Jerry James 

What I do when I'm not being an assistant professor 

I've decided that this is a good place to stash some of the web pages that haven't been available on the web since I left graduate school.  Some of those pages are no longer relevant, but the rest are once again seeing the light of day right here.  Try to contain your excitement. 

Geek Code

Here is my geek code (version 3.12) for those who care:

GCS d(++)  s++:  a  C++(+++)  UL++++  P+ L++>+++ E+++ W+++ N+ o>+ K w--- !O M- V-- PS- PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5 X- R tv- b++ DI++ D--- G e++++ h---- r+++ y++++

Nerdity Test

I scored 49.40% on the Nerdity Test when I was in grad school.  Retaking it in 2007 gave me a 46%.  Both are in the closet nerd range, so now you know.