en route.
Drive: 125 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($12/$6 + $4 per car toll) NWFP required.

OCT 19 - Ramble Cooks Butte (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Ramble mi.
Leader: Sharon H. 3 mi. 300 ft. Wander through local neighborhoods. Walk past ​Lakeridge High School and up the hill to the top of Cooks Butte, returning through the woods. An extra mile around Stevens Meadow is an option before returning to cars.
Scout Report: Sharon says; Our outing will be 3 miles with 300 feet gain (in a couple of somewhat steep stretches). Weather will determine the direction of our route and, if it is nice, we may trade the neighborhood section for more time in the woods. This will not affect distance or elevation. The main loop is 2.5 miles, with the Stevens Meadow extension adding an additional 0.5 mi. We will be back to the cars by lunchtime. Some may wish to drive or walk back around to Luscher Farm to explore gardens and scarecrows with picnic tables available.
Drive: 5 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:45 Hazelia Field 17800 Stafford Rd, LO ($1/$0)
OCT 24 - Hike Oxbow Park (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Jaska T. 5.5 mi. 500 ft. Enjoy a fall hike through forests along the bank of the Sandy River, and up on a ridge loop to a river overlook.
Drive: 60 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($6/$4 + $5 entrance fee per car.)

OCT 24 - Ramble Errol Heights / Ardenwald (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Helen H. 3 mi. 50 ft. Starting at Errol Heights Park, we will wander through the Tideman-Johnson Natural Area and the Ardenwald neighborhood. This walk is featured on Oregon Metro's "Walk There" website.
Drive: 20 mi. PAL 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:30 AM, SE 45th and Crystal Springs Blvd, Portland. ($2/$0)
OCT 26 - Hike * NOT SCHEDULED * (..)
Leader: None mi. 0 ft. NO HIKE scheduled, please join us for the "Minto Brown Island via Salem Riverfront" Ramble today.
Drive: mi. PAL , No 2nd meeting place ($0)

OCT 26 - Ramble Minto Brown Island via Salem Riverfront (Salem)
Leader: Linda F. 5 mi. flat Walk across the new Peter Courtney footbridge (which crosses the Willamette Slough) from Salem Riverfront Park to Minto Brown Island Park, then explore the park that spreads out over 1,200 acres of lush, open, and wooded areas.
Drive: 94 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a WT ($10/$8)
OCT 31 - Hike/Ramble Mount Talbert (Portland / Valley)
Leaders: Elaine M.,Jaska T. Hike: 5.5 mi. 400 ft., Ramble: 4 mi. 400 ft. Enjoy a close-in woodsy walk on this extinct volcanic butte. We'll hike through oak savannahs, listen and look for birds, and have an opportunity (if desired) to explore a cave (bring flashlight). Lunch will be back at the trailhead/parking lot or at any local restaurant of your choice (area of Clackamas Town Center).
Drive: 27 mi. PAL 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:30a CFM ($3/$1) required.

NOV | Coordinators: Tuesday Sandra J., Thursday Anneliese E.
NOV 02 - Hike/Ramble Steigerwald Wildlife Refuge (Columbia Gorge)
Leader: Dolores R. Hike: 3 mi. flat, Ramble: 3 mi. flat Explore the wildlife refuge. View distant mountains and see migrating birds and water fowl.
Drive: 80 mi. PAL 9:00a, No 2nd meeting place ($8/$0)
NOV 07 - Hike/Ramble South Tryon Creek (Portland / Valley)
Leaders: Doug & Sharon H. Hike: 4 mi. 300 ft., Ramble: 4 mi. 300 ft. Wander up the South Creek trail and loop around the upper plateau to the Nature Center and back to cars. We will take a snack break and be back at the cars by lunchtime.
Drive: 6 mi. PAL 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:10 AM, Atwater Road near Andrews Road, Lake Oswego. ($1/$0)
NOV 09 - Hike/Ramble Mary S Young Park (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Doug H. Hike: 3 mi. 200 ft., Ramble: 3 mi. 200 ft. Explore an area next to the Willamette River as we stroll through this lovely local park on well-maintained trails.
Drive: 9 mi. PAL 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:15 Mary S Young lower parking lot ($1/$0)
TIME: 9:00a, 11:00a AT: Palisades (Santiam Room)
Appetizers and beverages beginning at 11:00, potluck dinner at 11:30. Guest speaker will be Steve Kruger, Executive Director of Trailkeepers of Oregon (TKO), advocates for Oregon trails. Those who would like to participate in a pre-dinner neighborhood walk of 3-4 miles, drop off your potluck dishes between 8:45 and 9:00 and meet in the lobby at 9:00.

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