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Welcome to the World

Allison Grace


Ally was born on August 20th at 4:34 am.

She was 8 lbs. 6 ozs. and 20 inches long.

She is perfect, beautiful, precious.

We are so blessed.





Recently, Jim went to a golf tournament and won a set of golf clubs. He was trying them out in the front yard and ever since then Logan has been extremely interested in the set he got for his birthday. Now he says "want play golf with Daddy" pretty frequently. He is getting pretty good.

A swing and a miss.

This time he keeps his eye on the ball and....

....I'm pretty sure this one made it onto the green.





37 weeks and counting......


Wishing she were here.






The last week we've just been trying to keep cool.  I've never been so glad that I bought the pool. We've spent every day in it.  It has been a life saver.  Wednesday was the hottest of all the days reaching 100+ degrees so to keep cool we went to the 7:30 pm showing of Ice Age 3 at the movie theatre.  Logan hasn't been to a movie since he was an infant so we weren't sure if he would sit through it, but a booster seat and bag of popcorn later he was having a great time.  He has seen the first Ice Age so he is familiar with the characters.  This being the case I thought we'd have a fighting chance of him sitting throught it.  He was actually very funny.  Every time one of the characters would fall or bonk into something, he would say very loudly, "Ohhh Nnooo!"  He also liked to narrate a little bit, but other than that he did really well.  By the time we got home the house was a reasonable tempurature.


Naomi showed Logan that he could touch the bottom.  He now loves tip-toeing along the bottom.  He even bounces up and down a little bit while cheerfully singing "jumping, jumping."

A tunnel we built for his cars to drive under.  I got it started and he added lots of flair.

One morning we went out to Deception Pass State Park and played on the beach for a couple hours.  Unfortunately, we didn't know the camera needed to be charged so this is the only picture I got before it died.  We had a good time building sand castles, sand crabs, writing in the sand and just digging.

Logan getting a good tickle from Grandma Terry.






 We just got back from Spokane and had a great time.  Jim and I had our 6th wedding anniversary while we were there and got to go out for the night while Grandma and Papa babysat.  The rest of the time we spent visiting family and relaxing. 


Out picking raspberries.  My parents have a garden and the raspberries were just ripening.  We picked raspberries every day. Logan loved being able to go get a snack whenever he wanted one.

Sharing with Uncle Kevin.

Papa and the grandkids.

Papa and Logan watching Madagascar.  Logan's special movie at Papa's house is Madagascar.  He doesn't have it at home so we watch it at least once a day when we go to Papa's. He loves it.

Papa and Logan picking berries.

Logan forgetting what it is he's supposed to be picking.

Again watching his movie.  Notice the orange car in his left hand.  If you go back and look at other pictures you will notice that he almost always has it.  He got Hot Wheels for the first time on his birthday and ever since he has been inseperable from this car.  He takes it everywhere.  It was starting to bother me until I realized that it is his "security blanket."  Then I thanked my lucky stars that his "security blanket" came in this form instead of an actual blanket.

My dad captured this picture.  This is what Logan looks like when he is explaining something to you.  It's like he's saying "Don't you get it?"






We are in Spokane and spent today at Riverfront Park.  We went with Grandma and Papa and Aunt Kelli and cousins Sidney and Kate.  It was a lot of fun and we were all exhausted when the day was done.  Logan didn't get to nap all day and by the time we left around 4:30 pm, there was no keeping him awake.  We kept trying to wake him up after he'd slept for an hour so that he'd sleep that night, but he was out.

We hit the carousel first.  We must have rode it at least ten times.

Next we fed the geese, ducks and seagulls.

This is the garbage sucking goat. There is a button to turn him on and then you just hold your garbage beneath his mouth and he sucks it up.

Our entourage.

The gondola.

The Radio Flyer slide.

Logan and Daddy enjoy a little down time on the ferris wheel.

Then it's on to the airplane ride with Sidney.

Then the bumper boats.....

...and the train.  Logan really liked the train. He kept asking to go "one more time."  He would hold up his little index finger and ask so somber and sincere for "one more time."  We let him ride a few times before finally we warned him that it really was going to be the last time and during that entire ride he asked for "one more time" every single time the train came around still holding his little index finger up.  It was so adorable.






Happy Independence Day!  We spent the day down at Debbie's house, but left before the festivities started.  It would have been nice to stay for the fireworks but we are leaving for Spokane in the morning and want to get an early start.  These are just some pool pictures to share.

Logan floating in the pool.  He didn't really like the pool at first, but ...........

.....his friend Naomi has been coming over and she LOVES it!  She convinces him to get in every time by all the fun he hears her having.





Jim has been working very hard to get the baby's room ready for when she gets here.  He is putting up wainscoting and crown molding as well as painting.


Logan is helping Daddy paint.

The room so far.  Her bedding has white, pink, brown and green in it.  We figure everything else is going to be so pink that we decided on green for the walls.  I can't wait to get it all put together.  Look closely under her crib.

It's Logan!  I was in the baby's room putting her crib together so he went and got his blanket, pillow and bear.  He was just laying under there relaxing while I worked.  Pedro even joined him for a while.





Yesterday my sister-in-law Debbie, mother-in-law Terry and my best friend Erin hosted a baby shower for me and baby girl Warrick over at Terry's house. It was so much fun and I had such a good time. I loved getting all the cute little girl clothes and can't wait to start dressing her in them. I feel so blessed to be able to get to parent first a beautiful little boy and now an adorable (mother's intuition) little girl. Thank you to all those who came and made the occasion extra special.


This bassinet has been in Jim's family since the 1920's. It was first used by Tom Anderson who was Jim's great uncle. It gets decorated and passed down to every newborn in the family. A really special tradition if you ask me.

Grandma Terry crocheted this blanket for baby girl. Naomi is giving it a test run - a preview of coming attractions if you will.

I was so excied to get the crib bedding! I absolutely love it! Thank you again Terry and Diane.

Cousin Kyle picked this ball out for baby girl. He decided that she needed it.

The diaper cake that Terry put together.

The cake was so cute!





The last couple of weeks were busy for us. These are some pictures to share with you.

 Logan and daddy watching a little TV.


Logan and Mommy napping. Logan's body becomes a furnace when he sleeps and in the hot weather we've been having he developes a sweat halo around his head pretty much every time he sleeps. Poor guy.

I decided there was no way I could survive the summer being at the peak of pregnancy without a pool.

Peek a boo. Logan has been really into hiding in the pillows and blankets and making couch forts with daddy.

Another such time.

Coloring is another favorite past time. I'm not quite sure why but he loves the brown crayon above all others.

We found Logan and Naomi playing in his bed.

They decided to have a little cuddle. The two of them are so cute together.





These are just more cute pictures of our trip to Spokane over Memorial weekend.

 Papa has this big green cup in the bath tub for Logan and he loves to drink out of it.  Of course this is what it looks like when he is trying to "drink."


Papa saves nut cans for Logan. We set them up like a drum set, give him a couple of spoons and away he goes.

He is still a stop and smell the flowers kind of kid.

Kisses for baby sister.

Tickle time with mommy.





Logan has been experimenting with facial expressions lately.

Mad face. 

Silly face.

Shy face.




So Logan got to celebrate his birthday two more times. Memorial weekend we went to Spokane where we celebrated with my family and again this weekend with Jim's family.


Birthday in Spokane. The ice cream cake was delicious!


Birthday in Mount Vernon. I made cone cupcakes for the party. They are cupcakes baked into a cone and then frosted to look like an ice cream cone. They turned out pretty cute. Logan loved them!

He figured out the party blowers.

Exhausted from the days activities, he took a cat nap cuddling mommy on the couch.

He loved the cone cupcakes so much he had to take one to the bath with him later that evening.




Happy 2nd Birthday Logan!!!!

We are having a family party next weekend, but we celebrated Logan's birthday tonight with cupcakes. 





All Logan has been talking about lately is his Papa. He came for a visit in the middle of April and last week Logan started talking about him and won't stop. He brings him up at least 10 times a day. He talks about how he wants Papa to come back and when I tell him that he won't be back for a while, he says he wants to go to Papa's house. I finally decided that I should take him for a visit over Memorial weekend so the count down to Papa's house has started. Only 8 more days until we go to Papa's house!!!

A cute picture we took of Logan and his Papa on his last visit






Skagit Valley is known for its tulip fields and tulip festival every year.  This weekend we got out to the fields very early so we could avoid the crowds.

On our way!!!!


Tip-toe-ing through the tulips

Logan has always had me stop so he can smell any flowers he sees when we are out and about so he was in HEAVEN being able to have so many flowers for his sniffing pleasure.

Daddy and Logan spy something.

On the mornings that I work, I take Logan to daycare right around the time that schools are getting into session so Logan usually gets to see at least 10 buses in the two mile trip to get there, all of which he gleefully points out to me.  So you can imagine how thrilled he was that there was this old bus parked out in the tulip field.





 Logan and I spent Monday in the sun since it was such a nice day.  We had a play date with my friend Sarah and her daughter Naomi in the morning and went to our neighborhood park in the afternoon.




Logan and Naomi - so cute!

Puckering up for the big one she's about to plant on him!

After lunch and a nap, Logan was ready for more outdoor activity.







This weekend we went down to Lake Stevens to celebrate some family birthdays.  The event was held at Jim's sister Debbie's house and she has a trampoline.  Logan LOVED the trampoline.....











Logan went to his first Easter Egg Hunt this year and despite the quick parents around him, he managed to get 6 eggs into basket all by himself.  It was a lot of fun.

Ready, Set.....


The purple egg he just couldn't let go and the candy that he found inside.

Enjoying his candy!

Smelling the fragrant Easter Lily on Easter Sunday





The other weekend Jim and I broke down and got Logan a little wooden house he saw at Costco and kept telling us he wanted.  He would point at it and say "house please."  It is a pretty neat little house with a basketball hoop, bar-b-que, sand and water bins, theater window, sink, phone and working doorbell.  We put it together and already had a play date last Monday to use it when the weather was really nice.  It was a hit amongst the toddlers along with his swing set. 

Logan hanging out on his swing set anxiously awaiting his new playhouse.

Supervising the construction process - making sure we get it just right.

The final product.

A picture of him in his beloved hat that started his love of hats.  Before this hat he refused to keep a hat on his head.  Now he loves to wear hats, his favorite being a blue baseball cap just like Daddy's, and even wears the occasional headband.




Introducing Baby Girl Warrick

That's right!  We are expecting (for those who didn't already know) and just found out that she is a she! We are so excited and can't believe our luck!  We are exactly half way through the pregnancy and things have been fairly smooth.  Our due date is August 22nd which will give her and Logan an age difference of 2 years, 3 months.  Pretty good I think for a big brother, little sister relationship.  Speaking of Logan, when you ask him who is in Mommy's tummy, he says, "Baby Sister!"  Too cute!

My expanding abdomen




My sincerest apologies for such a long hiatus.  Life has been very busy in the Warrick household.  Since our last update we have taken two trips to Spokane.  One was at Christmas time and the other was at the end of February.  We had a lot of fun seeing our family and getting to spend some time with them.  Sidney and Kate, Logan's cousins, always love seeing Logan and he reciprocates the feeling. During these last two visits he couldn't stop hugging them.  It was really cute to see him showing them so much affection.

Logan has really changed these last couple of months.  Among other things he has learned his colors and shapes.  He knows almost all the capital letters of the alphabet and recognizes some of the lower case letters too.  He can also count to ten which I find completely amazing!!  He is like this little sponge just soaking up eveything around him.  I rarely have to tell him what something is more than once.  He usually has it the first time, can repeat what you are saying and remembers it days and weeks later.  The other day we saw a picture of a Kangaroo and I told him what it was.  He didn't seem interested in it and didn't repeat me so we moved on to something else.  Today he saw the same picture and out of his mouth came "Kangaroo" clear as day!  I guess he was listening.  He has also started talking in two to three word segments.  Instead of saying "Ball" when he picks up a ball, he says "Red Ball" or "Little Red Ball."  I guess he's just trying to be very clear about which ball he is referring to. :)

Another thing that has changed is his bed.  We moved Logan into a toddler bed.  For those who don't know, a toddler bed uses the same size mattress as a crib, but sits about a foot off the ground and only has rails around the upper half so he doesn't fall out.  Otherwise, he is free to get in and out as he pleases.  He LOVES his new bed.  He calls it his "new bed" or "big bed."  I was worried that he would fall out of it the first night and then never want to sleep in it again.  Wouldn't you know that that's exactly what happened.  He fell out the first night, but luckily I had put a pillow on the ground so he really didn't even wake up.  We heard it happen and heard Logan start to cry.  We went right in, put him back into bed and he was asleep the next second.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't even remember because the next morning he kept going in and sitting on his "new bed", his "big bed" showing me how great it was.  After that first night there have been no other mishaps.  He has gotten out of it a few times when he is supposed to be going to sleep, but I just go in, take away the toy that has caused the temptation and put him back to bed.  Problem solved.

Of course we always have pictures to share.....

Sean, Logan, Sidney and Kate at Christmas 


Logan and Papa playing. Logan LOVES his Papa!!

An unsuccessful attempt at eating on his own.

Getting better... most of it went in his mouth - I think.

Kisses for Pedro

Logan has a piggy bank that he loves to dump out and play with all the coins.

Happy boy

Silly boy

"Okay guys - enough with the goofing around. I'm trying to watch my movie."

Standing on his changing table looking out the window.

Logan and Daddy relaxing in bed.

Logan and Daddy pretending to be asleep.

Cute face

Sleeping in his big boy bed....

not always gracefully.





Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!!





We are now into our 3rd snow storm in two weeks. So far we have accumulated about two feet of snow and it's still coming down. We went out and got Logan some boots and snow pants so we could have some wintery fun, but he really wasn't much of a fan. He liked being outside but he didn't really like actually having to touch or walk in the snow itself.


He did NOT like Mommy being buried in the snow!

Look at the build up on our front steps. You can hardly tell where one stair stops and the next one starts.






Our Winter Wonderland in Mount Vernon after the last snow....and I here there's more coming......

Taken with the flash - you can see it's still coming down.

Taken without the flash - our beautifully festive holiday house.




I just wanted to share some pictures of the past month.

Out for a walk... we go out for a walk every day weather permitting and Logan always pushes his lawnmower around the block.

He stops along the way and points out every rock in the neighborhood. He now understands the concept of big versus little so he likes to tell me that they are BIIIIIGGG rocks.

The BIGGEST rock in the neighborhood.

I finally convinced Jim to install a mirror low enough so that Logan can see himself from the floor. Kids are infatuated with themselves and Logan is no different. Here he is puckering up to give himself a kiss.

 High Five!!

A cute smile for the camera.

We took Logan to a place called Jungle Playland by our house. It's kind of like a playland at McDonalds but on a much bigger scale. It also has a bouncy house, ball pit, slides, cars and a seperate scaled down version for the little ones that are Logan's age. He thought the Bat Moblie was pretty cool.

Once he found the ball pit, he didn't want to get out. This ball pit had a cool feature - the kids would feed balls into a tube that would suck them up into a cage that was directly overhead. Every half hour the balls that were up top would come raining down. Logan thought that was pretty fun!

I finally got him out of the ball pit but only because he got to keep a ball in each hand.

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Laci come for a post Thanksgiving visit.

Logan gives Uncle Kevin a big hug!




This year we spent Thanksgiving with Jim's family in Lake Stevens. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and the food was delicious. 

Logan hanging out with cousins Kyle and Jordan


I think Sean won!

All of the cousins





Halloween was such a blast this year! Logan dressed up as a monkey and went out to collect his candy. He was so cute walking through the neighborhood in his costume. He only carried his little bucket until we reached the first house where they gave him two pieces of candy. Those pieces didn't leave his hands for the rest of the night. After that he didn't really care about the candy being given to him as much as he did about wanting to go into every house we went to. It was so much fun!


All dressed up and ready to go

 Getting into character

Monkey Face 

 Monkey Tail

Sly Monkey 

Monkey on a mission 

Come on guys - keep up!

At this point he already has the two pieces of candy in his hands which is why I have the bucket. This is when he decided that when people answered the doors we were supposed to go in.

Okay mom - I'm ready!

No Logan - you're supposed to say Trick-or-Treat.

By the last house Daddy was able to convince him to drop one piece so that he could pick out another - notice Daddy is holding it for him. As soon as the new piece was in the bucket, he made sure to get the old one back pronto.





Jim and I both celebrated birthdays this month and while Jim still has one more year of his twenties to complete, I graduated to a whole new decade.That's right, I hit the big 3-0. Everyone seems to have their own reaction to aging and I am no different. My personal thought is that I earned it. Being in your thirties as opposed to your twenties has a mature feeling about it and I'm ready to start a new number. Bring on the 3's!

To celebrate such an occassion, my SNEAKY husband planned a surprise birthday party last weekend. We took Logan and Sean down to Snohomish where we met up with Debbie's family and went to The Farm. It is a fun fall place complete with a corn maze, pumpkin patch, cow barrel rides, hay rides, pumpkin carving and kettle corn. While we were enjoying the fall festivites, my mom was manning our house while the guests arrived. All in all about 25 friends and family showed up to celebrate. We carved pumpkins, drank spiced cider, enjoyed some eats and ate birthday cake. It was perfect. Thank you to all.

Logan likes The Farm already

The hay ride out to the corn maze

Logan leads us through the corn maze.

I don't think he liked the cow barrel ride at all.

Nope. Not at all!!

He's got his pumpkin all picked out.

Hmmm... I think I would like the 3rd one from the left.

The Professional Pumpkin Carver - this took him about 1 hour

The little party people - Logan and Olivia

The littlest party person - Riley (Jessica and Joe's 3 month old daughter)





The last month has been a lot of fun. We have been enjoying as much of the sunshine as we can get. Logan is now 16 months old and seems to be changing every day whether it be something new he does or a new word he says. He always wants music to be playing and is quite a good dancer. He likes to walk around with daddy's shoes on his feet. He LOVES to read and be read to. Books are his absolute favorite toy with balls being a close second. He loves to go to the neighborhood park but when he gets there he doesn't want to play on the toys. Instead he likes to play in the pea gravel that the equipment is surrounded in. That's a boy for ya - getting dirty in the rocks. He is starting to climb and likes to climb up onto our mantel and then sit and let his legs dangle. He has two molars and I have a feeling that more teeth are on the way soon by the massive amounts of drooling he's been doing. He can identify most of his body parts with his favorite being his belly button. His favorite words are dog, ball and car and he likes to repeat them over and over and over and over - you get the point. He can also say star, eye, baby, bottle, night-night, bird, elephant and airplane and is finally starting to say dada and mama. He talks in full sentences and carries on conversations as if we understand him at all. The only thing I really understand is if he is telling me something or asking a question by his intonation and then I just respond accordingly. Sometimes he points at the subject of these discussions so that helps. I love this age!


The custest little Lion I've ever seen!!


Walking in daddy's shoes


He's getting really good with his shapes


The swing set that never made it outside


He loves books. His favorite book right now is Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman


So proud of his climbing skills


We went to mini-gym with Olivia and Heather. Logan loved the parallel bars.


A couple of weekends ago we went out to Deception Pass State Park for an adventure on the beach. Logan was in his element playing with the rocks.

If you ask Logan, "Where's Logan?"  he points at himself.





Earlier this month we took Logan to the Skagit County Fair. We visited the barn yard animals so Logan could see them up close and hear the actual noises they make as opposed to the plastic toy versions he plays with and my genuine, yet inaccurate, attempts to imitate them.  He also got to enjoy a couple of rides.







These are just some fun pictures of Logan playing Peek-a-boo with Papa Gene

Our little man!





Things have been busy around here since I have gone back to work. I'm enjoying being back, but I still miss Logan so much on the three days that I'm away from him. Other working moms have told me that it doesn't get easier so that's not very encouraging, but I'm still going to stick with it. Logan sometimes puts up a fuss when I leave him in the morning, but he has a blast with Emily and her daughter, Tsiyon (pronounced See-own) during the day.

Anyway, we made a trip to Spokane at the end of June right before I went back to work and I finally got pictures from my dad to share with you all. Hope you like them. I promise to get more recent pictures up soon.


Cousin Kate usually likes to give Logan his bath but this time she decided to join him

All sudz up!

Uncle Kevin and Logan reading

Cousin Sidney gives Logan his nighty-night bottle

High 5 cuz

Aunt Jenny took us out on her boat. Logan loved it when the boat went fast. (Aunt Jenny has a granddaughter so Logan had to settle for a pink life jacket.)

Mama and Logan trolling on the tube

Sean's mega wipe out!