About LogiSketch

Smarter Educational Software Through Sketch Recognition

Project Summary

The central goal of this research is to construct and deploy computer simulation tools capable of understanding students' hand-drawn diagrams.  The results of free-sketch recognition research cannot yet be incorporated into end-user applications for two reasons.  First, free-sketch recognition is not sufficiently robust to incorporate into useful tools.  Second, little is known about how to build usable interfaces that incorporate free-sketch recognition. This work will bridge the gap between free-sketch recognition technology and its end-users by focusing on its application to undergraduate engineering design.  The outcome of this work will be improved techniques for free-sketch recognition, guidelines for incorporating free-sketch recognition into usable interfaces, and educational sketch-based simulation tools.

A central goal of our project is to develop tools that others will find useful.  There are a number of tools and data, including LogiSketch itself, available on oudownload page.

Sketch Project Poster


This work is funded by an NSF CAREER award, under Grant Number IIS-0546809.

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