Third Planet - 7DRL

Third Planet is a tactical space shooter where you race across the galaxy through asteroids and nebulas. You are being pursued by aliens determined to destroy you. You are trying to help your people make it to the Third Planet. You do this by finding beacons that were left by the pioneers. Each beacon you find gives you a warp point which leads you one step closer to home. The game features turn based space combat with permanent consequences. You have to utilize your limited resources to make it all the way to the end.

To play Third Planet:

1. Install Java if it is not installed (
2. Download or (includes minor bug fixes*)
3. Open the zip file to locate ThirdPlanet.jar or ThirdPlanet-Fixed.jar and click it.

*Bugs corrected post 7DRL (3/19/14)
1. Aliens occasionally flew over Lasers without being destroyed.
2. Corrected Destiny (Base Ship) shooting in wrong direction.
3. Fixed Grammar on death screen.
4. Fixed Resume Game so you can see final game state after losing.

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