Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Hikes and Rambles

Welcome to our Tuesday and Thursday series of day hikes and rambles, most within two hours of Lake Oswego. Review below calendar for recent and future events. See Home for more general information on hikes & rambles, including explanation of terms and abbreviations used.

Hike/Ramble/Walks Calendar
Month Days (select a day)
SEP 4 6 11 13 14 18 20 25 27
OCT 2 4 9 11 16 18 23 25 30
NOV 1 6 8 14
1st Meeting is at HAZ. PAL NOT used starting in May.

SEP | Coordinators: Tuesday Jeanine T., Thursday Julia C.
SEP 04 - Easy Hike Hart's Cove (Coast/Coast Mts)
Leader: Jan M. 5.4 mi. 900 ft. Oregon Coast moderate downhill hike on well-graded switchbacks, through a young hemlock forest, across a footbridge over Cliff Creek, to an old growth forest of Sitka Spruce and hemlocks, some 250 years old, and a first view of the Cove. Enter a scenic meadow and continue to the main viewpoint to see beautiful Hart's Cove and Chitwood Creek Waterfall crashing into the Pacific Ocean. Poles are recommended for elevation.
Scout Report: Jan says; Four of us scouted Hart's Cove on a perfect, warm, sunny summer day, hiking down switchbacks on a good path through cool forests of hemlock and Sitka Spruce. Many of those majestic trees are 250 years old! We tried to "hug a tree" but would have needed several more people to be able to do that. One of the footbridges had slid down into the creek, but it was no trouble to walk on a few rocks through a little mud and water. We could hear the sea lions serenading loudly, but they stayed out of sight. We continued down through the meadow to find a spot for lunch at the viewpoint of the cove and waterfall and the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful! This is a 5.4 "easy" hike with 900 feet elevation loss. Leaders tend to praise what is good about a hike, and sort of downplay some important realities. In this case, the reality is that what goes down has to come back up! No problem-we won't hurry. It is just as beautiful going back up. Wear boots and bring poles and plenty of water.
Drive: 181 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a WT ($18/$17)
SEP 06 - Hike Newton Creek Trail (Mt Hood - East)
Changes: Hike trail/name, mi. & elev
Leader: Carolyn K. 6 mi. 1100 - 1200 ft. ( See Scout Report )
Scout Report: Carolyn says; After scouting the crossing of Newton Creek, we decided to change our destination from Elk Meadow to the Newton Creek Trail. (mind you, the young and fit were crossing the raging creek on wobbly logs). This trail, 6 miles and 1100-1200 feet elevation gain, gives you a great view of Newton Creek and then view Gnarl Ridge from the top. Hike to the intersection with the Timberline Trail through trees and shade with late fall flowers and some blue huckleberries. Call Carolyn K for other possible options.
Drive: 135 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($14/$11)

SEP 06 - Ramble Stub Stewart (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes: Ramble mi. & elev. Added TH meeting Info.
Leader: Kathi N. 5.4 mi. 600 ft. Hike mostly on soft trails through the woods in the park with some viewpoints. Restrooms are available. Hiking boots and poles are recommended, especially if it rains.
Scout Report: Kathi says; My ramble will take us through the forest at Stub Stewart State Park 30380 NW Highway 47. These trails are mostly soft, easy walking trails unless there is rain, which could make things a little slippery in places. The trails are designed in a "stacked loop" system. Some are easy and some a little more difficult and longer. We ran into two horseback riders when I scouted the trail with my daughter the first of August. Some trails are also used by mountain bikers. It is approximately 5.4 miles and about 600 foot elevation gain which is obtained by a series of switchbacks through beautiful woodsy vistas. If it is a clear day when we reach the viewpoint we may see more of the coast range, however it was actually cloudy the day we were there. I suggest boots and poles. We leave HAZ at 8:30a. Second meeting place is SPS at approximately 09:00a.

DRIVE NOTE: After SPS, take Hwy 26 West to exit onto Hwy 47 to Stub Stewart State Park. It is well marked. I expect to reach the Day Use Parking at about 9:30a The road when you turn off 26 to go to the park says it is closed, but the closure is actually beyond the park, so just ignore that sign and come spend the day with us. Parking is located just up the hill past the main Visitor center.
Drive: 90 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a SPS ($9/$6) Oregon Park Pass required.
SEP 11 - Hike Ramona Falls (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Terry M. 7.3 mi. 1100 ft. This popular hike takes us to the 120 foot jewel of a waterfall in the Mt Hood Wilderness Area. We will be taking the loop hike, going up through the shaded, forested area, and coming back via the horse trail.
Scout Report: Terry says; 7.3 miles 1100 elevation gain. This popular loop hike takes us to the 120 foot jewel of a waterfall that cascades down a basalt rock face. We will need to cross the Sandy River. At the time of the scout, there were several logs to cross or the possibility of taking off boots and crossing in the water holding on to a log. Terry will check the stream crossing the weekend prior to the hike to ensure the river can still be forded. If it is not possible, an alternate hike will be done.
Drive: 138 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($14/$11) NWFP required.

SEP 11 - Ramble Government Camp Trails (Mt Hood - West)
Changes: Ramble mi. & elev., drive mi.
Leader: Helen H. 5.5 mi. 400 ft. We will hike on the Crosstown Trail from the Government Camp Rest area to Enid Lake, then return via the Crosstown Trail, Wally's Tie and Skiway Trail to Government Camp.
Scout Report: Helen says; We will be rambling the Crosstown Trail behind Government Camp. The mileage is 5.5 miles with an elevation gain of 400 feet. The eastern end of the trail is in a lodgepole forest. The western end of the trail is in Douglas fir, Western red cedar and Hemlock Trees. There may be huckleberries still around
Drive: 110 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($11/$9)
SEP 13 - Easy Hike Champoeg State Park (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Hike mi & elev.
Leaders: Bee N.,Julia C. 6+ mi. 300 ft. Walk along the Willamette River from historic Butteville to Champoeg State Park following several main and lesser trails in the park, ending at the Visitor Center to wait for the short shuttle.
Scout Report: Bee says; This easy hike is historically important. We drive from HAZ to the State Park headquarters for restrooms, leaving shuttle car(s) with park fee or State Park Pass. Retrace road to begin hike in tiny Butteville where the state's oldest store still operates. The hike along the Willamette River is on paved and dirt trails. The open prairie along the river was an important gathering place for Native American tribes, traders, trappers and early settlers. Some of the historic events and places to ponder along the trail are Kitty Newell's grave, an obelisk with names of men who formed an American style government, the 1861 flood high water marks, the plat of the town of Champoeg and the oldest existing building in Oregon. The hike ends at the Champoeg State Park visitor's center and a car shuttle. The visitor center will be open when we await the car return. Plan on staying for a 20 minute video about Champoeg's history and at least a walk through the museum at the end of our hike.

Things to note:
*This over six mile hike has about 300 feet accumulated elevation gain.
*Lunch is after 12:00, so you may want to bring a snack also.
*Some dirt trails have roots. Boots recommended, polls - your call.
*There is no second meeting place.
*If you are not going to HAZ, go directly the park headquarters and temporarily park along the outside rim of the parking lot.
*If you plan on being one of the shuttle cars, Oregon Park pass or day parking fee required.
*No 2nd meeting place but 9:00 restroom stop at Park visitor's center
Drive: 34 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a Butteville General Store, 10767 Butte St, Butteville, OR. (NO restroom available) ($3/$0) Oregon Park Pass if parking in the park is required. Car Shuttle.
SEP 14 - MEETING: Hike & Ramble Planning Meeting - Winter/Spring 2018
TIME: 1:00pm - 3:00pm AT: Lake Oswego Adult Community Center located at 5th Street and G Avenue
Please join us from 1:00 pm to 3:00pm to plan the hikes & rambles for Winter/Spring 2019 (Jan to April)
SEP 18 - Easy Hike Upper Cape Horn (Columbia Gorge)
Changes: Hike mi.
Leader: Yvonne J. 5.2 mi. 870 ft. Ramble up to the Nancy Russell Overlook with some outstanding views of the Gorge. Boots and poles recommended.
Scout Report: Yvonne says, 5.2 mi. (change) 870 ft. Ramble up to the Nancy Russell Overlook with some outstanding views of the Gorge. Boots and poles recommended. I hiked this trail to the Nancy Russell Overlook on Tuesday this week with intermittent rain. It is a well used trail and was slippery in places with some tree root exposure. The hike has magnificent viewpoints of the Columbia River. For now, the forecast is dry and sunny for Tuesday, Sept. 18. Poles and boots are recommended.
Drive: 90 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a AWHD ($9/$4)
SEP 20 - Hike Bonney Butte (Mt Hood - East)
Changes: Hike mi. & elev.
Leaders: Maureen B.,Jeanine T. 6 mi. 1500 ft. Hike to a former forest lookout that has stunning views of the Cascades. Meet with Hawkwatch International, who are there studying migration of raptors--and possibly see some raptors up close and personal.
Scout Report: 6 miles elevation 1500 Moderate-Strenuous. This is different from the usual route to Bonney Butte thanks to Terry M. We will meet with Hawk Watch International who study the migration of raptors at this former fire lookout site during the months of September and October. Hopefully, we will have close views of birds and clear skies. Fantastic views of Mt Hood are promised. The road to the trail head is completely paved. The trail is an up and up with loose rocks and one cattle crossing that can be a walk around.
Drive: 140 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($14/$12)

SEP 20 - Ramble White River Overlook (Mt Hood - West)
Changes: Ramble mi & elev,
Leader: Gunnar S. 4.2 mi. 900 ft. Starting at Timberline Lodge, this ramble descends 840 feet south-east over 1.7 miles to an overlook with great views into the White River Canyon, the area around Mount Hood, south down the Cascades, with closer views to Trillium Lake and the forested Salmon River drainage. An optional one-mile loop around Timberline Lodge can extend this ramble to 4.5 miles.
Scout Report: Gunnar says: Our ramble will be a 4.2-mile point-to-point, 990-foot elevation change hike from Timberline Lodge southeast along the Pacific Crest Trail to the White River Canyon overlook. The main geological feature there is the White River Buried Forest. Highly advise you read this WyEast blog:
White River Buried Forest
This hike is on a well-established trail, but much of it is on loose glacial till so trekking poles are therefore recommended. Since we will be hiking near or above the 6,000-foot timberline, expect little, if any, tree canopy for shade. Weather, right now, is forecast to range from 40-66F with morning overcast giving way to afternoon sunshine, winds NW at 7 mph. But come prepared for any weather condition. Since we will be hiking for much of the way along the canyon ridge, winds coming down from the glacier can be unpredictably brisk. At this altitude the air is dry, holds 20 percent less oxygen, hence requiring greater exertion, therefore demanding that we drink plenty of water (one liter/quart per hour is recommended).
Drive: 126 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($13/$10)
SEP 25 - Hike Bull of the Woods Pansy Lake to Lookout Loop (ClackamasFtHills)
Leader: Gilbert L. 6.3 mi. 2181 ft. The hike is a clockwise loop starting at the Trailhead Tr 551 at Pansy Creek Parking area off NF-6341 on the north border of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness. The first section of Tr 551 is level until junction with Tr 549. Then we gain 1,000 ft over 1.6 miles until meeting Dickies Ridge Trail 550 which we then follow to the Lookout. Lunch will be at the standing lookout tower with views of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness and the Cascade Range, with Mt. Jefferson the nearest major mountain. After lunch we continue the loop from Tr 550 to Tr 558, and then Tr 551 back to the trailhead. Massive groves of Huckleberry will be near their end of season. There should be some hint of Fall colors. Prepare for changing weather.
Scout Report: Gilbert says; 6.3 miles 2,181 feet elevation. Somewhat difficult but well worth the effort. The hike is a clockwise* loop trail starting at the Trailhead Tr 551 at Pansy Creek Parking area off NF-6341 on the north border of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness. The first section of Tr 551 is level until junction with Tr 549. Then we gain 1,000 ft over 1.6 miles until meeting Dickies Ridge Trail 550 which we then follow to the Lookout. Lunch will be at the standing lookout tower with views of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Cascade range with Mt. Jefferson the nearest major mountain. After lunch we continue a large loop from Tr 550 to Tr 558, and then Tr 551 back to the trail head. Massive groves of Huckleberry will be near their end of season. There should be some hint of Fall colors. Prepare for changing weather. Scout marred by smoke haze from California fire limiting the typically expansive view. About 12 trees across trails but easy to get around or over.

*For the scout we did clockwise, but will change it to counter clockwise.
Drive: 152 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($15/$13) NWFP required.

SEP 25 - Ramble Beacon Rock Trail & optional Boad Ramp (SW Washington)
Changes: Leader, ramble elev., mi., added optional walk
Leaders: Sharon & Doug H. 1.8 - 3.8 mi. 680 - 980 ft. ( See Scout Report )
Scout Report: Sharon says; We have a leader change, elevation change and description change plus an optional 2.0 mile add-on. Elevation gain 680 ft., 1.8 miles round trip. Walk up the iconic volcanic core on mostly paved trail with handrails and 50+ switchbacks (you can count 'em). Great views- we hope! Optional: 2 mi round trip walk to boat ramp with 300 ft gain on the way back.
Drive: 100 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a AWHD ($10/$5) Washington Discover Pass required.
SEP 27 - Easy Hike Lolo Pass to Bald Mt (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Linda F. 6.6 mi. 1200 ft. Hike the PCT from Lolo Pass to a magnificent viewpoint of the muddy Sandy River and Mt Hood. There will be a few steep parts.
Scout Report: Linda says; Distance: 6.6 mi round trip, 1200 ft elevation. Join us for an easy hike to magnificent viewpoint of the muddy fork Sandy River and Mt Hood. Trail is part of the PCT and very well maintained. Some steep parts but makes up with excellent trail conditions. Lunch along Bald Mtn Loop Trail. We will not climb the unmaintained accent to top of Bald Mtn. We will return after our lunch and not complete the loop around Bald Mtn. When we scouted, the Lolo Pass Road 18 was closed in part due to culvert replacement. Forest Services says it will be open for the hike. But if their schedule doesn't happen the detour on 1825/1828 is paved and not a problem.
Drive: 110 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($11/$9)

OCT | Coordinators: Tuesday Barbara P., Thursday Diane B.
OCT 02 - Easy Hike Palmateer Point Loop (Mt Hood - East)
Changes: Hike mi. & elev.
Leaders: Don & Linda G. 6.2 mi. 867 ft. This splendid Fall hike will peak out at Palmateer Point for a colorful mountain view. It will also include exploring Devil's Half Acre, lush forest and the opportunity for ups and downs.
Scout Report: Don & Linda say, 6.2 miles, elev. gain 867 Sharon and I decided to reverse the route that has been used in the past to eliminate the steep uphill at the end. This is also the way that both Oregon Hikers and William Sullivan recommend. We'll be following part of the historic Barlow Trail to descend to the Devil's Half Acre, where we'll take a snack break before heading uphill to Palmateer Point for lunch and hopefully great views of Mt Hood and fall color. Then we'll take the short-cut to the PCT for the return trip to the trailhead. This is really not what I'd call an easy hike because there's a lot of steep trail and it's a lot of up & down. Boots and poles are highly recommended.
Drive: 124 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($12/$10) NWFP required.
OCT 04 - Hike North Indian Heaven to Placid Lake (SW Washington)
Leaders: Mickie C.,Joyce & Gary B. 8 mi. level, some down hill. Starting at the North end of Indian Heaven, we follow the PCT past Sawtooth Mt. and Wood Lake to the Placid Lake trail. We should see fall color in the meadows.
Scout Report: Mickie says; 8 miles elevation gain, mostly level, some up and downs.
Starting at the north end of Indian Heaven,we will follow the PCT past Sawtooth Mountain and Wook Lake to the Placid Lake Trail. We shoild see fall color in the meadows. This hike is in memory of Verne Church who led us on many hikes in Indian Heaven. It was his favorite place to hike.
You may want to wear bright colors as it may be hunting season.
Drive: 200 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($20/$14 + $4 bridge tolls) Car Shuttle.

OCT 04 - Ramble Sandy River Delta (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Leaders, Ramble Mi. & Elev.
Leaders: Jim & Gretchen Y. 3.6 mi. 50 ft. Explore the Sandy River Delta at the confluence with the Columbia River. We will also visit the Maya Lin bird blind.
Scout Report: Sharon says: Leader change: Sharon and Doug H. We will walk a maximum of 3.6 miles (about a mile shorter than previously published) with about 50 feet of gain. This will be a pleasant loop walk on wide trails to the Maya Lin Bird Blind, part of her confluence art installations, and then return another way. DRIVE NOTE: To parking lot; Take exit 18 off I-84. Turn right at the stop sign, proceed under the highway and follow signs straight into the Park
Drive: 56 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a Trailhead at Sandy River Delta park (near restrooms). ($6)
OCT 09 - Hike Mount Mitchell (ClackamasFtHills)
Changes: Hike mi., elev., NO parking pass required
Leader: Terry M. 5.7 mi. 1300 ft. We will climb Mount Mitchell in the Roaring River Wilderness. One of the best viewpoints on the Clackamas River drainage, it offers expansive views of the southern Cascades to Mount Washington, and north as far as Mount Rainier.
Scout Report: Terry says; 5.7 miles 1300 elevation gain. We will hike on the Rimrock Trail in the Roaring River Wilderness to an exceptional view point on Mt Mitchell. With clear skies, we will be able to see Mt. Jefferson and Three Sisters to the South. The Rimrock trail is through a shade- covered forest of hemlock and Douglas fir with a very moderate elevation gain. We should have wonderful fall colors. The elevation at the trail head is 4,400 feet and we will climb to 4,680 feet. The present weather forecast is clear skies and temperatures in the mid 40's - mid 50's at this elevation. If the weather deteriorates, an alternate hike at a lower elevation is planned. DRIVE NOTE: Please note that the last part of the drive to the Rimrock trail head will be on 10 miles of gravel road, one lane most of the way with some areas of potholes and overhanging branches. A vehicle with good clearance is needed.
Drive: 134 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($13/$11)

OCT 09 - Ramble Trails of Skamania Lodge (Columbia Gorge)
Leaders: Sharon & Bob W. 3.5 mi. 350 ft. Loop first around the extensive golf course grounds on a narrow trail through wooded terrain, passing a creek and two large ponds. A second loop to the south of the lodge offers possible sightings of zip-line adventurers in the forest canopy above. Finish with a peek at the lodge lobby and fireside room with local artwork and fantastic views of the Columbia River, Wind Mountain and Dog Mountain. Trails have lots of ups and downs, some quite steep. Boots and poles are recommended.
Scout Report: Two separate loop trails, one among zipline stations in the forest canopy above, the other skirting the large golf course and surrounding property. Boots and poles recommended for some steep areas, especially if wet and slippery.
Drive: 110 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($11/$5 + $4 bridge tolls)
OCT 11 - Easy Hike Kwis Kwis Trail (Coast/Coast Mts)
Leader: Kathy B. 5.5 mi. 450 ft. The trail starts at the Visitor Center at Fort Clatsop. The first two miles are a gentle climb to the top of Clatsop Ridge, where on a clear day you can see through the trees to the Pacific Ocean. Then we descend through deep woods and reach a wooded pasture dotted with small lakes. The territory is full of abundant wildlife, such as deer, elk, eagles, porcupine, bear, bobcat, and beaver. We will make a "figure eight" with 2 loops using both the Kwis Kwis and Fort to Sea Trails. DRIVE NOTE: Third meeting location: 10:30a at Ft. Clatsop Visitor Center
Scout Report: ( See Description)
Drive: 190 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a SPS ($19/$16) NWFP required.
OCT 16 - Easy Hike University Falls PLUS (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes: Add optional hike mi.
Leaders: Joan & Elmer G. 5 - 8 mi. 500 ft. We will hike to University Falls from Rogers Camp, but we are not going to take the shortest route. We will hike about 2.5 miles each way for a total hike of 5 miles.
Scout Report: Elmer & Joan say, We will start at Rogers Camp and hike along the Gravelle Brothers Trail to University Falls.This is an in-and-out hike with a round trip distance of about 5 miles. The trail is nice, but poles are recommended. There are a few muddy spots. There is only a few hundred feet of elevation change. We will have lunch at the falls. If anyone wants to do a longer hike they can continue from the falls on a loop trail that will be a total of about 8 miles. Sign-in will be at 2nd meeting location.
Drive: 90 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a SPS ($9/$6)
OCT 18 - Hike Wildwood / Leif Erickson Trails (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Hike name & trail(s), hike elev. Add 2nd meeting loc.
Leader: Sharon H. 6 mi. 700 ft. ( See Scout Report )
Scout Report: Sharon says; This hike has been modified somewhat to allow for more ample parking, less street hiking and the addition of SPS as our 2nd meeting place. Consequently, the elevation gain is reduced to 700 feet, we will not be on the Tolinda Trail and we go downhill first. As the original hike route was scouted, the measured gain was about 1100 feet, not the nearly 1700 feet reported by Oregon Hikers for the Tolinda - Ridge Loop. Our modified hike will still be 6.0 miles. We will descend from Springville Rd through the Avenue of Trees on well-maintained trails, including Fire Lanes, the Wildwood and a short stint on Leif Erikson Dr. Looking forward to a lovely forest walk and the best weather of the WHOLE YEAR!
Drive: 36 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a SPS ($4/$1)

OCT 18 - Ramble Kalama Beachfront (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes: Leader, add 2nd meeting loc.
Leader: Diane B. 3 mi. flat Walk along the Columbia River with views of the ship channel and lots of sea birds. Lunch at a covered picnic area or at the beautiful new McMenamins Harbor Lodge. Visit several antique stores in town if desired.
Scout Report: Dianne says: Easy hike approximately 3 miles along Kalama Waterfront Trail. A flat footpath with grassy park on one side and the mighty Columbia on the other. A highlight is one of the tallest one piece totem poles in the world with serpent carving. Lots of river ship traffic to see as well as a variety of birds. Covered pavilion for lunch or the new McMenamins River Lodge
Drive: 94 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a JBT ($10/$6)
OCT 23 - Hike Latourell Falls Loops (Columbia Gorge)
Changes: Hike trail/name, hike mi & elev.
Leader: Michael 2.5 - 5.5 mi. 650 - 1300 ft. ( See Scout Report )
Scout Report: Michael says; Hike Change! Angels Rest was one of the trails that was listed to be opened this year. Unfortunately, that has not happened. According to the Ranger, the trail is closed because it connects to trails that are still not safe.
To replace it I will do Latourell Fall with options to do either the easy short loop of 2.5 miles and 650 feet or a moderate longer version of about 5.5 miles and 1300 feet elevation gain. Latourell Falls is the closest major waterfall to Lewis and Clark State Park and one we usually skip.If our great weather holds out it will be a gorgeous hike with views of the gorge and a powerful 224 foot waterfall. It is truly one of the treasures of the Columbia River Gorge.
Same meeting place and times as listed for Angels Rest. I am scheduled to try again to do Angels and Devils Rest next April.
Drive: 80 mi. HAZ 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($8/$2)

OCT 23 - Ramble Washougal River Greenway Trail (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Dolores R. 3 mi. 70 ft. This is a short loop walk on gravel and boardwalk paths, crossing the Washougal River on a footbridge. Fall colors.
Scout Report: Dolores says; This is a short loop of 3 miles with 70 feet elevation gain. We'll walk on gravel, streets and boardwalk paths, crossing the Washougal River on a footbridge. Come enjoy the beautiful Fall colors. Lunch will be on your own. Lots of restaurants in the area.
DRIVE NOTE: No restrooms at trailhead. Driving directions: HAZ to 205 North, continue to Exit 27,Hwy 14E, Camas,Vancouver. Take left hand lane for Camas, drive 5 miles then take Exit 6 Camas City Center. At the roundabout stay straight for city center, go 0.75 of a mile, Turn Right onto Adams St. Turn Left onto 3rd ave, continue on 3rd going pass Safeway and a park, at the end of the bridge over Lacamas Creek, turn right onto 3rd St. Loop, to the trailhead and parking.
Drive: 60 mi. HAZ 9:30a, No 2nd meeting place ($6)
OCT 25 - Easy Hike Tilikum Plus (Portland / Valley)
Changes: Hike mi., drive mi., add parding fee and 2nd meeting loc
Leader: Helen H. 7 mi. 100 ft. We walk from Willamette Park to the Hawthorne Bridge, cross the river to the Eastbank Esplanade, walk down to the Tilikum Crossing, and then cross the river again to return to the cars.
Scout Report: Helen says; I am leading a walk along the Willamette River from Willamette Park to the Hawthorne Bridge.The walk is 7 miles round trip with an elevation gain of a 100 feet.
Drive: 13 mi. HAZ 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a Willamette Park at the Dog Park parking lot ($1/$0) $4 parking fee required.
OCT 30 - Easy Hike Mountain Park and Environs (Portland / Valley)
Leaders: Sharon & Doug H. 6 mi. 1000 ft. Starting in Lake Grove, we will meander the hills nearby, and arrive at the Mountain Park Rec Center for restrooms, and the top of Mt Sylvania for views (?). Paved and dirt trails.
Drive: 9 mi. HAZ 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:15 at corner of Red Cedar and Boones Way in Lake Grove ($1/$0)

NOV | Coordinators: Tuesday Barbara P., Thursday Diane B.
NOV 01 - Ramble Hoyt Arboretum (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Kathi N. 4 - 5 mi. 200 ft. We will explore Hoyt Arboretum starting at the information building (where restrooms are available). The walk is on paved and soft trails but poles and boots are suggested. Note that there is a parking fee, but there is some parking on the street.
Drive: 26 mi. HAZ 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:45 Hoyt Arboretum Visitor Center, 4000 SW Fairview Blvd, Portland ($3/$0 + Parking fee $2/hour)
NOV 06 - Ramble Tryon Park (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Vicci M. 4.5 mi. 200 ft. A leisurely walk along several trails in the west section of Tryon Park. Some ups and downs on irregular surfaces, so please have poles and sturdy boots.
Drive: 9 mi. HAZ 9:00a, 2nd meeting place 9:30 Tryon Nature Center ($1/$0)
NOV 08 - Ramble Cook's Butte (Portland / Valley)
Leaders: Sharon & Doug H. 4 mi. 400 ft. Walk from HAZ to the top of Cook's Butte and back down through neighborhoods--a nice leg stretcher to end our season. This is a good trail, although it is somewhat steep for short distances.
Drive: 0 mi. HAZ 9:00a, No 2nd meeting place ($0)
NOV 14 - MEETING: Annual Potluck
TIME: 9:00am - 2:00pm AT: United Methodist Church at 1855 South Shore Drive, Lake Oswego.
Come at 9am to walk, or at 11am for appetizers. Food drop-off 8:45am to 9am. The buffet will open at 11:30am. Please bring your own table setting. Jamie Hale, the Oregonian outdoor and travel reporter, will be the guest speaker.

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