What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of taking a  picture or design and stitching it as a thread pattern.  The process of embroidery has come a long way thanks to the invention of embroidery machines and software. There are several types of machinery, differing types of thread, and differing types of stitches used in the embroidery process. 


Embroidery must start with a design or logo that is in the proper embroidery format. Patterns are put into the correct format in a process called digitizing.

What is an Embroidery DST?

An electronic file which directs the embroidery equipment to reproduce a specific design. Each logo in has be to be digitized (designed)  into a DST so that the machine can stitch the correct pattern.

What is Stitch Count?

Accumulated total of stitches required to complete the design. The larger in size and more dense logo(s) will have a higher number of stitches.  The more stitches the longer the logo takes to complete.


Embroidery uses specific types of thread which is thicker than the traditional sewing threads of old school sewing machine.  Thread is available in thousands of colors to match any design.  For an exact color match the easiest way is to supply a PMS or Pantone color (attachment in article)The most common threads are madiera classics and polyneons. 


LogoWear Plus offers a whole rainbow of thread colors for you to choose from. Please review the below Pantone Chart(attachment 1)  for a simple reference.  When a logo is designed and the designer will sometimes assign a PMS or Pantone Color to each color.  This ensures that every time your logo is regenerated the same shade of color is produced. All of the colors assigned can be exactly matched with embroidery threads. 


Logo Proofing. 

Your logo proof is ready the day after your order.  We will first send a digital proof via email, most of the time these are approved and we begin production on your embroidered order.  We will also send out a stitched sample per request so that you can be guaranteed your logo is 100% correct.  No orders will be put through to production without a standard logo approval.


Kristen Bennett,
Nov 17, 2009, 8:36 AM