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Logics for Social Behaviour 3

The new webpage is found HERE
Among other things it contains the slides of all the presentations.

Dates:  8 - 11 Feb 2016 .
Location:  ETH Zürich, Switzerland. 

Viktor Winschel, ETH Zürich    
Neil Ghani, University of Strathclyde    
Helle Hvid Hansen, Delft University of Technology    
Philipp Zahn, University of St. Gallen    
Sabine Keller, ETH Zürich

Keynote speakers and titles

Franz Dietrich (Paris School of Economics, CNRS): Perspectives on Judgment Aggregation.
Felix Kübler (Univerity of Zürich): Simple epsilon-Equilibria.
Jérôme Lang (Université Paris Dauphine, CNRS): Algorithmic Decision Theory Meets Logic.
Alessandra Palmigiano (Delft University of Technology): Proof Systems for the Logics for Social Behaviour.
Dusko Pavlović (University of Hawaii): Learning Equilibria in Monoidal Computer.
Burkhard Schipper (University of California, Davis): Unawareness - Theory and Applications to Games and Economics.

Contributed talks

Giovanni Cina (Amsterdam): Bisimulation for conditional modalities.
Daniel Eckert (Graz): Judgment aggregation and multiple-expert modal models.
Neil Ghani (Strathclyde): Iteration and choice in pregames.
Jules Hedges (London): How to make game theory compositional.
Pierre Lescanne (Lyon): Type theory notations and concepts for infinite games in extensive form.
Luc Pellissier (Paris): Monetary economics simulation: Stock-flow consistent invariance, monadic style.
Marcus Pivato (Cergy-Pontoise): Measures on categories.
Andrew Schumann (Rzeszow): Logical models for slime mould computing.
Elias Tsakas (Maastricht): Local reasoning in dynamic games.
Apostolos Tzimoulis (Delft): Technical aspects of the logic of resources and capabilities.
Fan Yang (Delft): Formalizing Arrow's theorem in logics of dependence and independence.