Masters Students

Trevor Atkinson
Adviser: Dennis Newell

Topic: Geochemistry/Geothermal Exploration

Abigail Bullard
Adviser: Mary Hubbard

Thesis: A detailed kinematic, petrologic and geochronological study on the Wyoming cratonic block as exposed in the South Pass area, Wyoming

Daniel Curtis
Adviser: James P. Evans

Thesis: Fluid migration in faults: Analysis of the Hite Fault Group

Colter Davis
Adviser: W. David Liddell

Topic: Sequence Stratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy, and Biostratigraphy of Lower Ordovician units in northeastern and west central Utah: Regional Implications.

Brian Hestetune
Adviser: Anthony R. Lowry

Topic: Post-Seismic Studies of the Andaman Islands

David Jenkins
Adviser: James P. Evans

Thesis: Thermal transformation of hematite to magnetite: Implications for flash heating on fault surfaces

Doug JonesDoug Jones
Adviser: John W. Shervais

Topic: Geochemical  analysis of mid-crustal sill xenoliths from the Snake River Plain, Idaho

Emily Keller
Adviser: Benjamin Burger

Topic: 7.5 min map and facies analysis of Mesozoic age rocks in Utah

Jace Koger
Adviser: Dennis Newell

Thesis: Fluid-fault interaction in the Hurricane fault zone

Julie Lemaster
Adviser: James P. Evans

Topic: Muddy/Newcastle Sandstone in the Eastern Powder River Basin with an emphasis on prior and future enhanced oil recovery

Daniel Markowski
Adviser: Susanne U. Janecke

Thesis: Testing a step-over model on the southern San Andreas fault, Durmid Hill, southern California

Weston Martin
Adviser: Carol Dehler

Topic: Source rock potential and structural setting of mid-Neoproterozoic extensional basins, Utah and Arizona

Roger Miller
Adviser: Benjamin J. Burger

Amy MoserAmy Moser
Adviser: James P. Evans

Topic: Structure and geothermochronology of faults in the Mecca Hills, Southern California

Katherine Pakert
Adviser: Carol Dehler

Topic: Study of the Visingo Group, Central Sweden

Eric Rasmusson
Adviser: James P. Evans

Thesis:The influence of Deformation band and interface intersection properties on reservoir fluid flow

Brent Scheppmann
Adviser: Anthony R. Lowry

Topic: Improved methods for lithospheric strength modeling

Kirk Townsend
Adviser: Tammy M. Rittenour

Thesis: A chronostratigraphic record of arroyo incision and aggreadation in Kanab Creek, Southern Utah

Daphnee Tuzlak
Adviser: Joel L. Pederson

Thesis: Investigating patterns of incision to understand sources of deformation resulting from the Yellowstone Hotspot (Snake River Canyon, Wyoming)

Brady Utley
Adviser: Susanne U. Janecke

Thesis: The dynamic relationships between the Bear River, Quaternary basaltic centers, normal faults and the resulting landscape evolution of the Northeast edge of the Great Basin, Southeast Idaho

Jerome Varriale
Adviser: James P. Evans

Thesis: Geologic controls on geothermal heat and fluid flow in the Snake River Plain: Using insights gained from MH-2 core to test a play fairway model

Chirstopher Ward

Cody Watkins

PhD Students

Adviser: Joel L. Pederson

Dissertation: The Colorado Plateau: An Examination of the Relation Between Rock Strength and Erosion

A Virtual Laboratory for the Development and Assessment of Mobile Georeferenced Games for Geoscience Education

Mike Channer
Adviser: Alexis Ault

Dissertation: (U-Th)/He chronology constraints on secondary Fe-oxide mineralization in southwestern New Mexico

Xiaofei Ma
Adviser: Anthony R. Lowry

Dissertation: Crustal structure from cross correlation of receiver function models and measurements

Rob McDermott
Adviser: Alexis Ault

Kerry Riley
Adviser: Tammy M. Rittenour

Dissertation: Deciphering intrinsic versus extrinsic controls on arroyo dynamics in Grand Staircase region of Colorado Plateau, Southern Utah