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I am Logu alias Loganathan. 

Dont get me wrong on seeing this picture. I have been tricked and captured.

I started my carrier informally as an electronic enthusiast but switched to  digital electronics and later as s0ftware engineer.

 Basically I hack all things around me to to find out what is in it , improve its reliability and performance. Ironically most of them end up going bad. But I learn a few things out of it in this (hard)way.

Currently I am working as a network and system security engineer at http://visolve.com. 

Documentation is very important in a life of a hacker. If  he fails, it  ends up in wasting most of his time doing redundant analysis.  So after spending 5-years I realised that I am not doing it correctly. I started a journal which can be found in http://logu.livejournal.com  Here I scribble  some technical tips which ever I feel I should remember.  I hope atleast someone on some  corner of the globe will get benifited from  those entries.

 I met a few of the opensource hackers during the FOSS' 2005 at Bangalore.  Thanks to my management for allowing me to attend  it. Here are some of the pictures

With  Alan  Cox

I had a chance to  meet the linux  TCP/IP  geek  Alan Cox  which  is  an everlasting memory in my life.

With Harald Welte.  

He is a IPV6 and netfilter developer. I was impressed with his talk and his reverse engineering skills. He demonstrated how to add our custom tools to Motorola smart phones (which uses linux).

With the PHP pioneer Rasmus Leadorf.

I have been planing to attend bangalore-linux conference for years but always faced some hurdle.  One of the main reason I wanted to attend this was Rasmus was a regalur speaker at these conference. I am happy that I could make it this time.

My favourite mailing list and forums

1. linux-india-help

2. linux-india-programmers

3. lartc

4. netfilter

5. HP itrc forum 


Here is my firefox bookmarks: bookmark-june2006