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Update: 1/19/08

New comic up.

Update: 1/11/08

Happy new year.  Relatively speaking I'm still on time.  Anyhow, I've recently watched Bleach: Memories of Nobody and decided to write a short synopsis.

It starts out like any extended episode for a series: hint at impending doom followed by an ease into the main characters.  This is then followed by the plot.  Weird things show up, weird girl shows up, Rukia disappears, Ichigo and said weirdo have amusing antics, bad guys show up, revelation, weirdo gets kidnapped.  Ichigo having formed an attachment for said weirdo decides to rescue her.  He finds the portal to the other world and leaves Rukia to inform everyone.  Now for my favorite part:

Rukia: Ichigo needs reinforcements!

#1 Guy: We can't spare anyone, we're going to fire a giant cannon at the world.

5 minutes later

Okay, we got four captains and vice captains, Rukia, and the entirety of squad eleven.  We have ten minutes left in the movie so let's kill the enemy with ridiculous ease and leave the boss to Ichigo and his bankai that was so much more awesome the first time he used it and watch him still get his ass kicked but somehow manage to save the day using his portable spirit energy generators that he has stowed away somewhere on his person.

Followed by: conclusion.  No one remembers shit.                      Movie=effectively pointless.

Update: 12/15/2007

Holy Shit!  A new comic

Update: 12/14/2007

Review for Eva Clone is up. 

Update: 12/10/2007

So I'm playing GalCiv II.  I have a massive map with I think six others occupying the universe with me.  Somewhere in there one race surrendered to another.  The next turn, that race turned around and surrendered to another race.  Much time passes and I'm informed the Alterians are close to a Tech Victory.  I'm like "Fuck, I gotta get on this!" because I've researched pretty much every other technology.  So I start the research.  At 16 weeks left I start getting excited.  Yes! Only four months to go!  At 12 things start going bad.  Everyone declares war on me.  At 8 weeks my territory is shrinking, I start getting a little nervous.  But I still have hope, only two months to go!  Then it hits 6 weeks.  Six fucking weeks left.  I press turn and lose.  The fucking Alterians got it first.  I wanted so much to strangle my computer.

Afterward, I decided to start a small map with three other races.  I get all my influence and terraforming techs out of the way then the next two largest races declare war and start mercilessly pounding my planets.  Luckily I also got my soldiering out of the way.  Since I suck at military victory I decided to go for another Tech Victory.  When the fourth race fell and the fucking Dread Lords showed up I decided to bribe one of my enemies.  I had to give him most of my monopolies to get him to stop but it bought me precious time.  A little while later the other guy made a treaty with the Dread Lords and my bribe ran out and all out war was declared on me again.  To make matters worse, universal recessions kept hitting me, delaying my research.  Luckily, on one front was an invincible ground force keeping one of my enemies at bay.  Unfortunately my other front started slipping.  It put up a good fight but once the first planet fell the other two followed within a few weeks.  But at that point, I got Tech Victory and flipped off my screen while laughing maniacally.  I shouldn't get so much joy out of that but whatever.

Update: 12/5/2007

A Claymore review is up as a well as a document of how horrible a person I am

Update: 12/2/2007

After browsing my massive list of anime, I've come to a few conclusions, first an foremost being that I have no life, but that's beside the point.  What I really want to talk about is the Poor Man's Series.  These series are for when you have nothing better to do and can't find the better one.  The first that really caught my eye was King of Bandit Jing, which is just the poor man's version of Kino's Journey.  They both go to a new place every week (mostly) but Kino's unbiased views on the controversial places she visits intensifies the question of whether not interfering is good or bad.  On the other hand, Jing just kinda wanders in and steals stuff and, hey, helps some people while he does it.  It isn't very deep.

After that is Evangelion and Eureka 7.  I have nothing against Eureka 7 (except Renton's whiny ass), it was very good series, but when it comes to fucked up kids piloting giant robots, I have to go with Evangelion.  Sure Eva makes no sense at the end...any of them...but the trip there is worth it.  Eureka may be longer but I felt a stronger connection to Shinji and the gang more so than Renton and his.  This is especially true after Shinji and co's. psyches go to hell.  I only got a feel for Renton and Eureka as opposed to most of the cast in Eva.  So given a choice, Eva any day.

Then there is Chobits and Hand Maid May.  ...Chobits is just better.

Great Teacher Onizuka > The Gokusen.  Both are about teachers with questionable backgrounds.  I'll be honest and say I don't remember Gokusen very well, but that just means it didn't leave a very good impression on me.  I saw GTO first and remember more about, mostly because of the hilarious shenanigans he was in and the lessons he taught his students as a result.  Gokusen did have one or two good moments but there were very few morality lessons involved.  For characters and content, GTO is the better choice.

And then there's Ninja Scroll TV.  This is the poor man's entertainment, and I'm sure its still turned down anyway.  If someone thinks their life sucks, sit them down to watch this.  They will either be convinced to commit suicide after watching it or figure that things can only get better after seeing what rock bottom really looks like.  Alternatives also include Dagon and Xanadu.

Update: 11/22/2007

So I've been wondering recently why things happen.  Science does a decent job of telling me how things happen, but the why still eludes me.  I guess the popular theory among Christians is that God has some sort of master plan, but this theory confuses me.  Right now the world is just a clusterfuck of violence and hatred.  God is all-loving, right?  So is he loving us to death or something?  If so, then God is a bit of a dick.  I think he just stopped caring once Jesus got back to Heaven.  Jesus died to forgive everyone of all their sins, past, present, and future.  That just means we're going to Heaven no matter what we do.  He went through all the trouble to amass worshipers only to remove the only reason for people to worship him.  Without that pesky reason in the way, he has no reason of his own to keep the followers he amassed.  So I think God is laying on his couch munching down on chips and dip while watching Holy Cable or something.  Unless Christianity is a lie and the real afterlife is run by a total jackass god who wants people to figure it out on their own or go to hell and burn for eternity.  However, given a choice, I prefer the former.

Update: 11/9/2007

Not much of a comic today, just a theory based on anime mechanics. 

Update: 11/1/2007

Two things.  First: Holy Freaking Crap, its November!  I totally missed what happened in the past week.  Second: I have a new comic up.

Update: 10/29/2007


Update: 10/24/2007

Holy freaking crap!  A comic! 

Update: 10/19/2007

I think I'll start doing comics on my own schedule.  It may be irresponsible but, hell, for the one guy (James) who actually reads this, whatever. 

Update: 10/15/2007

Added some information in Apocalypse. 

Update: 10/11/2007

Sorry, no comic for Friday, I've been sick all week watching Fate/Stay Night.  I may not have a comic, but I do have a new review.  Guess what its for. 

Update: 10/9/2007 

Updated reviews for Lucky Star, Noein, and Innocent Venus. 

Update: 10/5/2007

I am not happy.  I recently picked up Origin: Spirits of the Past and it turned out to be dubbed in German with no subtitles.  Turns out, that is the only one on Isohunt too.  After watching the intro makes me want to go out and buy the thing just so I can finish watching it now.  Man, and Lucky Star is taking too long.

rant, rant, rant. 

Update: 10/1/2007

Must talk about Heroes.  So that one woman said Maya has the power to kill the devil.  My theory is that she is going to kill the guy Molly sees in her dreams.  Also, West is a total freaking creep.  And as for the Haitian returning, well that's just awesome.  Now they just need to bring back Claude.

Update: 9/28/2007

Updated reviews for Now and Then, Here and There, Witch Hunter Robin and Haibane Renmei.

Update: 9/24/2007

This morning I realized that after my test in statistics I would need entertainment for the hour-fifteen (+) before my next class.  Acting quickly I decided upon Witch Hunter Robin.  Expect a review for it soon.

Also, review for Basilisk is done. 

Update: 9/20/2007

Very little is more comfortable than sitting in a newly self-assembled office chair.  That is what I am doing right now.  And it is very relaxing.

Also, updated review for Neon Genesis Evangelion and End of Evangelion.

Update: 9/19/2007

Awhile ago, I submitted a shirt design to SplitReason.  I have been notified that my design was chosen to be commercially sold on their site.  I urge everyone to check it out.

Update: 9/18/2007

Updated reviews for Melancholy of Haruhi, Read or Die OAV, and Kino's Journey.

Update: 9/18/2007

Updated reviews for Mai Hime, Hand Maid May, Gantz, and Black Lagoon. 

Update: 9/16/2007

Updated Lawless, Hitmen, Black Out and Pact. 

Update: 9/16/2007 

In addition to doing the strip I will also be putting up random stuff what come from the depths of my head.  This includes character bios and outlines of various plots I have.  In addition, if you are a decent artist, please contact me.  I have recently decided to put my ideas into a visual format rather than writing thousands of pages.  I believe that by putting this into a visual medium it would convey what I want better than through words.