Workshop on Logical Analysis of Descriptions and their Representations

26-29 January, 2015

Overview of the workshop

Aim of the workshop

Our aim is to investigate whether logical methods are applicable to analysis of descriptions in, for instance,

  • system specification,

  • formal mathematics,

  • system assurance,

  • juris-informatics (law) and

  • industrial standardisation.

In these areas, we have descriptions of some objects and relations between them. These descriptions are either formal or informal (in English or some graph language without precise semantics). We want to conduct logical, computational and mathematical studies that clarify the structure of such descriptions. Aspects of this has been studied in discourse representation theory, constructive type theory and informal logic. Results of earlier studies include object role modelling (ORM), state charts, Toulmin diagrams, goal structuring notation (GSN), grammatical frameworks (GF) and proof assistants. Some applications may be found in the above areas

Important Dates

The workshop will take place in Shonan Village Center on 26-29 January, 2015.

All participants are asked to give a talk.
For detailed list of abstracts and speakers/participants please click here.



  • Yoshiki Kinoshita, Kanagawa University, Japan
  • Bengt Nordstr√∂m, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Logical Analysis of Descriptions

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