New Logos Wiki

Note: Logos have now setup their own Wiki which renders this temporary solution out of date - please visit the Logos 4 Wiki

Welcome to the Logos 4 Wiki - this is intended as a temporary measure to help people who have moved to Logos 4 with commonly asked questions and to centralise some content for which the format of a user forums is not best suited! Let's start with the most important links:

Logos forums - community forums where you can ask questions and get help

Logos - the main Logos site

Logos 4
  • Find out how to upgrade here
  • A comparison between the different versions is also available

We are also maintaining a list of potential bugs and suggestions in a form that will be easier to search and work with than the forums.

Logos 4 is available for PC and Mac although the Mac version is still being tested. More info for Mac users here. There are some features which did exist in version 3 which are missing in version 4 - find out more.

This site is not associated with Logos in any way, it's purely a grassroot, user driven project.
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