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Endodontics (Root Canal Treatments)
Esthetics and Restorative (Fillings, Veneers and Inlays)

All Ceramic Crowns On Fractured Teeth

All Ceramic Crowns Replacing Old Restorations

All Ceramic Single Crown

Bleaching of Teeth

Cast Post and Core with Crown

Cast Post and Core with Crown

Cracks In Heavily Restored Teeth

Crown Prep of Damaged Tooth

Crown Procedure

Crown with CAD - CAM System

Crown with CEREC CAD - CAM System

Esthetic Inlays

Esthetic Post and Core with Crown

Esthetic Post and Core with Crown

Failing Restorations

Fractured Teeth - Non Restorable

Lower Posterior Crown


Metal-Ceramic vs All-Ceramic Crowns

Orthodontic and Prosthetic Treatment

Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns

Porcelain Inlays

Porcelain Veneers

Prefabricated Post and Core with Crown

Prefabricated Post and Core with Crown

Progression of Tooth Decay

Replacing Amalgam with Cerec Designed Inlay

Replacing Old Veneers With New Veneers

Single Crown - Chipped Tooth

Smile Design Principles

Smile Design Principles

Smile Design Principles - Tissue Height

Smile Design Principles - Tooth Proportion

Types of Posts



What is a Veneer

Whitening with Trays

Why Crown (Cap) a Tooth

Your Teeth, Your Health

Zoom Whitening System

YouTube Video

A dental implant video showing 3 teeth restoration using crown and bridge ,supported on 2 dental implants


A collection of pus forming in the teeth or gums as a result of a bacterial infection. Dental decay. Root filling. Periodontal abscess. More info at: 

DENTAL TUNISIA The BioHorizons 3inOne Abutment is a versatile abutment that enables clinicians to deliver and restore implants using a minimal number of components. Besides being used as an abutment, the gold-hued 3inOne Abutment can also be used as a surgical mount and an impression component. This patented, innovative solution comes packaged with every BioHorizons Internal, External and Tapered Internal implant, bringing tremendous value and simplicity to the surgical and restorative team.

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