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Hi, I'm Logan's Dad, Steve.  Logan and I started recording "I Love You Mommy" as a little Mother's Day song for his Mom.  As the song started to take shape, we became very excited about what we were creating and decided to continue to take it to where it is today.

Logan and I both like music that has a lot of energy so our songwriting and performances naturally went in that direction.  "I Love You Mommy" may not sound like your typical Children's song but the message is clear.

Logan's vocals were all recorded and edited during the first 10 months of the project, all while he was still three years old.  We were only able to work on the vocal recordings for a couple of minutes at a time as it was not easy to keep a three year old focused in the studio.  To help the process, we came up with a "singing for snacks" plan that worked.  I wonder if recording engineers in commercial studios have ever used M&M's as an incentive for their vocalists to sing into the microphone.

Basic drum, guitar and keyboard tracks were laid down in the first 10 months to provide a framework for the vocals and the rest of what you hear was performed and tweaked in the many months following.  We worked on this project whenever we had free time on the weekends. We are very excited that the song is now finally complete and we'd like to share it with the world.

We also created a video for the song.  Please give it a good rating and a nice comment on YouTube if you like it.


I Love You Mommy (with Intro) is the original version with Logan introducing the song.

I Love You Mommy is the song without Logan's introduction.  We figured this would be a good version for kids to play for their own Moms.

I Love You Mommy (Instrumental) is the song mixed without Logan's vocal track.  We provided this option in case a child wants to sing their own version.


  • Vocal Performance by Logan Kieffer
  • Music and Lyrics written by Steven Kieffer
  • Drum, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Synthesizer performances and programming by Steven Kieffer
  • Audio Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Steven Kieffer

Copyright © 2009-2016 Logan & Steven Kieffer


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