This project is aimed at starting new scientific collaborations among researchers in the following communities:
(a) mathematical logicians using algebraic, topological and category-theoretic methods for nonclassical logics;
(b) researchers in social choice and judgment aggregation interested in applying logical methods.

While researchers in group (a) are mostly unfamiliar with social choice as a potential field of application of their specific results and techniques, researchers in group (b) have mostly been exposed to only a fragment of the available logical formalisms and techniques, namely to those pertaining to classical logic and model theory, and have largely not been exposed to the results and techniques in the area of group (a).

The many possibilities for applying nonclassical logics and their surrounding mathematical theory (duality theory, algebraic, topological, and category-theoretic methods) to social choice and judgment aggregation form an uncharted research territory which the workshop aims at exploring.