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Why Virtual Math Tutoring?

posted Nov 18, 2017, 12:18 PM by Shayla   [ updated Dec 4, 2017, 2:49 PM ]
Logical Learning offers both in person and online tutoring, but with the plethora of national tutoring companies like Sylvan Learning, local companies and big-box online options such as Varsity Tutors, why pick us?

Let's begin with the benefits on virtual tutoring. The greatest benefit is the ability to receive help from anywhere. No carpooling or shuffling to appointments, simply log in during your session time to get the help you need from home, the library or even your local coffee shop! However, there are many options in this field. I have worked for many of these companies. The major pitfall is while they offer a similar experience to Logical Learning, you are likely to have a different tutor every time. This means that there is no personal experience. At Logical Learning, you will have the same tutor who will build your own personalized lessons. Topics can stretch over multiple sessions, so there is no catching up on what is or isn't understood. This creates a similar relationship as a classroom teacher, the tutor is able to help you to grow over the semester and step in at exactly the right place for your own individual needs.

Technology plays a great role in our tutoring program. The use of an interactive whiteboard allows for both parties to write, sparking a collaborative effort that builds both confidence and understanding. Our sessions are also taped, meaning they can be saved and reviewed at anytime, even outside of a session time! It is easy to upload files, so homework assignments appear on the shared screen for tutor and student to work through together. In addition, communication is available through video, text chat and audio making it easy to ask and answer questions in the method preferred by the student.

Virtual tutoring has great benefits regarding technology as well. We use a variety of tools, allowing the student to become familiar with other online interventions that can aid them outside of sessions. Some examples include gaming sites. We can guide you to the best online resources and have memberships to many so that you don't have to pay additional fees. In doing this, Logical Learning connects you to the exact game that will help develop your mathematical skills while having a blast! Below is a screen shot of one such site. This was picked specifically for a second grader who is struggling to remember their addition tables. The student loves the game and it has helped her to immensely sharpen her skills while having fun. Then, when in session, we are able to expand on these concepts because of her advancement outside of tutoring.

We also like to use a variety of telecommunication options. With Skype, the student and tutor are able to see each other and speak just as they would with an in person tutoring session. It also allows for screen sharing, giving the tutor the ability to walk through problems and then save the screen for future reference or for the student to use will working on problems on their own.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of virtual tutoring is the ability to use various formats for learning. Everyone has their own unique learning method. For some it may be visual, while others are auditory and many are a mixture. With online tutoring we can present information in a variety of ways easily and quickly. Combine this with our developed toolbox, Logical Learning can connect students to the resources, videos, games and lessons perfect for their learning type and level of understanding! Our whiteboard has the ability to draw, type, add photos, shapes and colors. This provides a clean, visual experience that helps to clarify mathematical ideas in a linear fashion. Below is an example of a lesson with both student and tutor collaboration.

In total, virtual tutoring offers an expert in the subject available from anywhere at a great price and convenience. Logical learning takes it a step further with a personalized educational plan, the same tutor every time to ensure continuity, a wealth of resources for use both in and out of sessions, and affordable plans with access to paid sites. This amalgam ensures the best learning experience and guaranteed improvement on any mathematical topic! Contact us today to receive your free consultation!