Bunny's Travelling Pony

My name is Bunny, I live in the real world, oh, & I have a PONY!!!

Bunny and Pony were inseperable. Pony loved Bunny very much, but for as long as he could remember he had felt a certain restlessness. Bunny interpreted this restlessness as Pony's need to see the world. So she whored him out to her Twitter friends and invited them to draw all over him for kicks. Pony thanked Bunny and resigned himself to spending quality time in a jiffy bag. Bunny quickly forgot about Pony and the love they shared. This is Bunny's way.


Pony's Big Adventure - The Rules

  • Pony will be posted with instructions and a list of Pony Project participants. 
  • When you receive Pony you must not kiss or fondle him (unless you are both quite, quite drubnk). 
  • You must draw on Pony, stitch things to his little back, generally just pimp him in some awesome fashion. 
  • Bear in mind that Pony won't get to be a big horse for many years, so make your drawings etc. small enough so that everyone gets a go on Pony. * 
  • Pony will be travelling with a diary, courtesy of @jaffne. Please feel free to leave him with some memories. 
  • When you have finished with Pony you must compliment him in some way, so he doesn't feel used and then post him on to the next Pony Project participant. 
  • If you have any problems posting to the next person, then pick someone else off the list or get in touch with @infobunny. 
  • Pony's adventures MUST be photographed! All photos (Twitpics and Flickr) should be tagged: travellingpony. I do hope this hasn't been used already.

Pony Twitpics

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If Pony doesnt die in transit he is set to see England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man, America, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Puerto Rico! He is awfully excited. 

The following Twitter peeps have signed up (I will cross people off the list as Pony visits with then):



Let me know if I've missed anyone.

Pony will be partying with @Charonqc when he returns home. 

I fear for Pony, but is OK cos @ManxStef promised to buy me a new Pony and I have this in writing.

*WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER PONY - if you receive Pony and can't find anywhere to draw on him, why not make him some clothes or take him for a nice day out? Pony is really all about the travel.