The Workshop on Logic and Probabilistic Methods for Dialog Modeling will be held as part of ESSLLI (European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information), in Barcelona, Spain from 3--14 August, 2015. The workshop aims to examine hybrid approaches that combine traditional modeling of dialogs which are logic-based and  data driven probabilistic approaches that have received a great deal of attention recently. We will accept papers involving work in either paradigm but the emphasis will be on contributions that are situated on the border of or involve interaction between the two.

Both theoretical as well as practical contributions are of interest. Submissions can also focus on computational pragmatic inference and component aspects of dialogue processing including reference resolution, speech act interpretation and generation, discourse structure and adductive inference.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest of this workshop include but are not limited to:
  • combination of statistical and symbolic methods
  • dialogue management
  • designing and evaluating dialogue systems
  • dialogue and discourse structure
  • common ground/mutual belief
  • reasoning for dialog control
  • multimodal interaction
  • turn-taking and interaction control
  • categorisation of dialogue phenomena in corpora
  • strategic communication
  • social interaction

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