Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Hikes and Rambles

Welcome to our Tuesday and Thursday series of day hikes and rambles, most within two hours of Lake Oswego. Review below calendar for recent and future events. See More Info for more general information on hikes & rambles, including explanation of terms and abbreviations used.

Hike/Ramble/Walks Calendar
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JUN 1 6 8 13 15 20 22 27 29
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AUG 1 3 8 10 15 17 22 24 29 31

JUN | Coordinators: Tuesday Alan & Barbara W. , Thursday Connie C.
JUN 01 - Hike Silver Falls (Portland / Valley)
Leader: Mickie C. 7.1 mi. 600 ft. A loop trail along scenic Silver Creek. View 10 waterfalls--from the 27 ft. Delicate Falls to the dramatic 178 ft. South Falls. Wildflowers should be in bloom along parts of the trail.
Scout Report: Mickie says; 7.1 mi 600 ft. A loop trail along scenic Silver Creek. View 10 waterfalls - from the 27 ft. Delicate Falls to the dramatic 178 ft South Falls. Wildflowers should be in bloom along parts of the trail. Trail may be slippery, poles recommended. I will meet everyone at the South Falls parking lot.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:15a WT ($13/$12) State Park Pass (Oregon) required.

JUN 01 - Ramble Oregon City / Canemah Bluff (Portland / Valley)
Changes; Ramble mi. , added Trailhead 2nd meeting
Leader: Maureen B. 5 mi. 500 ft. Oregon City was the site of the Oregon Territory's first provisional government. See John McLoughlin's retirement house built in 1846 and other fine historic homes. Walk the stairs or ride the municipal elevator (one of only 4 in the world). Have a gander at the beautiful Willamette Falls and then ascend up Canemah Bluff for a view of the emerald city, Portland.
Scout Report: Maureen says; Oregon City/Canemah Bluff 5 miles 500 feet elevation gain. Beautiful mostly paved hike of historic homes, a rare municipal elevator, view of Willamette Falls, great views of Portland and Cascades from the top of Canemah Bluff. There are many, many stairs on this hike. We will take our time and enjoy looking around. Lunch outside at the newly remodeled Carnagie Library weather permitting or inside at the Singer Hill Cafe.
Drive: 14 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a at John McLoughlin House 713 Center Street Oregon City - free street parking one block east on Washington ($2/$0)
JUN 06 - Hike Bayocean (Coast/Coast Mts)
Leader: Rich C. 7.5 mi. 200 ft. Walk along the ocean beach to Tillamook Bay South Jetty. Return on the Tillamook Bay side of Bayocean peninsula. Learn history of the Bayocean Resort, the "Atlantic City of the West," but now just sand dunes!
Scout Report: (see description)
Drive: 190 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a SPS ($19/$17)

JUN 06 - Ramble Lower Molalla River Loop (ClackamasFtHills)
Changes; Drive mi. & $
Leader: Alan W. 4 mi. 700 ft. Starting at Hardy Creek Trailhead, ramble through attractive forest on the west side of the Molalla River.
Scout Report: Alan says; The Molalla River, which flows out of the Cascade foothills northeast of Salem provides many wonderful recreational opportunities. Even the drive to the trailhead is a delight - great, quiet roads through verdant country with flowers, horses and cattle. The trail, rated as moderate difficulty, is in good shape; some of it is on old forest roads, other on clear footpaths through second-growth forest. There has been lots of blow-down but it's all been cleared (all but one - it's an easy butt one!) Distance 4 miles with 700 ft cum. elevation gain.
Drive: 80 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a EOT ($8/$6)
JUN 08 - Hike Little North Santiam Trail (SantiamFoothills)
Changes; Hike mi. & elev.
Leader: Ron W. 6 - 7.5 mi. 1000 ft. In and out hike through old growth forest along a magical river, with views of rock pinnacles and clear blue-green water. The hike is in the Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area, just south of the Opal Creek Wilderness.
Scout Report: Ron says; This is a beautiful hike in the Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area, with a fast flowing clear river, with 'jewel' colored pools. Views from river bank and on ridges above the river. Water falls on the river (small) and a stream entering the river (noticeable). This is an in and out hike for 6 to 7.5 miles with 1000 ft of elevation.
This is NOT your typically 'easy' hike on a flat trail by the river. The trail contains tree roots, rocks and some small water flows that 'merge' temporarily with the trail. Also there are several down trees to be negotiated, one of which will require 'bushwhacking' a little down to the next switch back and one stream crossing (easy on the scout). There are up and down areas of the trail and one noticeable ridge to ascend and re-ascend after lunch (easier slope after lunch). We will take our time on the hike, with 'side exits' to enjoy viewpoints.
The group will need to stay fairly close together to catch the exits to view points and negotiate a few 'tricky' turns on the trail. Other points; (a) there are a couple of exposure areas, that are quite short ( 2 or 3 steps), (b) since it a long drive & we are taking our time on the trail; don't expect to get back to Portland early, could be as late as 5:00 pm, (c) suggest you bring an extra pair of socks, (d) hiking poles recommended (e) bring a breakfast snack and possible after hike snack (or plan to stop on the way home). All in all, I would sum this up as; a short, very scenic , but some what difficult hike.
Drive: 155 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:15a WT ($16/$14) NWFP required.

JUN 08 - Ramble Wapato Access Greenway State Park (Portland / Valley)
Changes; Ramble mi.
Leader: Sharon H. 2.8 mi. 50 ft. Wapato is the original name of Sauvie Island and this Native American staple still grows there. We will start at the State Park (free parking) an take a loop, viewing the Multnomah Channel, oak savannah, and water fowl on Virginia Lake.
Scout Report: Sharon says; This comfortable ramble on Sauvie Island (originally Wapato Island, named for the Native American Potato-like staple that still grows there, will be about 2.8 miles with almost no gain. We were serenaded by Pacific Wrens and a bullfrog. The grass is tall (over my head) in spots. but mowed beside the trail. Most of the walk (around Virginia Lake) is shaded by alders. Our return takes us through an oak savannah. There are covered picnic tables not far from the trailhead where we will have snacks or early lunch before finishing. No bathrooms a trailhead.
Drive: 56 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15, Wapato Access Greenway SP parking lot (free parking) ($6/$0)
JUN 13 - Hike Marys Peak (Coast/Coast Mts)
EARLY DEPARTURE 7:30a Changes; Co-Leader
Leader: Terry M. 6.7 mi. 1600 ft. Hike to the 4,097 ft. summit of the highest peak in the coast range. Views from the ocean to Mt Rainer/Mt Thielsen and Willamette Valley, with wildflowers.
Scout Report: EARLY START 7:30! Join me on a 6.7 mile loop hike to the summit of 4,097 ft. Marys Peak, the highest peak in the a coast range. The 2 hour drive is rewarded with views from the ocean across the Willamette Valley to the snowing peaks of Three Sisters, Mt Jefferson, and Mt Hood . The day of the scout was a spectacular display of wild flowers. In the woods were oxalis, Hooker's fairy bells, vanilla leaf and star flower false Salomon seal. In the meadow was purple penstemon, Indian paintbrush, larkspur and many more.
Drive: 200 mi. PAL 7:30a, 2nd meeting place 7:45a WT ($20/$19) NWFP required.

JUN 13 - Ramble Hopkins Tree Farm (Portland / Valley)
Changes; Ramble mi. & elev.
Leader: Nancy M. 3 mi. 300 ft. 140 acre privately owned forest near Oregon City. Enjoy a peaceful walk near Little Buckner Creek.
Scout Report: Nancy says; 3 miles, 300 feet elevation loss and gain. A lovely hike through a varied forest of different growth periods including Doug Fir, Cedars, Alder and other species. We will meet at the gate near the small building with the picnic tables where Peter Matzkn will give a short introduction to the area and its purpose for education and preservation. Expect to drop down into the canyon, pass by a sheltered picnic area and follow a lovely creek over bridges and through Spring wildflowers. Hikers will witness some new plantings, a clear cut, and many stages of tree growth. Poles are recommended and possibly mud. Grasses could be high and may get your lower legs wet. The hike out is continuous uphill and part of the climb is in the sun. A sun hat is helpful, and hiking poles can assist. This is my favorite hike close to the city that gives one a wilderness feel. Lunch We'll have our lunch back up the hill near the native plant garden and picnic tables. DRIVE NOTE: General driving directions available at PAL, otherwise at exit 10 off I-205 follow Hwy 213 to Spangler Rd, turn left and follow signs to Hopkins Tree Farm.
Drive: 30 mi. PAL 8:30a, No 2nd meeting place ($3)
JUN 15 - Hike Neahkanie Mountain (Coast/Coast Mts)
Changes; Hike mi.
Leader: Kathy B. 5.2 mi. 1000 ft. Named for the gods (Ne=place of and Ekhani=supreme deity) by natives, Neahkanie Mt. rises 1600 feet above Short Sands Beach in Oswald West State Park. We'll hike going south, up and over the summit ridge, descending halfway to gaze into Devil's Cauldron, and then along the Oregon Coast Trail down to the beach to watch the surfers and stand-up paddlers in Smugglers Cove.
Scout Report: Kathy says; We will be doing a 5.2 mi one-way (south to north) hike from the southern trailhead, with a short spur out to the coastline to view Devil's Cauldron, then descending on the Oregon Coast Trail to Short Sands Beach and over Necarney Creek to the main Oswald West parking lot. There will be a car shuttle. Elevation gained is 1000', elevation lost is 1600'. Terrific coastal views of the Nehalem Bay/spit and the Garabaldi jetty to the south, going all the way to Cascade Head on a clear day. Gray whales are moving along the coast, the mountain top is covered with wildflowers and surfers await at the beach. Poles and sturdy shoes needed, as there is some mud on the northern side of the mountain. Bathrooms available at Oswald West parking lot and in the campground.
Drive: 180 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a SPS ($18/$16) Car Shuttle.

JUN 15 - Ramble Ladd's Addition Rose Gardens (Portland / Valley)
Changes; Ramble mi., TH 2nd meeting time
Leader: Vicci M. 3 - 4 mi. flat Walk through unusually platted inner Southeast neighborhoods with focus on the Ladd's Addition neighborhood. View vintage homes and rose gardens.
Scout Report: Vicci says; 3-4 miles, no elevation gain, on city sidewalks. Walk through the lovely Ladd's Addition residential neighborhood. This area was unusually platted on a diagonal grid with a central park-like garden circle and four gardens in the plat's quadrants. We will also walk through the rejuvenated Division and Clinton Streets. Lunch on a picnic bench or restaurant. Drive 20 miles. PAL 8:30am. Second meeting place 9:00 am Plaid Pantry lot at SE 26th and Division.
Drive: 20 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00am Plaid Pantry SE 26th and Division ($2/$0)
JUN 20 - Hike Trapper Creek (SW Washington)
Changes; Hike mi. & elev.
Leaders: Joan & Elmer G. 6 mi. 900 ft. From the Trapper Creek Wilderness Trailhead we head toward Observation Peak, but we won't be going that far. We cross a number of cascading streams and have lunch near one of them. Most of the trail is through beautiful old growth forest. Waterproof boots are a must, and poles are suggested as parts of the trail are rather steep.
Scout Report: Elmer says; Hike on Trapper Creek Trail 192, six-mile hike 900 feet elevation. This trail goes all the way to Observation Peak. However, that is 9 miles one way. We will hike on this trail for three miles, find a nice spot for lunch and turn around. There will be about 900 feet of elevation gain. The trail more or less follows Trapper Creek. The trail is a delightful walk through an old growth forest. There are three stream crossings. When Joan and I did this trail last year on July 29th, it was a very hot day (95 degrees) and all the streams were running, but crossable with care. When Joan and I scouted this trail this year on June 1st, the temperature was a pleasant 72 degrees, and the first two streams were bone dry. Considering all the rain we have had this seems strange. There are a fair number of intersecting trails (last July, on the way back we made a mistake that could have been catastrophic considering the heat) so we will have to stay together. This is a very nice relatively easy hike, but we need to be careful.
Drive: 160 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($16/$10 + $4 bridge tolls) NWFP required.

JUN 20 - Ramble Tualatin Hills Nature Park (Portland / Valley)
Changes; Ramble mi. Drive mi.
Leaders: Don & Linda G. 4.3 mi. 100 ft. Explore one of our largest nature preserves, in the Tualatin Hills. This area is currently undergoing restoration. Beginning at the Visitor Center, enjoy a variety of trees such as Oak, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, and Wild Hazel. Also see Beaver and Cedar Mills Creeks, and a lily pond.
Scout Report: Don says; Come explore this peaceful bit of nature located just west of downtown Beaverton. We'll walk on some pavement, some boardwalks and lots of soft trails for 4.3 miles with less than 100 feet of elevation change that you'll barely notice. The trails are mostly shaded, like walking through a tunnel of trees. The park has 2 streams, several ponds and marshes and a wide variety of trees, shrubs, birds and wildlife. Bring your binoculars for the birds and maybe even a deer (we didn't see any deer on the scout). Also spend a little time in and around the visitor's center. (Sharon will like the Banana Slug exhibit.)
Drive: 26 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a 15655 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton ($3/$0)
JUN 22 - Hike Angel Rest to Devils Rest (Columbia Gorge)
Changes; Now out & back. Hike mi. & elev.
Leaders: Linda F.,Michael 7.8 mi. 2408 ft. From this close-in location, climb to Angels Rest and continue up to Devils Rest. Enjoy views of the gorge and waterfalls.
Scout Report: Linda says; CHANGE: The hike to Angels Rest to Devils Rest is being changed from a loop to an out and back hike. The mileage is now 7.8 miles instead of 10.9 miles. After scout we found the loop ended with severe uphill. The out and back provides beautiful gorge and waterfalls views and a lovely forest trail to Devils Rest with numerous flowers.
Drive: 106 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($11/$5) NWFP required.

JUN 22 - Ramble Whipple Creek (SW Washington)
Changes; Ramble mi. & elev.
Leaders: Jane L.,Judy H. 3.5 mi. 300 ft. Whipple Creek Park has an exceptionally pristine and tranquil forest environment and is home to many types of wildlife, including woodpeckers, hawks, deer, flying squirrels, herons, and beavers. Opportunities abound for wildlife viewing. This trail is located to the west of the Clark County Fairgrounds off of I- 5, exit 9 at 179 St. Use the parking lot in the park, but don't block the area for horse trailers.
Scout Report: Jane says; 3.5 miles, 300 feet elevation loss and gain difficulty: Easy. Don't miss this beautiful old-growth forest with big-leaf maples, grand fir, cedar, and Douglas fir. The rich understory includes vine maple, sword fern, some stinging nettle and wildflowers in bloom. We will start at the trailhead north of Vancouver and walk the north-south connector to the Grist Mill Loop and the South Ridge Loop. Both are mainly in the forest with some areas near meadows. Expect to meet some horseback riders on the trails. There is some mud and horse poop and a bit of up and down. Otherwise the trail is quite nice. Bring boots and poles as you feel the need. There is a port-a-potty at the trailhead. Lunch back at the cars or your choice.
Drive: 64 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a JBT ($7/$3)
JUN 27 - Hike Multnomah to Wahkeena Loop (Columbia Gorge)
Leader: Michael 5 mi. 1600 ft. A waterfall paradise! Our loop starts at the west end of the Multnomah Falls parking lot at a small sign for Trail #442, which reaches the Wahkeena Trailhead in a half-mile.
Scout Report: (See description.)
Drive: 80 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($8/$2)

JUN 27 - Ramble Still Creek Trail (ClackamasFtHills)
Changes; Ramble location, ramble mi. & elev. Drive Mi. & $
Leaders: Becky R.,Meredith M. 3.5 mi. 300 ft. ( See Scout Report.)
Scout Report: Becky says; The Wildcat Mountain Trail is still inaccessible with snow so the Ramble has been changed.
3.5miles, 300' elevation gain We start at Camp Creek Campground with views along the trail of Camp Creek and then travel through a lush forest of ferns, conifers and maples. Lunch is at Still Creek with rocks and trees for seating. There are a few rocky, tricky spots so poles and boots are recommended.
Drive: 90 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($9/$7)
JUN 29 - Hike Silver Star Mountain (SW Washington)
Changes; Trailhead/approach (but same hike), Hike Mi. & Elev. Drive mi. & $., Park pass required
Leader: Michael Z. 6 mi. 2040 ft. Moderate hike on an exposed mountain trail with unsurpassed 360 degree views to Portland, the Gorge, and five volcanoes. Site of 1902 Yacolt Burn. Hat and sunscreen advised (maybe poles too). Optional loop on Ed's trail. High clearance vehicles recommended.
Scout Report: Michael Z. says; We are changing the access to and hiking route for Silver Star on June 29th as follows:
Changes: Drive - 102 miles ($11) not 116; new access is from the south/Washougal via Grouse Vista Trail; high clearance vehicles are NOT required for this access; 6.0 miles w/ 2040' elev. gain; Washington Discover Pass required for parking at trailhead (can be purchased at REI Downtown PDX store, BiMart in Washougal, or online).
Unchanged: Moderate, exposed trail with hat/sunscreen highly recommended. Excellent views of five volcanoes.
Drive: 102 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a JBT ($11/$9) Washington Discover Pass required.

JUN 29 - Ramble Mirror Lake (Mt Hood - West)
Changes; Ramble mi.
Leader: Julia C. 4.4 mi. 780 ft. While this ramble has a rather steep ascent with switchbacks, we will walk slowly and have frequent breaks. The wildflowers (including bear grass) should be in full bloom at this time -- the perfect time to take this ramble.
Scout Report: Julia says; The Mirror Lake Scout (6/21) was beautiful today. Wildflowers are in bloom -trilliums, rhodies, skunk cabbage and more. Mt. Hood and tall fir trees are reflected in the spectacular lake setting. We'll ramble up to the lake in a steep but gradual incline. We will take it slowly with water and clothing breaks. We will walk around the lake which brings the milage to 4.4 miles and have lunch at lakeside.The elevation gain is 780 ft.
Drive: 110 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($11/$9) NWFP required.

JUL | Coordinators: Tuesday Jeanine T., Thursday Linda F.
JUL 06 - Hike Mississippi Head & Zigzag Glacier (Mt Hood - West)
Changes; Hike 'approach'. Hike mi. & Elev. Lift chair cost.
Leader: Gilbert L. 1.5 mi. 1200 ft. ( See Scout Report. )
Scout Report: Gilbert says; Some major changes in the hike were necessary. Hike 1.5 mi. up with 1,200 ft. elevation gain. Easy glissade descent. This is a one of a kind hike in the high alpine summer snow. It is not difficult but we must pray for a Blue Bird Day. Due to policy changes at the Lodge this year, we have limited access to the Magic Mile lift only, but that drops the price to $18 and saves 1+ mile and 800 ft. of elevation gain and loss upon return. We will be hiking up Zigzag glacier on snow. It is hard packed and my boots sunk in less than one inch when scouting June 22nd. I used micro-spikes on my boots for grip. One can use snow shoes for grip. (Just figure a way to affix them to your pack for the descent.) Yaktrax cleats would help. Plain hiking boots would work following other hikers. (Last year's scout I used boots only over the snow.)
After a brief tour of Reid glacier we will head down. On my descent, I glissaded down 1 mile with minor lateral corrections to avoid Little Zigzag Canyon and stopped my butt slide at the top of the Magic Mile. Great fun!! Descent was over in less than 10 minutes. I used a heavy duty contractor plastic bag to add speed and to keep my pants dry. Hiking poles needed for brake and steerage.
The hike is only difficult due to lower oxygen at this elevation. Lunch on an alpine moraine island with magnificent views. Mandatory re-application of sunscreen after lunch. Bring layered clothing, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, poles, and boots for snow. Also highly recommend Micro Spikes or Yaktrax traction cleats (about $15) for traction in the snow.
Drive: 121 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($13/$10 + $18 Chair Lift each)

JUL 06 - Ramble Lower Falls Creek Falls (SW Washington)
Changes; No NWFP pass.
Leader: Jan M. 3.5 mi. 650 ft. Ramble on the Lower Falls Creek Trail through old growth woods in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Cross a 30-foot suspension bridge over a mossy gorge, and then go to the viewpoint to see Falls Creek Falls, where the water crashes 80 feet into a rock punchbowl.
Scout Report: Jan says; We had a beautiful, warm day to scout Lower Falls Creek Falls. It was a very pleasant, comfortable walk in the forest alongside the creek. The falls are absolutely stunning with incredible amounts of water crashing down into the punchbowl! The waterfall scene provided the premier spot for lunch, which made us reluctant to get back on the trail. Moderate 3.5 mile hike. 650 feet elevation gain. Location is in the Wind River Canyon in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The NWFP is no longer required at this time. We had an easy drive on good roads, except that the last 2 miles are on a gravel road. We did not see much gravel, but there were a number of large potholes to navigate. However, we decided it was well worth the trouble to put up with this inconvenience as soon as we saw the falls. Drive Note: optional stop at Panther Creek Falls viewpoint on the way home.
Drive: 170 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($17/$11 + $4 per car bridge toll)
JUL 11 - Hike Ape Canyon / Plains of Abraham (SW Washington)
Changes; Leaders.
Leaders: Michael,Michael Z. 11 mi. 1300 ft. Stunning views of Mt St Helens and Mt Adams, glimpses of Mt Rainier. Hike at a steady, moderate grade through old-growth and wildflowers, with possible mountain goat sightings. The exposed section of trail near the junction of the Ape Canyon and Loowit Trails can be avoided via a short re-route.
Scout Report: Michael; Maybe the most scenic of all the hikes we do, just fantastic views. Recent trail reports show that the snow has melted and it is doable now. The hike will require a good steady pace to do the 11 miles in a reasonable time.
Drive: 168 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a JBT ($17/$14) NWFP required.

JUL 11 - Ramble Muddy River Lahar / Mt St Helens (SW Washington)
Changes; Ramble mi. & elev.
Leaders: Carolyn K.,Becky R. 3, 5, 6.2 mi. 400, 1000, 1200 From the Ape Canyon trail, view the destruction from the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens: the Muddy River's vast lahar, a flow of mud, rock and melted glacier. Enjoy summer flowers. Walk through unscathed old growth trees, six-foot thick hemlocks and Douglas fir to a lovely lunch spot.
Scout Report: Carolyn says; The first 1 ½ miles of the Ape Canyon trail goes along the Muddy River Lahar, a mile-wide mud and rock flow from the 1980 volcanic eruption. The trail is wide, gentle, in deep shade, with many lovely flowers, and views of the mountain and the lahar. Some Ramblers may wish to stop here and enjoy the pleasure of the mountain. Total 3 mi and 400 feet gain.
To see the huge old growth trees, ramble up the well graded switchbacks for a roundtrip total of 5 mi and 1000 ft gain. Since you are deep in woods there are no real views, maybe some peek-a-boos.
For an in-your-face view of Mt St Helens and intermittent views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams and Mt Rainier, some hardy souls may continue up for a total of 6.2 miles and 1200 feet gain. If you plan to do this option you should plan carpools accordingly. We did this on the scout.
Drive: 168 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a JBT ($17/$14) NWFP required.
JUL 13 - Hike Twin Lakes & Palmateer Point (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Rich C. 9.1 mi. 1500 ft. Hike along the PCT past Ghost Ridge to the Palmateer Point cutoff. Lunch at the point with a great view of Mt. Hood. Return via upper and lower Twin Lakes.
Scout Report: Rich says; The Twin Lakes/Palmateer Point hike features a great lunch site (with a beautiful view of the east side of Mt. Hood) followed by after lunch visits to Upper and Lower Twin Lakes. The 1500ft. elevation gain is divided into four separate parts. Unfortunately it's not all downhill after lunch. Approximately one third of the elevation gain occurs then. The 9.1 mile trek is is along very good trails (approximately 5 miles on the PCT) with the exception of a one mile section after lunch .
OF NOTE: All regulars should know by now that this past winter was the worst since 1996 for blowdown. These trails are no exception. There are between an estimated 25 and 50 downed trees along the several trails. 10-20 or so are "problem children" that require some effort to go over/under/around or thru! All are safely doable but it's like adding two tenths of a mile to the hike! Bottom line: a real good and worthwhile workout!!!
Drive: 135 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($14/$11) NWFP required.

JUL 13 - Ramble Palmateer Point (Mt Hood - East)
Changes; Ramble mi.
Leaders: Jim & Gretchen Y. 5.2 mi. 800 ft. A pleasant ramble on Mt Hoods east side through forest to an overlook at Palmateer Point. Travel a small part of the PCT.
Scout Report: Jim says; What's not to like about a walk in the wilderness? A good mix of sun and shade. Good trail, all the windfalls but one cleared and it is a walkover. Plenty of wild flowers still in bloom. Walk is 5.2 round trip. An in and out. Boots, poles, sunscreen and bug spray suggested. You can use the book overview also.. DRIVE Note: Trailhead is at Barlow Pass Snow park.
Drive: 165 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($17/$14) NWFP required.
JUL 18 - Hike Opal Creek (SantiamFoothills)
Changes; Hike mi. & elev. Drive mi. & $
Leaders: Nicole R.,Jeanine T. 7 mi. 360 ft. One of the best hikes in Oregon. Beautiful towering forest of 500-year-old trees, a climb to an old mining road for Jawbone Flats, waterfalls and amazing views.
Scout Report: Nicole & Jeanine say; 7 miles Elevation gain 360 ft. This is one of the most beautiful places in Oregon.The color of the pools of water are a magical turquoise green. If I were a fairy this is where I would live.The trail follows the original rocky road and cross a bridge into a forest. All along the trail are old growth trees. We loop around at Opal Creek pool and walk into Jawbone Flats along the Little North Fork of the Santiam River and return to the rocky road to the parking lot.
Drive: 166 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:15a WT ($17/$14) NWFP required.

JUL 18 - Ramble Astoria Column (Coast/Coast Mts)
EARLY DEPARTURE 8:00a Changes; Ramble mi. 2nd meeting @ Trailhead, Drive mi. & $
Leaders: Dave & Toni B. 3 mi. 331 ft. The Column is one of our favorite places in Astoria! An easy walk and very scenic. The spiral staircase in the column leads to an observation deck where you can launch little balsa wood airplanes ( available at the local store).
Scout Report: Dave says; Although this ramble requires a round trip of 200 miles, it is well worth it! The column itself is a work of art! The ramble mileage in and out is just at 3 miles; it is also up and down, so poles and boots are suggested. We will be taking a slight side walk to see the magnificent Cathedral Tree.Those who want to will go into the visitor center to pick up a 10 cent balsa wood airplane, climb up the 264 steps to the top of the column, which provides us with a 360 degree view of the city and the Willamette River, and propel our airplanes from the platform. You can eat on the grounds or go to any number of fine restaurants.
Drive: 200 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 10:00 am 28th & Irvine Av Astoria (Cathedral Tree Trailhead). No parking fee. ($20/$0)
JUL 20 - Hike Cape Horn Loop (Columbia Gorge)
Changes; Hike mi., 2nd meeting time, NWFP needed
Leader: Linda F. 7.1 mi. 1350 ft. A new trail (and one of the closest gorge trails to Portland) features gorgeous views, rocky crags, streams, and two waterfalls. The Nancy Russell Overlook is along the trail.
Scout Report: Linda says; Hike is 7.1 Mi instead of 7.7 Mi. Hike was scouted except the lower portion which is closed until July 15 for nesting falcons. Trail is well marked and in good shape. Gorgeous views of Columbia. Will try to scout lower portion prior to the hike. Boots and poles are recommended. No other changes. Leave Pal: 8:00 am. Second meeting: AWHD 8:45 ($9/$4)
Drive: 88 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a AWHD ($9/$4) NWFP required.

JUL 20 - Ramble Jordan Covered Bridge in Stayton (Portland / Valley)
Changes; Ramble elev.
Leaders: Sharon & Bob W. 3 mi. 30 ft. Visit a beautifully restored covered bridge east of Salem, next to a couple of loop trails through woods and along waterways.
Scout Report: Sharon says; 3 miles, 30 ft elevation gain.
The highlight of this walk is the beautifully rebuilt Jordan Covered Bridge in Stayton, east of Salem. The bridge is closed to traffic - a popular venue for weddings. We will do two loops (about one mile each) in adjacent Wilderness Park and Riverfront Park. Trails (mostly gravel) meet up intermittently with the Santiam River or its related waterways. The original plan was to connect these two parks by way of an elaborate new pedestrian bridge. However, due to a private property dispute, we will need to walk 1/2 mile (each way) on neighborhood sidewalks to get between the two trailheads. For hikers who prefer a shorter walk, or who want to avoid concrete sidewalks, there will be an optional car shuttle. Great new restrooms. Lunch under shady trees with a view of the covered bridge.
Drive: 110 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a WT ($11/$10)
JUL 25 - Hike Tillamook Head (Coast/Coast Mts)
Leader: Terry M. 6.3 mi. 1350 ft. Traverse across the headlands between Seaside and Ecola State Park on trails established by Clatsop and Tillamook tribes, and later used by Lewis and Clark. Walk through a Sitka Spruce and Hemlock forest with occasional views of the ocean.
Drive: 186 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a SPS ($19/$16) State Park Pass (Oregon) required. Car Shuttle.

JUL 25 - Ramble Ridgefield (SW Washington)
Leader: Janet L. 3 mi. flat. Walk among grasslands, woods, lakes, marshes, and creeks. We'll see birds, some animals, and a Native American plankhouse.
Drive: 72 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a JBT ($8/$4) NWFP required.
JUL 27 - Hike Paradise Park from Timberline Lodge (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Liz M. 12.1 mi. 2300 ft. Difficult but rewarding hike. Views of Mt. Hood, Jefferson, & Three Sisters on a good day. Higher elevation flowers.
Drive: 120 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($12/$9)

JUL 27 - Ramble Sherrard Point on Larch Mt (Columbia Gorge)
Leader: Sharon H. 3.5 mi. 900 ft. This might be the easiest drive to a fantastic view of the Cascades. We will park at the gate about 2 miles shy of the top parking lot and walk up. The last bit will be steep, but each rambler can set his/her own pace.
Drive: 90 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($9/$3)

AUG | Coordinators: Tuesday Val G., Thursday Jill H.
AUG 01 - Hike Mt Hood Meadows Loop (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Yvonne J. 6.5 mi. 900 ft. Beautiful Trail near Mt Hood Meadows ski area with wildflowers and waterfalls.
Drive: 136 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($14/$11) NWFP required.

AUG 01 - Ramble Mt Hood Meadows / PCT (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Maureen B. 3.5 mi. 400 ft. A lovely forest ramble from Umbrella Falls to the Pacific Crest Trail with alpine wildflowers, good foot bridges and rambling streams.
Drive: 136 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($14/$11) NWFP required.
AUG 03 - Hike Ramona Falls (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Nicole R. 7 mi. 1100 ft. A gorgeous hike along streams and beautiful trails that culminate at a large waterfall. There might be a difficult crossing over logs at the Sandy River because the bridge washed away.
Drive: 106 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($11/$8) NWFP required.

AUG 03 - Ramble Shellrock Mt. (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Barbara M. 3.8 mi. 380 ft. Starting at Gibson Prairie Horsecamp, take a connector trail to the Surveyors Ridge Trail, go south on the Surveyors Ridge Trail to the saddle with Shellrock Mt, and then go 1/4 mile on a game/use trail up to the top of Surveyors Ridge. We should see some mariposa lilies and scarlet gilia as well as great views of Mt. Hood and the upper Hood River valley.
Drive: 182 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($19/$12)
AUG 08 - Hike Cascade Head (Coast/Coast Mts)
Leader: Kathy B. 4.2 mi. 1200 ft. Beginning at the beautiful Salmon River estuary, we'll hike on Nature Conservancy Land through a coastal spruce forest, emerging onto windblown and wildflower strewn high meadows with sweeping coastal views to the south of Cape Foulweather and Devil's Lake. Butterflies, deer and elk are potential hiking companions!
Drive: 170 mi. PAL 8:00a, No 2nd meeting place ($17)

AUG 08 - Ramble Lookout Mt (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Elaine M. 3 mi. 570 ft. Ramble at a moderate pace up through meadows & woods with rewards of wildflowers & increasingly spectacular views. The summit overlooks every Cascade peak from the Three Sisters to Mt Rainier.
Drive: 165 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($17/$14) NWFP required.
AUG 10 - Hike Olallie Lake Scenic Area (ClackamasFtHills)
Leader: Gilbert L. 9 mi. 917 ft. There is no hike on the west coast like this one -- with a snowcapped mountain, hundreds of lakes (all with clear water and most small enough to be warm by August), and arid like Central Oregon. From the north shore of Olallie Lake, we will hike west on the PCT and then south to Upper Lake (a great lunch stop and by mid-August the water is refreshing). We pass about 10 lakes, with half having a short off-trail trip with total privacy. We will continue south to the junction with the Ruddy Hill Trail. An option is to mount Ruddy Hill--90 ft. elevation gain and spectacular views. We then return by the same trails. The trail has fine volcanic dust of about half an inch. Recommend insect repellant, sunscreen, and dark glasses. Also prepare for refreshing lake play. Note: this is high country where there is the possibility (although remote) of rain and cold.
Drive: 260 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($26/$24) NWFP required.

AUG 10 - Ramble Lower Salmon River (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Claire L. 5 mi. 100 ft. A very scenic trail along the Salmon River, through one of the best old-growth forests in the northwest. Lunch at one of many serene, riverside spots--a cool option for August.
Drive: 100 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($10/$8) NWFP required.
AUG 15 - Hike Vista Ridge - Dollar Lake (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Rich C. 8.1 mi. 1700 ft. Hike up the Vista Ridge Trail through the Dollar Lake fire burnover to Wy-East Basin. Then on to Dollar Lake and a spectacular lunch site overlooking Elk Cove, Coe Glacier and Barrett Spur.
Drive: 160 mi. PAL 7:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:00a CFM ($16/$14) NWFP required.

AUG 15 - Ramble Little Crater Lake to Timothy Lake (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Elaine M. 5 mi. 150 ft. This is our fifth annual ramble on this route with the likelihood of meeting thru-hikers (often 5 or 6, but 16 last year). After viewing picturesque Little Crater Lake, we follow the Pacific Crest Trail through the woods with lake views, to meet our shuttle driver at Timothy Lake.
Drive: 140 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($14/$12) NWFP required. Car Shuttle.
AUG 17 - Hike Big Huckleberry Mt (SW Washington)
Leader: Terry M. 7.5 mi. 1200 ft. Hike the PCT through second growth Douglas Fir, skirting the Wind River Experimental Forest to summit the 4200-ft Big Huckleberry Mt. On a clear day, there will be views of Mt Adams, Mt Hood, and the Big Lava Beds.
Drive: 155 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($16/$10 + $4.00 toll bridge per car)

AUG 17 - Ramble Newton Creek (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Jane L. 3 mi. 200 ft. This follows an almost level wooded trail from Elk Meadows all the way to Newton Creek. Lupine flowers and huckleberries should be ripe. Leisurely lunch at the creek. Return along the raging creek.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($13/$11) NWFP required.
AUG 22 - Hike High Lake (ClackamasFtHills)
Leaders: Val G.,Penney H. 7.6 mi. 2200 ft. Ridegecrest trail with views climbs to a quiet mountain lake.
Drive: 120 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($12/$10)

AUG 22 - Ramble Lower Twin Lake (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Helen H. 5.1 mi. 700 ft. Hike from Wapinitia Pass to Lower Twin Lake, with the option to also hike around the lake.
Drive: 132 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($14/$11) NWFP required.
AUG 24 - Hike Indian Mountain (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Linda F. 8.6 mi. 1200 ft. This out & back hike starts at Wahtum Lake and climbs to the summit of Indian Mountain. The views are said to be stupendous.
Drive: 208 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($21/$15) NWFP required.

AUG 24 - Ramble Timberline Lodge West (Mt Hood - West)
Leader: Doug H. 3 mi. 300 ft. Ramble the trails near Timberline Lodge, as well as visit the lodge. There is some chance of seeing through hikers on the PCT.
Drive: 130 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:00a CFM ($13/$11)
AUG 29 - Hike Cloud Cap Camp to Elk Cove (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Diane N. 10 mi. 1600 ft. A brand new trail scheduled for 2017! Spectacular mountain views, rugged glacial streams, icy waterfalls, and tiny streams lined with wildflowers along the way. The rolling meadows of Elk Cove are among the most beautiful on the mountain, and the towering north face the most spectacular view of Mt Hood. If for some reason, we are unable to do this new trail this summer, the alternate will be Cloud Cap to Gnarl Ridge.
Drive: 220 mi. PAL 7:30a, 2nd meeting place 8:15a L&C ($22/$16) NWFP required.

AUG 29 - Ramble Cloud Cap - Timberline Trail (Mt Hood - East)
Leader: Sue B. 1 - 4 mi. 200 - 1000 ft. The Bear Went Over the Mountain, to see what he could see! The North Side! We will start at Cloud Cap Campground and hike as far as we like. Those who wish to get to the Cooper Spur Shelter will have some elevation gain, and those who would like to go a little farther to view Elliot Glacier from the moraine will have a scenic scramble. Others may wish to just enjoy the creek below the Timberline Trail. The choice is yours. Alpine scenery at its best.
Drive: 220 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:45a L&C ($22/$16) NWFP required.
AUG 31 - Hike Cool Creek/Devil's Peak Lookout (Mt Hood - West)
Leaders: Michael Z.,Michael 6.2 mi. 3200 ft. Steep, mostly forested trail with Mt. Hood views! USFS says it is 6.2 miles to the retired Devil's Peak Fire Lookout (Sullivan says 8.2 miles). We will have two groups: one to the lookout and one to a ridge viewpoint (approx. 5 miles roundtrip). Both groups will meet at the ridge viewpoint for lunch. Poles suggested.
Drive: 94 mi. PAL 8:00a, 2nd meeting place 8:30a CFM ($10/$7)

AUG 31 - Ramble Dry Creek Falls (Columbia Gorge)
Leaders: Jim & Gretchen Y. 4.4 mi. 710 ft. An enjoyable ramble to a wrongly-named pretty falls. Prime time to run into thru hikers on the PCT. Optional stop for ice cream afterwards in Cascade Locks.
Drive: 116 mi. PAL 8:30a, 2nd meeting place 9:15a L&C ($12/$6) NWFP required.

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