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Adding an I/Q output to the Elecraft KX2

A mini writeup of an ill-conceived little project, adding a homemade option board to the Elecraft KX2 transceiver.

Last upd: 2017-02-13

Status: New - added 2017-02-13

Power and SWR Meter - Rev II

An update to the original Power and SWR Meter project.

TFT Graphics and Touch display

or alternately, a 20x4 LCD, like previous project

Last upd: 2020-06-21

  • Revision 1.03 of the TFT version. Maintenance update to accommodate changes in the ADC library.

  • Revision 1.02 of the TFT version. Bugfix, ADC had a kink around 1.67V. Added power level floor settings up to 10 mW

  • Revision 1.01 of the TFT version. A minor adjustment to keep it compatible with rev 1.36 of Teensyduino (updated ADC library)

  • Detailed instructions added for compilation of source code. Also added some info and pictures describing a slightly improved version of the Tandem Match Coupler and AD8307 bridge.

  • Revision 1.00 of the TFT version. Floor function added for the displayed power level, user settable at 1mW, 0.01mW, 1uW or no floor.

  • Revision 0.99 of the TFT version. Bugfix of Reverse Calibration feature.

  • Revision 0.98 of the TFT version. Added features

  • Revision 0.98 of the LCD version. Encoder bugfix

  • Revision 0.96 of the TFT version. Minor cleanup

  • Revision 0.97 of the LCD version. Minor cleanup

  • Revision 0.96 of the LCD version. Fixes a pin assignment discrepancy for the Enact switch.

  • 2016-09-05 Firmware version 0.95 uploaded, some minor improvements.

  • Project added 2016-06-12

Machine recognition of hand-sent morse code

Two easy to build microcontroller projects.

Last upd: 2016-03-20

To automatically tune a Magnetic Loop Antenna

Last upd: 2020-06-21

  • Firmware version 4.10.

    • Maintenance update to accommodate changes in HardwareSerial and ADC library.

  • Firmware version 4.09.

    • Bugfix for DRV8825 / A4988 stepper motor driver option. Had glitches when switching between full and fractional step modes.

  • New "BOM and Building Instructions" added for Rev3 / Rev4 printed circuit boards, which utilize the DRV8825 or A4988 Stepper Drivers

  • Firmware version 4.08.

    • Update to stay compatible with latest version of Arduino/Teensyduino.

    • Added two transceivers, Yaesu FT920 and Kenwood TS870 (neither has been tested yet)

  • Firmware version 4.05:

    • Added SWR Alarm output signal on pin/pad 33.

    • Backlash Compensation Select function changed to Backlash Compensation Adjust with an user (Menu) adjustable range of 0-400 steps

    • Bugfix: Some displays garbled when using the precompiled hex files with version 4.04

    • Bugfix: Endstop Option 2 had bugged logic around handling of upper endstop signal

  • Firmware version 4.04:

    • Pushbutton function rewritten, now no false readings.

    • Kenwood TS2000 "TX;" issue addressed.

    • Improvement for endstop features 2 and 3.

    • Switch-in/switch-out capacitor feature improvement.

  • Updated "Operation Instructions and Notes".

  • Updated "BOM and Building Instructions" , adding a detailed description of the Dual Antenna Changeover feature.

  • Firmware version 4.03. Main additions:

    • Pushbutton debounce improvement

    • Added USB commands for remote tune

    • Screensaver disable feature added

    • Further LCD handling improvements

    • USB commands made case insensitive and ';' added as USB command terminator.

  • Firmware version 4.01 Improved handling of certain OLED displays.

  • Firmware version 4.00. Main additions:

    • Triple Antenna change-over feature

    • Transceiver Profiles and tune power level management

    • Yaesu FT-1000 Mk-V, Kenwood TS-440/450

  • Firmware version 3.07. Added Yaesu FT-990, minor bug fixes.

  • Firmware version 3.06. Further Kenwood / Flex bug fixes.

  • Firmware version 3.05. Kenwood / Flex bug fixes.

  • Firmware version 3.04. ICOM bug fixes.

  • Firmware version 3.03 - capability to handle 3 additional transceivers added

  • Project added 2014-04-30

Power and SWR Meter with dual bargraphs, using 2x AD8307

microwatts to kilowatts, accurate SWR at 1mW.

Last upd: 2016-05-27

(see also updated project: Power and SWR Meter - Rev II)

  • A new version (rewrite) of the firmware, using the Arduino environment. Arduino sketch, v. 0.90.

  • Firmware v.0.75, yet another bug fix. Thanks ON6ZG

  • Firmware v.0.74, another bug fix, courtesy of M0KGV.

  • Firmware v.0.73, bug fix.

  • Firmware version 0.71, firmware bug cleanup.

  • Firmware version 0.70:

  • 12 bit ADC option added.

  • Some tweaks of USB commands

  • New and more stable USB-Serial stack

  • Major rewrite of description.

  • Project added 2013-09-29

Magnetic transmitting loop antenna excercises

Two magnetic transmitting loop antenna projects:

        • 0.5 x 0.5m loop using a manual stepper motor controller for tuning

        • 1 x 1m loop and an automatic microcontroller based stepper motor controller

Last upd: 2014-04-30

  • Automatic Controller and firmware now outdated.

  • See the more recent project: To automatically tune a Magnetic Loop Antenna

  • Rough description of two magloop projects added 2013-07-15, including a manual controller and a fully automatic controller for tuning of magnetic loop transmitting antennas

A very simple to build, menu driven RF Power Meter, based on the AD8307 log amp

(This project is also described in QEX Magazine, May/June 2013 Edition)

Last upd: 2014-04-30

AD8317 based Intelligent Attenuator/Power Meter for 0.2 to 500 MHz

A multipurpose RF lab instrument:

  1. RF power meter, 0.2 to 500MHz, input power -50 to +30dBm, 0.1dB resolution.

  2. Step Attenuator, 0 - 151.5dB in 0.5dB steps.

  3. "Intelligent Attenuator" or "Signal Level Generator" function, automatically adjusting to a preset output power.

Last upd: 2012-04-13

  • Bugfixes and new features

  • (Bargraph Power Display)

SDR Widget

A group project to develop the ideal sound card/controller for an SDR

Last upd: 2011-04-17

  • A full fledged sound card with superior performance, and Mobo style SDR control functions. HiFi Audio playback variants also developed. Development continues

Comparison of “conventional”, “DDC based” and “soundcard based” receivers

A rambling mini thesis on SDR performance

Last upd: 2010-07-28

Mobo 4.3 Application Programming Interface (API)

Here is the Mobo 4.3 Firmware API, as well as the complete AT90USB162 / ATmega32U2 sourcecode for download (see bottom of page).

The MoboControl GUI is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Last upd: 2017-01-20

  • Uploaded a new version 1.08 of the firmware source code. The new version can be compiled using Atmel Studio 7.

  • API and repository for the Mobo 4.3 firmware added on 2011-04-02

Mobo 4.3 Project - The continuing Saga of the SR 6.3 kit - Now becoming a deluxe HF Transceiver

This section includes description of a firmware development project, using the AT90USB162 microcontroller to provide Si570, and TRX control

(automatic BPF + LPF switching, PA bias, SWR measurement and protect, etc...)

Last upd: 2011-04-02

Softrock 6.3 Project - An all band HF Transceiver, based on the Softrock RXTX v6.3 kit

Including the following home brew projects:

Last upd: 2011-01-16

  • Added a picture from Alex, RN6LW, showing his very nice SDR transceiver, including the ATmega168 controller

  • Stable since 2009-09

A 4m tall, bottomfed, electrically fullsize halfwave vertical dipole for 20m (tuneable to other bands)

Last upd: 2009-03-01

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